The republic is back!

As the new GM of TSR's new home I can promise that there will be absolutely NO more turmoil. We will be renaming the guild soon. Any future relations with TSR will go through either me, Traener, or Deathqt if she ever decides to join. We will Return to World PvP and we will become even stronger as a guild.

Thank you to all of our former members who have decided to stick with us, I can promise you there will be great things to come.

Thank you also to Stormreaver, for being somewhat patient with your trolling and shunning of our decision to trust Played and Hide. We have learned our lesson and will continue to bring World PvP to this server.
!@#$ played cathroy and hide, It's time for redemption.
You lie with dogs, you get fleas.

Blame yourselves, not them. You were all warned numerous times and chose to ignore.
What Kanibus said^^^^
republic is back, !@#$ty pvp players remain =(
so, evergreen court is the new guild?

send me an invite
Eh Cathroy was cool o well buh bye Cath.
ill see you guys on the field then , grats on getting guild back
^ still stuck at 2k rbgs cause day hard lolz

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