Forgotten FX is recruiting!

Area 52
Still looking for a few for our later run, 11:30-3AM server. Get at me!
By the way, a warm welcome to all our new recruits who contacted us from this post. And thanks to the rest for the kind words!
MoP is just around the corner, still short staffed for our late team.
I wouldn't mind throwing this alt into the guild and helping out when I can in MoP, or just hanging out.
Are you still looking for raiders for the late run?
I am very interested. I've been looking for a guild like this for a long time. I'm Frost and I can do the late night runs if you have room.
We are still looking to fill a number of positions on the late team. We also need a mage for the early team.
I have to say, you guys are pretty awesome...
I rarely see guilds actually fight off the forum trolls.

I wish you guys the best of luck in Mists. You certainly gave me a good laugh today.

As a note, this is "technically" my main. I have a level 85 hunter that I haven't really played since a month after Cata released...and I haven't raided since the first tier of WotLK...I just wanted to clarify so you didn't think I was trolling you guys too. LOL.
Thanks for the kind words. Some people just wanna hate, but this isn't the place to do it. We put out a very succinct vision of who we are and where we want to be, not what we've come from. If there were bad experiences with our guild, we encourage people to take them up with us personally to resolve them instead of raining their ignorance on a recruiting post.

That said, we are still looking for a few exemplary players to fill out our teams. Emphasis on dedication. We are trying to build something that lasts a long while here, and while I can fully appreciate it's in the nature of the game (and therefore the people that play it) to have interests wander, it's not what we're currently seeking. When we interview people, it's not to inconvenience you or wax elitist, it's to establish that both parties have a similar set of goals in mind. There's a lot of people who talk a big game and claim they'd so much as be one of our most dedicated members, only to drift away in the course of a week. I'm not blaming anyone in particular as I understand this is normal. I've done this process before. I'm merely asking that if you come to us and accept a mutual understanding as laid out in our guild rules for membership, you understand that we expect some hard work, dedication, and a lack of ....shall we say flakeyness. It does not in any way help the member nor the team when people waste our time in this manner, and we expect more from people when we bring them on board.

Our raid times are set in stone right now, and we're happy to announce group 1 will be running Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9PM server to midnight. Group 2 will be running the same days, from 11:30PM server till 3AM. Group 1 is still seeking a tank, healer (we'd love a monk!), and a mage. Group 2 is finally coming together in a nice way. We have our ranks structured, and currently just need ranged and a non paladin healer. Both groups will be expected to put in the same amount of work and preparation, as it behooves us to have 2 excellent teams we can be proud of. A minimum ilvl of 460 will be required for application, as well as significant progress on applicable reputations. Obviously lvl 90 goes without saying. We will be kicking off our raids next week, beginning October 9th, so all interested parties should be in line to apply as soon as possible. Thanks again, and happy hunting.
As Ruin said above.

Still looking for a couple solid players to integrate into the core of both teams, If you are looking for a long term home with a group of people that like to have fun, as well as push serious progression shoot us a line.
The early team is still seeking a mage and a skilled healer, ideally a druid although we're willing to entertain other options.
@Ruinessa -- Never run with you before, but I like your guild's attitude. Just re-booted WoW after a year off after playing hardcore mode with RL friends from '04 - '10 in Lazy Eights (Arthas), Reviled (Gurubashi), and Deus Ex Machina (Reviled v2.0 on Gurubashi). All three guilds were tight-knit and relaxed -- while taking raiding/progression seriously. Too bad your second group doesn't start a bit earlier, like 10 PM, or I'd throw my hat in the ring. Just can't stay up 'til 3 and be coherent at work. But should you ever need a pug to help one of your guildies run something, hit me up -- and good luck with recruiting.

@Haters -- If you're going to poison the well, be prepared to bring evidence or you'll come across like someone with a chip on their shoulder.
@ dread-
we still have openings. hit me up if you're interested.

An aside-
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the guild has dropped to one progression group. We fully expected some bumps along the road, but a lack of dedication for some combined with an overwhelming dissonance left behind by a bunch of drama queens (female form intended) has made it beyond our means to progress 2 groups. We are rebuilding our core and are seeking a healer (druid or pally preferred) and a decent dps or two. Please don't bother applying if you cannot agree to the standards and principles our guild has expressed within this advert or if you can't tough out dailies.

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