[A:RP-PVP] <Shadows of Argus> A New Beginning

Moon Guard
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Lena is, as historians and archaeologists and students of the arcane usually are, SUPER AMG EXCITE about pandaland.
Bump for Pandaria! :D
Lena has discovered pet battles.

Oh dear lord.
Bump for almost 23! GO GO GO!
This is the first time I've transmogged an outfit before reaching level cap.

*shoves thread back to the top*

*curls up in the shade as a panther*
Mass rez ftw. A month and a half from 1 to 25? We did good ^_^
Lena has found the Seat of Knowledge. It is now her favorite place ever. ALL THE BOOKS!
Bump for the /waggle.
Page 2? No! *Bumps*
Page threeeeee? *flail*
Not enough bumpage.
Wot? Page 2? I don't think so!!!!
KAH-CHAAAA! *hoof chop*
I invited you all to a Halloween event on the 24th and I sincerely hope you will attend! :)

Because I lub dis guild and all of you space aliens! <3
Yay! We shall see. I'll put it up on our calendar if it isn't already. Thanks for invite! Feel free to contact me in-game if you need to work out details or need help setting it up.
I heard there was some Space Goat Mage in here who had good taste in clothing.
Bumpin' dis. Cause I've been a lazy, busy humie.
Ooooh! Sounds like fun! :D

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