wts tabard of the lightbringer!

taking offers :)
please post here
Orange sherbert.
still selling :)
just put it in the AH for 125 and be done with it... it costs what... 1 silver to list it
Thanks for the bump kind sir :3
hello how is my profession kit coming along
I thought you didnt need one anymore? o.O
Sorry for the late reply been working >_<

still selling this sexy tabard :D
Most people buy it for 90k, and flip it for a profit on other servers for 150k.
Is there an OTB? 70k
o.o; otb?
Offer to beat - basically asking if you have a set minimum based on the current interest you've received on the item. I threw in a 70k offer based on the offers on this thread.
Is this still available?


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