[H] SCL! LF Healers!

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<Secret Cow Level> is recruiting!

SCL is offering a relaxed 10 man raiding atmosphere. We want to successfully complete the raids, and have fun at the same time.

We are seeking active and skilled players for core spots on the team. Current open positions are as follows:

Resto Shaman with Ele offspec
Mistweaver Monk with either WW or BrM offspec.

We're alt-friendly as well! We love to have folks with alts they love to play as it gives more flexibility to raid nights!

Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00pm - 12am EST. Potentially adding a 3rd raid day or an alt run!

If you're interested in joining, you can send me a message in game (Battle Tag Nahimana#1413), or speak with Lote or Wrought. We don't do applications, just a friendly chat and a trial period!


Lote's still a meany pants >.>
Also looking for monk rerolls! Can't forget those! <3
Mists cinematic just released, I'm super excited for MoP now. Looking for more great players! :D :D :D
/waves at Turalyon!
Bump for Nereza! Also tell Iron I said hi.
HIIII QUAKE! I will definitely tell Iron that you said hi! <3
Mooo! Looking for great people to join us for Mists! Nice relaxed raiding atmosphere, groups for dungeons, challenge modes, and more!

Welcome to Turalyon homeys, hope you enjoy your stay!
Thanks Roku!
Bored at work, bumping it up!
Good Morning Turalyon!
Updated post!
Midday bump!
If you new guilds coming cause me to experience login ques like my days on Warsong in vanilla, I will kill you all

but welcome
In my defense, I've been on this server since about May or so of last year. I just thought I'd start my guild back up for the xpac. Guess everyone else has the same idea!

Anywho, still looking for more!
Stupid Internal Server Error 500 wouldn't let me post from work. >.>

Need more mooooos!
Updated post!
Hrm, it appears I'm in desperate need of a transmog...and more guildies.


Also, no app required!
Happy Labor Day bump!

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