[H]Push's ICC25H tonight 9est,shard open roll

Tonight I will be hosting my 9th Heroic ICC speed run in 25man mode. Every week for the past 9 weeks we have 1 shot everything and will do so again tonight. We are looking for healers and DPS to come for either chance at shards, mount chance and all transmog gear.

The mount itself will always be free roll, shards aren't always open. I will continue to run this until the end of the expansion.

you must be 85.
You must have vent and be willing to use it.
You must understand the mechanics already or at least be willing to listen when the leaders tell you what to do.

In order to roll on the mount:
You must have light of dawn before the raid.
You must preform well, I don't reward people for being carried.

If you're interested in bloods to begin the legendary steps, if you win the first you win both.

Infusions will not be done in this run, nor will full house or been waiting a long time for this.

If you are interested after all of this, please add me on realid at ktietz10@gmail.com or sign up here on openraid: http://openraid.us/r/43452

I often open up the raiders to invite their friends granted they can meet the requirements.

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