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Cheering, Booing, the clang of steal against steal, the sound of the loser dying, and the winner roaring in victory. This was the day to day life of those who came to the dreaded arena known as the Blackflame Pit; a place where people went to feed their thrist of blood lust while watching champions kill and tear apart everything that is thrown at them. This is what they came and payed for, gambling and trying their luck, and watching blood be spilled on the arena floor. The crowd never cared until something was dead.

A female human rogue and a male Kaldorei Druid stood in the middle of the arena. The female rogue wore a red, gold and black armour known as Dark Pheonix armour, two flaming claws flared on her hands, the Talon and Claw of the Pheonix. The Druid wore a full set of green Dreamweaver armour, his spoils of war from his times in Northrend, the robe replaced with a chest piece and leggins, he weilded a blue elementium scythe that bore the symbol of the Druids of the Talon.

Before them stood a large Rhino, larger that the adverage ones you would find up in the frigin north of Northrend. It's eyes were blood shot red, it's fur black as charcoal, it's horn large and gleaming in the sun light. Currently, the arena floor was filled with rocks with a sandy clearning in the middle that alowed the champions to run around and avoid the Rhino's fierce charges. Piles of rubble indicated that they already had dodged a few of his attacks before.

"This is one tough Rhino, I can admit them that much" the Kaldorei said, twirling his scythe as he watched the Rhino prepare to charge again. The human woman raised her claws, flexing it's long golden and purple fingers "Yea...I got a plan, you distract it, I'll see if I can't manage to leap on it from behind and go for the eyes". Nodding, the Druid began to take a slow step to the right.

As soon as his foot touched the ground, the beast charged at him. It was his elven grace and heritage that manged to save him in the nick of time to avoid the attack. The rogue had dissapeared, the Druid knew that she was probably lurking around between the large boulders that were in the arena. Charging up a wrath bolt in his left hand, he threw it at the Rhino, drawing his attention to him to give the woman a chance to strike.

As soon as the Rhino turned his head, the human rogue appeared above the Rhino and landed on it's back and slid down to it's head, being weary of it's spiky horns that jutted up through it's tangled mane. She lashed out with both claws, stabbing them right in the eyes, the sound of sizzling flesh rang in the Druids ears. There was an eruption of cheering from the crowd with this action, they were enjoying the view, the Druid knew this.

It was then that the woman was thrown off and against a boulder with a yelp of pain, the Talon knew he had to strike and strike now, so twirling his scythe, he rushed forward, raising his scythe behind him as he did. He then struck, with his weapon humming through the air, he felt the scythe strike hard bone and sunk deep with in all the way to the beasts brain. The Rhino died quickly and silently, going instantly brain dead as the blade cut into its brain; it was over, they won.

The human woman had recovered from her fall and walked over to the Druid, who was pulling his now bloody blade from the beast's head "Good work, Coron" she said, pulling off her hood to reveal her long ebony black hair. The Druid pulled off his own hood, shaking off his mane of dark blue hair and chuckled "Didn't do so bad yourself...Perfection...heh, it's gonna be weird to keep saying that"

While the girl named Perfection stuck her tounge out at the man, the announcer shouted out "Behold! The Perfectionist and the Armoured Talon have defeated Blackmane!". The crowed began to shout and cheer in respons. There was the sound of a heavy gate opening, four tauren claned in black plated armour began to walk over to the two with large shackles which seemed like they were made to chain a gaint. They were clamped around the chest, restricting their movements. Coron dropped his scythe, Perfection's claws deactivated, leaving two braclets embeded in the flesh of her wrists.

The two were then pushed inside the hall, the heavy gate closing behind them as they were lead through a long corridor of cells. Coron was pushed into one empty cell, Perfection pushed into the one next to it, where they were unclamped and unchained quickly before the guards left and closed the gate behind them before walking off.

Core sighed " you ever see us getting out of this place, Perfy?". The girl sighed in response "I'm not sure....but..I have escaped a few times....maybe one day I shall do so again. For now...I need a bath, I smell like Rhino...ugh...."

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Vikro was still blindfolded when he reached his cell, he'd been walking for days, with very little food or sleep, he never talked and neither did his escorts, they just made sure he kept moving. When he reached the pit, the removed his blind, not that it mattered, the halls were dark and he was completely exhausted. He coughed and nearly collapsed because of it. He was weak.

When he finally arrived to his cell, they guards unshackled his wrists and threw him in, slamming the door behind him, Vikro, unable to stop himself, ran straight into a wall, collapsed and whimpered. He couldn't get up, but he heard something slide under the cage of his cell, and he smelled food, without thinking, he used the very last of his energy and devoured everything on his plate, he couldn't say what he was eating, he couldn't taste, or even think for that matter.

When he was finished, he fell asleep right there, on the cold hard floor, and only awoke briefly to being kicked in the ribs so he'd get off his plate, which the guard needed to collect.
Ithalin woke up with feeling he instantly related to a bad hangover, though never experiencing one, considering he couldn't get drunk. He very slowly stood up, and after he was sure he wouldn't fall over, he began to study his surroundings. His weapons were gone, which was a regrettable inconvenience, and shot a bolt of frost at the metal bars of his cell. The bolt seemed to have worked, seeping into the bars and freezing them from the inside out, when it was shot back out towards Ithalin, hitting him square in the chest and knocking him back down. Damnit. The bars are spell resistant. Might be elementium, which means I'm going to need a lot of frost and unholy energy....

Ithalin warily stood back up, and saw that his armor had simply absorbed the blast back into the original runes expended in the spell. He looked around and actually studied his entire cell this time, not just the bars. He had a lamp, a crystal looking screen placed into the wall above it, and a fluffly-looking bed. He noticed the screen was showing the image of a fight between two people and a rhino. After the battle concluded, he sat down on the bed and began checking his own armor and ensuring his runes were well charged.
Kuulinian warily rose from his feathery bed. Wait a second... he didn't own a bed. And he didn't sleep. He reached for his runeblade, Dracon'zaram. It wasn't at his side. He tried the nightstand. Not there, either. He immediately bounded out of bed, tearing the room apart as he searched for his sword. He was throwing things all over the place, and his runeblade was nowhere to be found. He then threw a table at the wall, and it directed his attention to a screen.

The screen depicted two beings: a human female and a kaldorei male. They were fighting against a rhino; he expected to hear a voice in his head telling him strategies against the beast, but it wasn't there. It hadn't been for nearly three years now. It felt strange not being spoken to constantly, and he didn't like it. The voice comforted him. The two combatants finished and clambered into the cell block. This death knight was in for quite the ride.
When Vikro next awoke, it was to light. He stared at the screen in his cell, and observed a human and a Kaldorei fighting a monstrous rhino, much bigger than he had ever seen. He smiled as they were victorious, and watched them leave the arena, only to see that the human's name "The Perfectionist" flash on the screen.

"Do we all gotta be fighting twice?" He thought.

He waited for a minute, but it looked like the fight wasn't imminent, so he dulled his senses before getting very angry, and very scared. He stood up and attempted to smite the bars that caged him in, and for a second nothing happened. After that second Vikro's attack was thrown back at him with enough force to knock him flat on his back. He decided to lay down, but not before trying to make contact.

"Is anyone dere?"
Zara sat against the wall of her cell, slowly opening her eyes to the roar of the crowd echoed through the cell from the screen. She looked up at the images to see a pair slaying a rhino. This made her curious, as she had no clue what to expect from this place. A hand gently ran along the length of her leather collar, grimacing as she felt it still in place. Quietly she spoke to herself, "Great. Not only am I thrown into this cell with no idea what is going on, but I still have this blasted thing. I swear one day that human will pay dearly..."

She walked to the bars of the cage and looked out, trying to see where she was, or, at the very least, someone who she could talk to.
Catheden looked at the screen as the human rogue and kaldorei druid fight a giant rhino and be successful. He then looked around at all the others in the other cells. He sighed wondered what would happen next. He cracked his neck, going to sit on his bed. He coughed a little, his saronite armor glowing a bright blue.

Catheden looked to see what was going to appear on the screen in his cell next. He watched it with curiosity to see who would be fighting next in the arena. He coughed lightly, noticing his runeblade wasn't there with him. He would growl lightly but shake his head, being settled that he still had his armor and dignity. He sighed looking at the screen.
Alabron watched the screen when both fights happened, he didn't try to look for anyone who fought before. He just waited until it was his turn, he looked over at Fang and patted him on the head. He looked at the champions as they were forced back into their cells. He groans as he thinks about being a slave fighting for others' entertainment. He sighed, petting Fang some more. "At least I still have you bud." Fang wagged his tail, his big red eyes were happy since his master wasn't separated from him.

Alabron heard the knight speak to the troll, he looked around. He stood up and walked over to the bars of the cell. He looked around for any champion to talk to, since he was always a 'social butterfly', he was curious on how someone could get out, or if they could show their worthiness and be freed. He thought to high of the Pitmasters. Usually, they aren't freed 'til death. He sighed as he still looked around for someone to talk to.
The young witch doctor's eyes opened to a nice room with a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and even a private bathroom! He wondered if he was in a human or elven city; they both liked to be really fancy. He found himself sitting in a chair in front of a table, presumably where he would eat. His mace and shield were not present, but that did not matter as he preferred casting spells.

He tried firing a bolt of lightning at the bars of his new cell, but it bounced off and into a wall. On the wall was a screen that showed an elf and a human fighting a rhino.
"Dey be strong," he said to himself. "Takin' out a rhino be no easy 'ting."
The two came back into the block of cells, but almost immediately the female was called back.
"Dat must be some kinda' juju."
Perfection sighed, leaning against the sink in the bathroom of her cell. Thoughts ran through her mind as she watched the water with in the skin, looking at her reflection. Thoughts of how she managed to get herself into this mess once more came rushing back....

It was outside under a tree, she was looking up at the light that streamed through the branches, enjoying the peace and quiet until... "Perfection Lionsheart...a word if you will" said a white haired woman who was walking up to the girl. It was a friend of her teacher, Dareth, whom he called Misty due to her whtie hair. He said that her hair turned white when a strange chemical fell on her, bleaching her hair of all colour.

The girl gave the woman a small salute and stood up to smile at the woman "Agent Misty, how can I help you?" she asked in a friendly tone. The woman pulled out a folded letter and handed it to the girl "Rumor has it there is an arena in Feralas involved with unlawful use of champions has slaves and harboring a very well known criminal...does the name 'Aldrus' ring a bell by chance?"

The smile on the girls face faded quickly at the mention of the name, it was replaced by the look of disgust "Heard of wondering why he wasn't dead the last two times that I was stuck in his crap hole of a prison...". Misty smiled "This isn't an assassination mission if that is what you were hoping for, you are simply going to try and confirm our suspicions that the arena is in full use again....think you can handle that?". Wordlessly, Perfection took the folded letter and opened it up to read it, Misty grabbing her wrist to grab her attention for a moment.

"Remember...Angi....this guy is no joke. If you knew him as well as you have just described, he will want some pay watch your back" she whispered softly, letting go of the girls wrist. Perfection nodded "I will"

The Assassin shook her head and scooped up some water in her hands to splash agaisnt her face " much for 'watching my back' huh?..." she muttered darkly to herself. Coron's voice interupted her "Hey..Perfy....looks like you going in again!". The girl scowled "Twice in one day? That man must really not like me...." she said, walking out of the bathroom to look at the crystal screen on the wall. Surely enough, she was up next, and against some 'master swordsman'

The guards came for her, three heavily armed warriors, one a blood elf, the other two being tauren. The blood elf opened the cell so that the two tauren could walk in and clamp the large shackle around her before leading her down the hall towards the gate. She caught sight of a few new faces with in the prison "New bloods" she thought to herself "They look like they have no idea what just happened to them....well I guess they will find out soon enough"

The large gates opened, bright sunlight blinded her for a moment before her eyes grew acustomed to the light levels enough that she could see. After being unclamped, the Guards ran back inside and closed the large gate behind her. The crowd began to cheer at the site of the woman, all excited and ready for battle, the sounds of people calling out prices for bets rang in her ears. This pit made her mentally ill, she was disgusted at it and the attitude it gave people.

Two gates infront of her suddenly opened, revealing a man, heavily cloaked in a brown cloak, who began to walk inside of the arena. When he was in, the doors closed behind him and he stood at the other end of the arena, watching the woman with two golden eyes that seemed to be filled with determination and the lust for blood.

Perfection just stared right back at him, her left foot sliding around behind her so she could take a stance, her claws activating in flashes of flame, earning a loud cheer from the crowd. The man chuckled "The 'Perfectionist" they call you....I find it very hard to take such a young face so matter how much of a death stare you give me" the man said, slowly begining to walk towards her. The girl took note of the trail he left behind him, as if he was dragging something along with him. She pulled her hood over her head and stood there....waiting patiently.

As the man walked, he began to transform into his worgen form "When I hear the name 'Perfectionist', I picture of some foolish moron to who is self-centered and full of themself...seeing as you are this 'Perfectionist', my suspicions were confirmed...a bug like you will be easy to crush..."

Soon enough, the man had turned into a large 7' worgen. Clawed hands reached to pull off the cloak and throw it away. He wore golden mail armour which gleamed in the sunlight, all in the desgined of vines and dragons on his chest piece. It covered him from neck to ankle...but what surprised her the most was the large container of swords, all neatly put into induvdual sheaths and ready to be draw.

Vikro looked around, he'd been here for a while, but he hadn't taken in his surroundings at all, so he decided to familiarize himself with what may be the last room he ever lives in. He looked at the screen that displayed the info about the fights, he noticed the candles next to his bed which he hadn't bothered to light earlier, and he noticed the incense.

"Does anyone be mindin' if I light up some smellin' smoke? I be findin' it easier to meditate with sweet smells around me."

He stared up the screen flashed with the images of a small human woman readying for a fight against some sort of Worgen, clad in gold. He figured he might as well watch her, if she was defeated, he might have to fight that Worgen, and knowing his weaknesses might help.
Perfection smirked "I guess I can say the same for you...I mean, really, the 'Swordmaster'?...Don't make me only have two hands, unless you plan to hold a sword between your fingers, which you still have plently left...are you that clumsy that you have to carry that thing filled with twenty swords so you at least have something to fight me with?". The Worgen chuckled, which made the girl began to worry a bit.

"Foolish have yet to see what I am capable of..." he said in his low scratchy voice. Taking the strap which alowed the worgen to carry the swords, he began to spin, the large sheath spinning around threateningly. Perfection raised her claws, prepareing for what was to come, but what he did next surprised her....he threw it into the air. At first, she was baffled, but then she saw that the swords all came out of the container and were falling towards her. Yelping, she began to dodge raining swords. It took at good minite before the deadly rained ended, landing on her back side, she quickly moved her legs to avoid another sword that came very close to impaling her.

When she was sure she was safe, she looked around, all the swords where hilt up and stuck into the sand, the worgen walking over to pull one out and twirl it in his hand "Now then....when you're ready...."

The Assassin growled, standing up to take her stance again....

All was quiet...then..the bell rang to indicate the start of the fight.

Looked over at the troll again nodded at permission for him to the smelling smoke. He then spoke to him. "They call me The Strategist. Seems sort of fitting since I think of strategies when I fight they lack in, what they excel in. Blah blah blah. Things like that. I just hope a beast here doesn't get lucky and find my weakness and take advantage of it."

He then turned his attention to the screen, the woman who was out fighting the rhino was out again. "Another fight for this woman? They don't care about any of us." He watched intently as she fought the worgen. He nodded as the woman dodged all the swords thrown at her. "Interesting, she could be a help as well." Catheden was already thinking of the people who would be helpful in escaping this miserable pit. "The Perfectionist is that woman's name, yes?" He looked through his cell bars at other champions..wondering if they would answer him.
Vikro lit the incense and sat cross-legged to meditate for a while, he kept his eyes open to watch the fight, but his mind was entirely preoccupied.

"I do believe so." he mumbled in the general direction of the Strategist, not caring whether he heard or not. He decided to light his cell, but was to focused to stop, get up, and actually light the candles, so he cast a power word: shield on himself, and let its gentle glow light his cell, giving his fellow prisoners their first chance to see him, not that it really mattered.
In a darkened cell a feline form lay on the floor watching the screen in front of it intently, as the fight against the Rhino concluded, the form sighed could have gone worse, at least they won. He had only been here a short time, but already Sammuroth Stormfury ached for the outside, I swear whoever did this to us will pay, he glanced over to the single bed where his companion lay, still asleep. Anger coursed through the feline, as he remembered how he and his companion had come to be here.

"Perhaps we should sleep outdoors Lori, we are better protected, and I don't like the looks of this place," the cat spoke to his travelling companion, one Lori Nighttalon, the girl smiled back at him. "Oh, come on shan'do I do like to sleep in an actual bed every once in awhile, I am a woman after all, and I need a bath." The cat sighed, "Why can't you just use a lake, or a nearby river, we are nearing Stormwind we could arrive by morning if we keep going, and you can have your bath then." The girl turned to look at him and pouted, a look the elder druid could never say no to, "Oh, alright stop looking at me like that, we will stay here for the night." The girl who Sammuroth had come to look at as his daughter beamed, and skipped towards the nearby inn.

Later that night after the two had laid down for sleep, a group of men came into the inn, the "innkeeper" directed them to the druids room. Sammuroth smelled something foul in the air, and that smell put him on guard, it seems we are about to have company. As the druid predicted a few moments later the door burst open, and a small, but well armed group of men entered, and the cat sprung into action. Expecting no resistance the men were not ready for the cat's vicious assault, and in moments two of their number lay on the floor dying. The cat did not stop there, and he continued his assault, though well armed, the men could not keep up with the feline's speed, but everything has a weakness, and the leader of the group correctly guessed the cat's. Letting his men handle the feline he snuck through the darkness to Lori's bedside, where he hit her in the head with the butt of his sword, knocking her out.

Lifting the unconcious girl he held the sword to her throat, and bellowed, "Hey cat if you don't want your mistress to die I suggest you surrender, " Sammuroth turned a hate filled glare the man's way, but seeing Lori in her current situation, the druid calmed quickly, and lowered his head in surrender.

That had been about two days ago and now Sammuroth Stormfury sat in his, and Lori's cell, and watched as the same human female from earlier reentered the arena, making her fight again so early what kind of coward is running things here. The druid believed in fair play, and honor, but apparently whoever ran this Pit did not, well I guess that means I can just rip him apart when I get out of here, the druid continued to watch as the bell sounded to start the fight.
The Kaldorei's eyes flashed open, a bright, feral yellow. She let out a growl and almost jumped out of her bed, looking more feline that Elven at the moment. After a second or two, she channeled a crackling golden energy to her, and let it go flying towards the cell bars. Instead of exploding into the bars as she had expected, it bounced back at her, and she jumped out of the way just in time.

She paced the front of the cell like a caged animal before she managed to calm herself down enough to think. Her eyes softened back to their silvery color, and she began to look more Elven again. She took her helm off, hanging it on the corner of the bed as she looked around. A desk, a screen, a bed, and a washroom. She looked up at the screen; the picture of a Kaldorei and a Human was just now fading. She was looking away when the presence of the other Night Elf registered with her, and she snapped her head to look back. But the screen had already gone back.

Had that been? No... she thought. She looked down at herself. She was still in her armor. On her desk, her spare clothes were folded neatly, though her staff was missing. With a sigh, she changed in the washroom, washing her face as she did. Once she was done, she came back out. The cell, she found, was reasonably lit, and was actually pretty nice.

Pursing her lips, she tried to shift forms. Her shape began to distort, and a strong cat stood where the Night Elf had moments ago. With a curt nod, she shifted back. She rolled her shoulders and walked over to the bars, leaning against them and hanging her arms out. "I wonder where I am..." she muttered to herself.
"You be right here."

Vikro enjoyed answering rhetorical questions, and since he was having no luck meditating, he decided to listen. When he heard the Kaldorei woman mutter, he saw his opprotunity to both amuse himself and to possibly start a conversation. He knew there was no way he'd ever get out of this pit alone, he'd need friends. Playing friendly with the other meat seemed like a good option, and thought Vikro usually roamed, worked, and fought alone, he could work with others... it just take some getting used to.

"How did you be findin' yourself here, Elf?"
Korrzair's cell was glowing, the man was relentless on escaping the cell. He shot bolts at it, but all that happen was the were shot back at him. He growled that his own spells hit him, he then went to unsheath his sword, but it wasn't there, he growled. He roared lightly in his cell, the roar echoing quietly down the hallway full of cells. He punched the ground underneath him.

"Dammit.." He muttered to himself, he turned to look at the clear screen, watching the fight between the woman and worgen. He put his hood over his head, covering his face, but his mouth. He began to think to himself. "How'd I get into this mess?" He shook his head. "My fault..such a fool to trust a complete matter how beautiful. I she here?" He looked out of his cell, looking in all other cells, then back to the screen, seeing if she was apart of the crowd. "Hmm, nope."
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