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Coron smirked at her response, getting up and peeping around the corner to look at the Wyvern "It may be a long shot....but I need to you bombard her from the air, get her low. When she is low enough, I can create a wind gust that will make her fly off course and into one of the stone perches....after that, I'll root her in place, and then you sweep in and land the killing blow, aim just between the eyes and use a spell to help you out"

He turned to look back and the Druidess and sighed "It seems pretty gruesome to do such a thing to such a marvelous...or used to be marvelous creature....but it's the only way we can get out of this thing alive" he then stood there for a moment, eyeing the woman up and down before saying "You know....if we hadn't met under such circumstances, I would have asked if you would have liked to go on a picnic somewhere in Hyjal...heh, guess that all dreams can be reality, huh?"

Twirling his scythe, he pulled his hood over his face and nodded "Ready to go?"

"Well, she seems to be acting on primal instincts. If she's attacked from the air, she'll go lower. I just wish we didn't have to kill her..." she added quietly. She smiled ever so slightly as he spoke about a picnic. "Well, maybe after we get out of here we can," she replied. She took a slow breath and shifted forms, sitting before him as a Raven. "Ready when you are," she said, stretching out her wings and shifting her talons in the sand.

Core nodded, sliding his scythe into it's holder on his back. Raising three fingers, he gave a count down "'s go!" he leaped from his hiding place, the Wyvern catching sight of him and spitting a glob at him, which she quickly lit with a gout of emerald flame. The Talon dodged this, muttering words of Druidic magic and summoning roots from the hard earth in preperations to trap the beast "Ready when you are, Kae!" he shouted, prepareing a wind bolt to throw the Wyvern off course when and if Kae had managed to get her to fly lower.
Lynara sighed deeply as she sat down on the floor of her cell. She simply sat for a moment before moving into a push-up position and began to slowly lower and raise herself. "One... two... three." She counted. She continued to do push ups until her arms were sore and she could barely move herself onto her bed. "I think I over did it... oh well." She sighed. The fight, while interesting did not entertain her. She didn't want to see the emerald beast killed, nor the two druids. So she refrained from watching.
Alabron would be standing at the bars of his cell, not speaking to anyone. He hit softly hit the bars with his fists. He sighed and looked around, Fang saw that Alabron wanted out of this cage, he couldn't doubt him. Alabron looked around his cell for any stick, twig, or small object that he could find. He scanned his room and sighed, not able to see one. He hit the bars harder, the sound from the contact could ring down the hall of cells.

"Damn this cell." He spoke calmly, he was clearly a bit angry, yet stressed. He just wanted to go home and sleep in his own bed. He jumped up on the ceiling and sighed, looking down and raising his brows. "Hmm maybe if the guards don't see me, they'll come into the cell and search for me...and then I can come from above, take his key and free everyone...hmmm that seems very risky and slim of doing so."

As Core counted down, Kaenei flew up to the top of the perch silently, unnoticed. As he shouted, she dove down, straight for the Wyvern's eyes. At the last few yards of her dive, she stretched out her talons and dug them into the scales just beneath her eyes. With a roar of fury and pain, the Wyvern drew back, away from the attacking Raven. Kaenei glanced quickly at Coron and moved to the Wyvern's side, then dove down at her spine, aiming at the soft flesh between her wings. She had to push down her feelings of guilt for this. She dug her metal-tipped talons into the dragon's skin, and it stopped flapping for but a few seconds, descending lower.

She repeated the attack again, switching wings. The Wyvern fell lower and lower, screaming. Had Kaenei been a Night Elf, she would have looked sick, mostly at herself.

Core waited for the right moment before lauching the air bolt at the Wyvern. If Kae had moved, it would have slammed into one of the large perchs, causing it to crumble before it fell into the large trap off roots that Coron would have summoned. While it was down, it kept trying to use it's emerald flame to burn the roots, Core launching into action and useing Druidic magic to blow away the flames from it's bonds "Now, Kae! Strike now while she's down!" he would have shouted. Silently, he murmured a prayer for safe guidence for this creature into the after life, and then vowed that he would make Dawnash pay for this cruel treatmeant of amazing creatures like this one.


Aldrus watched on with fury. Though physically he didn't show it so the two woman on each side of his arms would notice, but inside, burned a passion of hatred. He watched as the two Druids were about to kill yet ANOTHER prized possesion that he worked so HARD to collect. He even deicided to bet on this dragon to kill the two Druids...but no...they were just to damn frickin cleaver to die that easyily, weren't they?

It was then a guard camed and saluted "Sir, we have just had another ship of creatures from the new lands arrive. The little buggers ar--" "Once this fight is over...
Aldrus cut the orc short, doing his best to hide his anger "Ever champion that hasn't fought yet, will be sent into the Arena...however...I want you to keep Perfection and Cass. If the remaining heros even survive or not against the new creatures, they will be the grand it?" he turned to the orc, glareing daggers at him.

The orc guard gulpped and nodded, slauting before hurrying out of the room to do as he was ordered. Aldrus then turned, waiting for the Druidess to strike down the dragon, and watching her and her little Kaldorei 'friend' do so with the hatred with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

Core watches as Dae finished the Wyvern. He couldn't help but feel sorrow as he watched the beast die, and wished there was another way. Turning to Kae, he pulled off his hood and offered her a warm smile before the guards came and took them back in. As Core was pushed back into his cell, Perfection spoke "That took longer than it should have, Corebutt, you alright" Core nodded "Yea...just tiring, nothing more" he said in a dull tone.

Just then, the guards came to collect more prisoners. Taking those who haven't fought yet and carrying them to the ring, the orc guard shouting "Alright, here's the drill, after this next fight there will be food to feed you lowly swines, so don't die or else we might have to waste! And that's never a good thing!".

When the champions were pushed into the Pit and their weapons given to them, the guards left, closing the large door behind them. The arena would have been set up in the same manor as it had been when the Death Knights fought the Four Guardians; a tree, a lake, some large rocks and a grassy field. How they managed to remove the Dragon's body and change the arena in such a short time would have been a mystery.

Then, two large slides opened on the walls of the arena, a strange glow emitted from them before what seemed to be a waterfall of sprites fell out of them, squealing and cheering as they entered the Pit. The Gong was sounded, the fight beginning.
When the Tauren guard came to usher Achek into the arena, the Shaman slowly rose to his feet. Before the guard could push him out, Achek looked him hard in the eyes saying in Taurahe, "I can walk of my own accord, Brother." The last word was spoken with a hint of shame, shame that a fellow Tauren would willingly participate in such an arena. Once out of the cell and in the center of the block, Achek would pause for a moment and take a deep breath quickly committing the layout to memory before walking along after being prodded. As he passed Perfection's cell, Achek gave her a look that he hoped she would understand, he had a plan.

Once inside the actual arena, the shaman smiled slightly at the sight of the field. After the weapons were thrown in, Achek slipped his hands into his Molten Fists and closed his eyes. A breeze would pick up, a light rain would fall, the earth would softly tremor, and small flames would dance around him as the elements finally spoke. Patient came the soft bubbling voice of water, Versatile the raspy voice of air added, Unrelenting called the course voice of earth, FURY shouted the voice of fire. Once the elements had spoken, their respective signs ceased. The breeze wrapped itself around Achek's right Fist, while the flames encased his left. "So you can hear me," the Tauren spoke quietly. Patient, Versatile, Unrelenting Fury, echoed through the shamans mind, this was not for the fight at hand, but the one that begins after.

Slowly lifting his hands, Achek pulled four totems simultaneously from the ground. Around him sprung up a searing, windfury, healing spring, and a strength of the earth totem to bolster himself and his allies. When the other gate was opened Achek's rage began to swell, surely spilling over to his companions, hastening their strikes. "Let my fury drive your attacks, and let us finish this quickly."
Sammuroth growled low when the guards grabbed Lori, be gald I can't kill you right now, but you guards will pay for harming Lori, and bringing her to this hell. The druid allowed himself to be muzzled, and he, Lori, and several other champions were led into the arena, as the cat had predicted they gave Lori a bow, thinking she was a hunter with her companion. Makes it all the more easier to surprise you, you dolts, not waiting for the gong the cat growled at Lori, and beckoned with his head. Lori not one to ever distrust her shan'do quickly ran over to him, they quickly ran over to the tree, "Get up there, you will be safer," the cat whispered. Lori looked at him as though she had been slapped, "But, what about you shan'do," the druid shook his head, "I will be fine I am more worried about you." Lori's face began to turn red from anger, "I am not going to leave down here all by yourself," she shouted, and her voice echoed across the arena, the cat roared, the force of it knocking the girl to the ground.

"We don't have time to argue, now get up that tree and stay there, I will keep whatever we are facing away from you, do you understand me," Sammuroth's fur was standing on end, as he too began shouting. Lori's face fell, she looked crestfallen, "B-but, shan'do," tears began to form in her eyes, but the cat could not let those tears sway his judgement, he growled threateningly, "get your a$$ up that tree and stay there." The cat turned away, to hide his own tears, he could hear the girl begin climbing the tree, good girl, now stay safe.

The druid steeled his gaze as he looked at the oncoming enemies, they were small creatures, something he had never seen before, and there were hundreds of them, no thousands, the druid could see the others being bolstered by the tauren shaman, he however was out of range of whatever spell was being used. "Hehe, oh well I always did do my best work alone," as the creatures neared the cat let out another great roar, that blew the front most creatures to the ground, and stunning those behind. To most these creatures were small, but they were the perfect height for the cat, while the creatures recovered from the shock of his roar, the cat dove in head first, sweeping the creatures aside two or three at a time, with powerful swipes from his claws. By the time the effect of his roar wore off, around thirty of the creatures lay on the arena floor dead or dying, "Is this the best you can throw at me Aldrus, you might as well be attacking me with flies." The creatures counter attacked then, but the druid had already made his skin as hard as bark, his anklets making the spell more powerful and last longer. The cat took the creatures strikes, and retunred his own killing the aggresors, but the overwhelming attacks were beginning to take their toll, and the druid finally buckled, and the creatures swarmed him.

In the tree Lori watched as her shan'do was overwhelmed, "Shan'do get up!" her shout alerted the creatures to her prescence, thinking her easy prey, some broke off from the main group and rushed the tree. The cat, though his vision blurred by blood, saw this, and his concern for the one who was like his daughter, and the rage from all the damage he had taken combined, into a white hot anger, that violently exploded out of the druid, in the form of yet another great roar. The little creatures pounding on the druid went flying, as the cat powered it's way out, and charged the beasts heading for the tree, some of which were already climbing. Those at the bottom died quickly, slaughtered with the druid's teeth and claws, with a great leap the cat came to rest on the branch that held the girl, and the look in his eyes gave the creatures pause, that proved to be fatal. The creatures rained down from the tree like rain, his adrenalin spent the cat collapsed next to his student, "A-are y-you a-alright Lori," the feline was covered in blood most of it the creature's. "Shan'do, shan'do stay with me, you can't die on me, don't leave me alone again," tears were pouring from the girl's eyes, the cat just smiled, "don't worry I am just going to take a little rest," with those words the druid passed out.

Lori looked on in shock as her shan'do, one of the most powerful people she knew passed out, though in her mind he had died, her sorrow and rage boiled over, her innate powers as a druid flowing into the tree she sat perched on holding her beloved teacher, and father. The tree responded to her emotions, it's roots springing up, and thorns sprouting, catching the little creatures in the vicinity in a death trap, some were impaled on the thorns, others were crushed by the roots. By the time her power was spent, hundreds of the creatures lay dead, and the rest decided to go after easier prey, Lori was exauhsted never before had she unleashed so much of her power, in a single burst. She was only able to speak one word over and over, "Help,help,help," her body wanted to shut down and rest, but the girl wouldn't allow it, she just kept repeating that one word, hoping someone would hear and come.

As the druids' fight came to an end, Nessalyn glanced up as several of the guards came in and began opening the cells and pulling out the champions who hadn't fought yet. Although she was a little scared, she was glad she was fighting if she copuld kill something that would make Dawnash's life miserable. She didn't want him dead, not yet or by her hand anyway. She wanted him to go through pain first, and then get killed by Perfection. That was how he deserved to die.

The guard unlocked and opened her door. He walked in and grabbed her forcibly by the arm and started to pull her out of the cell. Nessalyn twisted and wrenched her arm out of the guard's hard grip. "I'm eighteen years old, I can walk in and out of a cell on my own," she spat defiantly. She pushed past him and walked down the hallway with the other champions who were fighting alongside her, glancing at each of those who remained in their cells in turn. If they noticed her glance and could see the emotions in her face, they would see barely suppressed anger, a little fear, some courage, and just a hint of satisfaction. She didn't feel any of this towards the other champions, it was just the emotions she was experiencing as she assessed the situation.

Before she entered the arena, her two handed claymore was shoved into her hands. The paladin was relieved that it was undamaged. She inspected the somewhat reflective blade, the smooth blue hilt, and the veins of gold in the hilt that glinted at her even in this light. She had barely enough time to process that everything seemed to be as it should be before she was thrust into the arena.

The paladin lashed out almost immediately at the sprites who began coming her way. She hacked and slashed, her arm muscles used to the familiar weight of the sword. Nessa saw quickly that it was useless to try to attack the sprites one by one, so the paladin adjusted to calculated, more powerful swings that were able to take out multiple sprites at a time. Of course, however she swung her sword, it still made her arms tired. She moved away friom the gate towards the lake as she fought. Wave apon wave of sprites descended on Nessalyn, but she kept fighting. She knew she would be all right if she just held out until the fight was over. She had several allies in the arena with her, and she hoped they all were working to kill off the sprites.

She silently called on the Light to aid her. The first time, she was not successful, and for a moment she was angry with the Light. Then she realized there wasn't time to be angry with the Light, and she might as well try again. Again she silently called on the Light, and this time she succeeded, and she destroyed quite a few of the sprites. Satisfied, she smiled.

But the sprites weren't the only ones who had taken hits. Nessalyn had been injured as well. There was some sort of pain in the paladin's leg, but she was afraid to heal herself or examine it while the sprites surrounded her. Her arms were cut up and her muscles ached from battle. But she pressed on, pushing forward towards the lake and the tree. She would survive this. She simply had too. Giving up was not an option. Giving up meant death, and Nessalyn was too young to die.

She was getting closer closer to the tree and the lake and she had just vanquished the last of the remaining sprites surrounding her when she noticed a large cat and an exhausted looking night elf under the tree, surrounded by the dead bodies of the sprites. Nessa could faintly hear the night elf asking for help, so the young human ran over to the girl.

"We can't stop for long, these darn sprites seem to be everywhere. Are you okay? Are you hurt or can you continue with me?" Nessalyn said to her, breathing fast and looking around for more of the sprites.
Lori looked up at the voice, exauhstion clear on her face, she had very little power left to give, "I am unharmed, but my friend," she whispered indicating the cat. "I don't have much strength left to fight, I used up most of it slaughtering the creatures strewn about here. I may be of some use with my bow, but I am not leaving him," she indicated the cat again. " He saved my life, if we could get him back on his feet he would be much more helpful than me, but he is pretty badly injured, the majority of the dead were his doing single handed." The girl looked pleadingly at the paladin, " Can you help him, I would heal him myself, but as I said I don't have enough power left, please, please save him." Tears once again came to Lori's eyes as she begged the paladin to save her shan'do.
Nessalyn nodded as she lay her claymore carefully down on the ground. This wasn't a job for violence, this was a job for healing. "Yes, I will help him," she said, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder. Nessalyn gave the night elf a very light heal, just enough to possibly help her regain her energy. "If you could, please keep an eye on things while I try to heal him. If any more of the sprites come, just let me know and I'll grab my sword and try to take care of it."

With that, Nessa moved over to the large cat and kneeled down beside him. She assumed now that the cat was a night elf druid in cat form, and he appeared to be unconcious. She placed her hands on the druid and marveled at how soft his fur was for a moment before she closed her eyes. She prayed hard, hedr lips moving silently as they mouthed the words to her prayer as she asked the Light to give her the strength and power to heal the druid and get him concious again. Her prayers worked, and the Light coursed through her hands to the druid. She hoped it would be enough to heal the druid. She recalled how she felt when she was being healed, like the pain faded away and her strength flowed into her, and she hoped the druid was feeling something like that. If he was, it would mean that he was healing.
Zara and Xiru were both led to the arena with the the others, neither offering much of a fight. Soon the roar of the crowd hit them like a wall. As the sprites swarmed in on a pair of druids, the rogue and monk readied themselves. The guards had given each the weapons from before capture, and both were filled with confidence. The monk looked to the Blood Elf and spoke, "Can you fight beside me? Watch each others backs? I wouldn't ask normally but a swarm from behind could be deadly..."

Zara nodded and added quietly, "Those druids are going to get themselves and that paladin killed if they get jumped again. We need to draw their fire or we lose allies."

Xiru pulled out a small ox carving and ran toward the tree, weaving past sprites and swatting them aside with his bamboo pole. As he got closer he tossed the carving to the ground and imbued it with Pandaren magics, turning it to a large Ox Statue. He stood by the statue, knowing it would draw the attention of many sprites and keeping them from the others. The little pests would leave their backs exposed while focusing on him.

The rogue had followed the pandaren, hot on his heels. She carved through anything that crossed her path until the monk created his statue. With a great leap through the air she landed behind Xiru, and put her back to his. "We stand together, and they won't do much damage." she said quickly.

As the sprites swarmed the pair they struck out, slaughtering the tiny creatures by the dozens. There seemed to be no end to the swarm, but they both kept the other from revealing weaknesses. The pandaren swung the pole staff in wide arcs, smashing skulls and breaking bodies, while the rogue stabbed wildly, picking apart the attackers with swift and accurate strikes.

Neither knew if they would really be able to hold against a swarm of this magnitude, as time and again small strikes found their marks. One thing was certain, however, that the others would have a great deal better of a chance while the bulk could be focused on the spot that they were holding.

Kae seemed to be in a trance after slaying the beast. She didn't know what had happened, and she didn't want to. As she was led back to her cell, she was silent. Once released, she went and lay on her bed, laying on her side and staring at nothing. How could she have slain such a creature? Such a strong, and once noble creature? There had been no other way...


As the guards came, Cas backed away from the bars, letting the cloths fall to cover her cell in darkess once more. She listened to the sounds of the various champions being taken, but didn't move from her spot on the ground. She had covered the screen, it was too boring to watch. As the noise settled, she came to the bars once more, sliding the cloth away to look at Perfection. "What are they planing with us, you think?" she asked quietly. There weren't many guards out, but she couldn't be too careless.
Sammuroth felt a warmth coursing through his body, a warmth that vaguely reminded him of a time long ago, when he had still lived in Zin'Azshari, "Moriana..." the druid whispered the name of his beloved sister. The druid could feel the pains of wounds fading, vaguely he thought to himself, could Lori be healing me, did she find help? He could feel his strength returning, not completely, but enough, he slowly opened his eyes, to see not Lori, but a human woman, wearing plate armor, must be a paladin. Normally the sight of an unfamiliar woman would send the cat into a flustered fit of stuttering, but now was not the time for that, the druid could see Lori looking over the paladin's shoulder, likely watching for any of the small creatures coming to attack. He could also see tears in her eyes, "What's with all the tears little one," his voice quickly turned Lori's head, and she quickly fell on him hugging him tightly. "Oh, shan'do I thought I had lost you," the cat knew it was not only her shan'do she was concerned about losing, but also someone who was like a father to her.

Sammuroth laughed, "It'll take more than a few monsters to bring this old druid down," looking over Lori's shoulder he said to the paladin, "thank you for helping, her, I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself in the afterlife had anything happened to her. She is like my daughter, and I would hate to think I failed to protect her," Lori let go of the cat and turned around a threw a hug around the paladin's shoulders, " Thank you, thank you so much for bringing him back," the girl was sobbing onto the paladin's shoulder. Sammuroth gingerly got to his feet and nudged Lori, "We can save the tearful thanks for later Lori, for now we have to focus on surviving this fight," turning to the paladin he said, " I am ready to rejoin the fight, would you care to join me m'lady?"
The line between conserving energy and making sure he put on a show was sure to be a difficult one to walk. When the other champions split off in their own directions, the shaman let out a sigh, When out numbered: Find a defensible position and close ranks. Before Achek waded into battle the monk had distracted the Sprites with his statue. Well, if they are going to group up like that... As the Shaman ran toward the mob of Sprites he unleashed a searing burst of heat, burning a sprite severely before the burn exploded outwards inflicting the surrounding sprites with equally severe burns. Shortly after the first sprite was burned, Achek sent a lightning bolt arcing through another group of sprites before raising his totems once again. Some of the sprites diverted their attention away from the monk's statue and unto the Shaman, coming within striking distance. The Tauren's left fist began dripping pure lava as he swung at the first unlucky sprite to come within range, all but vaporizing it on contact. The next sprite was turned into a tornado of blood and gore when Achek connected with a devastating right, enveloping him in a whirlwind.
As it became apparant her healing was working, Nessalyn pulled away and swayed a little, finding she had used a considerable amount of power and was a little weaker. But she recovered quickly and looked down to straighten up her armor as the teary eyed girl reunited with her mentor.

She nodded at the cat, replying, "You're welcome sir. It's my duty to protect and help others in whichever way I can. I was only doing my job." Nessalyn was unprepared for the girl's embrace, nor for the tears on her shoulder, but she simpy returned the girl's hug, knowing she would have been just as upset if it had been her parents or one of her siblings nearly dying. She quickly let go, and as the druid in cat form spoke again Nessa walked over to where her claymore lay on the ground. She picked it up, with the kind of small easy smile on her face you would use to greet an old friend.

Nessalyn nodded at Sam, with that smile still on her face. The paladin was not bloodthirsty, but she did not mind the occasional fight every now and then. This just happened to be one of those times. "Yes, I am ready to fight. I think it's time we won this battle." She spotted some of the sprites coming towards the small group of champions from the lake. "Back into the fray," she murmured as they sped towards her.
Sammuroth smirked at the paladin, as he too noticed the little vermin speeding towards them, "Lori, stay behind us and use your bow to pick them off, you are still weak from earlier, I can tell." The druid was not about to try and get her to get to safety again, after what had happened it would be pointless, but he hoped she would accept this compromise. Lori wiped her tears away and picked up the bow, though it wasn't technically hers, she still knew the basics of it's use, and was a fairly good shot, "Yes, shan'do they will regret picking a fight with the three of us." Sammuroth smiled, you have indeed grown strong Lori, I am proud of you, he didn't want to distract her with those words now, but he swore as soon as they returned to Monnglade, he would speak them to her directly. Looking at his two allies the druid said, "You would think they would have learned their lesson, but it seems they need another one," the cat poised himself for battle, as the creatures came nearer and nearer.

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