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Lynara watched the fight unfold with both interest in the creatures and disappointment in how these champions were not fighting as a team. "No wonder they all keep getting hit. Trying to go in alone against that many enemies at once and they will be overwhelmed." she said as she walked to the bars. A guard was walking past as she said "So when can I get out of here? I have been ever so patient, but I am afraid that I will have to be leaving soon. People will be missing me."

"Tough the only way you leave is in a box... if you're lucky." The guard said with grunted laugh.

"No, I am afraid that is how you will leave." She said with a grin. he guard grunted again and walked off. As he walked off he said "I can't wait till something kills you !@#$%."
Korrzair sat in his cell, bored, wanting to get out in the arena again. He looked as the guards collected all the champions who haven't fought yet. He noticed a guard unlocking his cell. "I fought already, guard, against the mantid." The tauren guard spoke like Korrzair was an idiotic being. "Master Dawnash doesn't count that as a fight, you got stabbed in the shoulder and didn't even do anything!" The guard grabbed Korrzair by the collar of his robe and began to carry him, Korrzair however pushed him away shortly after. "I go willingly, you swine!" He spit in the guard's direction.

He stepped into the arena with the other champions, looking down, collecting his spell sword and staff. After he picked up his weapons, he watched as the little creatures flowed out of the other side of the arena. "Oh boy." He looked around, wondering if the mantid creature would come out and fight too. He shook his head doubtfully. "No need to think of that, Korr, just focus on the enemy.

He cracked his neck, back, and knuckles getting ready to slay multiple little beasts. He ran towards a small wave of the creatures, freezing their feet to the ground, he jumped high in the high, curling up in a ball, landing where the sprites were and sent a fiery wave outward towards the frozen group of creatures, lighting them all ablaze.
Alabron stood at his bars, hearing the conversation of the guard and Lynara. As the guard passed his own cell, Alabron stared at the guard with a scary and evil look on his face. The guard smirked at him. "And what are you looking at, pansy?" He laughed as Alabron growled at him, "If you were a real man, you'd come in this cell and see how much of a 'pansy' I really am!" The guard shook his head, walking off. "YOUR THREATS ARE HOLLOW, TAUREN! I swear when I get out this place, it will be YOUR head upon my wall!" Alabron was angered for the first time probably since he was child.

He hit the bars of his cell hard, he didn't feel any pain from it. He just wanted out so badly. He looked over at Lynara. "Lynara, when we get out of here, could come to Darnassus with you, or wherever it is that you going to?" He sighed lightly, looking at the bars of his cell, Fang walking up to his master's side. Fang didn't like to see Alabron angry and sad. Alabron shook his head, cooling down, awaiting answer from Lynara.
Lynara broke the door to her cell open. The guard turned, swaring he ran at Lynara who grinned at him. He threw a punch at her who easily ducked beneath it and grasped his horns, twisting them wildly, breaking his neck. She took the sword he had but didn't use from its sheath. She ran up to Dawnash's room.

"Lynara! I knew I should have killed you last time!" He shouted.

"Your mistake Dawnash! Time to die!" She roared out ducking beneath a fireball and stabbing him through his black heart.

Lynara sighed behind the bars of her cell. "Yep That is how I would do it." She though with a grin. She noticed Alabron asked her a question.

"You could if you like." She said with a smile. she knew he was younger than her. She could see his youth within him. She wondered what he would think when he learned her age. Age mattered little to many Kal'dorei, but she was not entirely sure when it came to him.
He smiled and nodded to her. Alabron stood there and shrugged at what to do now, he looked towards the screen, it seemed that all the champions who haven't fought yet are killing little plant-looking creatures. "Hmm, odd little ones.." He spoke to himself, Alabron was a clever kaldorei, he knew most beings' weaknesses just by watching them for a mere five minutes. He looked over at Lynara after she was thinking about killing Dawnash.

"So since we have time, sort of alone, a lot of the others are out fighting, some others ignoring everyone, only us whose cells are closer than others...maybe now is a good time to get to know each other now.." He smiled at her for a moment, looking at a guard who passed every once in awhile, but didn't care if he heard anything personal about himself.

Perf waited for the Guards to be out of ear shot before answering Cass' question "To be honest, I don't know....guess killing that Dragon ticked off Aldrus...must be losing his touch" she turned her attention to the screen, wraping her arms around her knees and hugging them "I don't know about you, Cass, but something tells me you and me are the grand show before the Pit closes for another day....and when our fight comes, we're gonna close this Pit for good" she glanced and the Sin'dorei and winked "I got a plan....and it involves hurting a lot of people. Specially the Guards"
Alabron looked over at Perfy's cell, paying attention to her statements. He raised a brow and smirked as she spoke of having a plan. "The Perfectionist's Plan. Seems legit.." He grinned lightly. He couldn't wait to get out of this cell and shoot an arrow through Dawnash's throat. He didn't mind if someone else killed the sin'dorei, he just wants to see the man die painfully. Fang would've been lying down on the bed in the cell and growled lightly, Alabron turned towards him and nodded. "Me too too."

He didn't speak out at all, he just listened for the Perfectionist's plan to come out and expose it's head. He didn't want to miss the plan that could get him, Fang, and everyone else out of these cells. He yawned lightly, sensing a bit of fatigue.
The monk and rogue were starting to get worn down. These sprites couldn't land any devastating blows, but with so many attacking from every direction it was impossible to avoid damage entirely. Little cuts or bruises quickly were adding up as the mass waves of the tiny monsters continued to press in on the duo. The bodies of the fallen were stacking up, forcing the pandaren and blood elf to climb onto a growing pile to avoid being buried.

Zara called out as she slashed through a torso, "We can't hold out much longer! If we don't get some support then we will be overwhelmed!"

Xiru swung his pole hard, smashing another few sprites as they climbed the pile and knocking them back into the others that were starting to ascend. He yelled as he smashed another with his palm "Just hold them off for a little longer!"
Korrzair rushed to the rescue of his fellow prison-mates. He shot a gust of cold wind in the direction of many sprites running towards Xiru and Zara, freezing their little bodies, he grinned and shot magic missiles at each sprite with excellent speed, shooting right through their puny skulls. He then looked up at them on the top of the dead bodies. He called up to them, "I can dispose of these if you two wish!" He showed them a burning hand, hinting he could burn the bodies, turning them to smaller piles of ash, giving them more room to fight.

He noticed multiple sprites charging at him, he drew his blade and formed two more with arcane energy, his commanded the two arcane blades to deflect attacks, while he swung his own blade to finish the little buggers. His blade was sharp and covered in a thick layer of the sprite's blood, or sap. He began to freeze the feet of the sprite around him, he then began to cause the arcane blades to spin quickly, becoming an arcane bladestorm, cutting through many of the sprites. He pulled down his hood and yelled, more cold air released from his mouth in a cone shape, stopping more sprites from getting to the champions.

A sly, malicious grin spread across Cas's face as Perfy spoke. "My dear, Perfy, you make me sound so violent!" she cried out, obviously jesting. "As always, it sounds perfect. But plans often do. The tricky part is putting them in action," she replied. She held up a finger to tell Perfection to hold of her reply. She went over to her desk and got a piece of parchment, writting in small, smooth letters 'what's the plan?' She waited for the guard to pass in his patrol, then tossed it (tied to a small pebble) to the rogue across from her. "I'm not that violent," she said as the guard came back, drawing his attention. She gave him a sneer. It just so happened it was the guard whose neck she had driven her shoulder into when she was brought her. She rested her arms on the bars and brought her face close as she could to his. "Am I?" she growled. He brought his hand up to smack the bars, and hopefully her face.

As his hand came down, she lashed out with much quicker movements, grabbing his wrist and twisting it so he was staring upward. "See? Not violent at all?" She would only release him from the hold once Perfection had finished her reply.

Perfy smiled, catching on to the woman's joke quite easily. She was about to respond to Cass' comment until the rogue raised a hand to stop her from speaking. She watched with an observant gaze as Cass wrote something down on a piece of parchment and tied it to a pebble. Getting up, she guessed Cass' plan and stood near the bars, waiting as the guard walked passed before Cass tossed it to her. She snatched it quickly out of the air and turned around to hide the note from view to read it. The Assassin read the smooth words 'What's the plan?'.

With the attention of the guard focused on Cass, the woman quickly set to work on a reply for her "Not at all, barely harm a fly" she chuckled, though her mind was more focused on the note. Pulling out the quill and ink that is given to the champions for just random writting, she quickly dipped the quill into the ink and wrote down the plan, quickly and neatly onto a seperate piece of parchment.

This is what it would say:

Here it is.

Now, obviously, we are going to be having dinner once the others finish up their fight. After dinner, we are going to be up nexted. Do you remember the Mathid like creature that the troll and Highborne mage fought? He seemed unwilling to fight, and infact wanted the same thing we do; a way out.

If you notice the two large doors on the other side of the arena, from what I have seen, it leads into a large and vast cavern that is filled the creatures and a place where more humanoid creatures go to sign up to try their luck. The likely place the Mantid creature will be is there.

At the start of our 'fight' we are going to run towards that door and wait for it to be opened. Seeing as we are rogues, getting there with little notice (depending on the enviroment they give us) will be easier than taking candy from a child.

Once we're in, we will find the mantid, release him, and come back to free the others, hopfulling causeing chaos by releasing their own creatures against them...that helps to make sure this pit is never reborn. Once we release the others, we will make our way to Dawnash and kill him, then destroy this foul Pit and drive it into the ground. The Mantid could be a very good ally when it comes to killing the guards....

Wait for my will be the time to strike soon once we get into the Pit.

With the note done, she quickly folded it up as small as possible and tied it to the pebble. Once she had put the ink and quill away to make it look like she wasn't doing anything, she would walk back to the cell bars and smiled, winking at Cass to let her know she could let go of the guard.
Lynara thought about what Alabron asked and began to think of her personal life. She then let Perfection lay out her thoughts. She nodded for a few seconds before turning her head to Alabron. "Well to start I was born 129 years before the war of the ancients. I had three daughters, two of which still live..." She said the last part while withholding a few tears. She composed herself before continuing. "I have a sister who currently lives in Hyjal with her mate and child." She looked at him waiting to see what he would say.
Alabron nodded silently to her, still listening of what is happening.."I see, I am sorry to hear about your one daughter..." He sighed and shook his head. "I really hope when I get out of here, to go to target practice with my cousin...just like the good old days." He smiled and nodded. He cracked his neck and groaned. He looked at Lynara and spoke shortly, "I need some rest, I am getting pretty tired, you should get some rest soon also.." He smiled and headed over near his bed.

He sat down on his bed, he then began to lie down on, closing his eyes, dozing off and dreaming. Dawnash was sitting in his chair frustrated, that his creatures were getting beaten with ease, and no one of the champions were dying. He glared as the champions were slaughtering the sprites. He heard a small noise, he turned around to see Alabron pulling back the string of his bow with an arrow placed in it. "Farewell Dawnash, see you in hell." He fired the arrow, Dawnash tried to dodge but, the arrow was too fast and struck the blood elf in the throat, blood pouring out of the wound and his mouth. "No...first me. Dammit!" Alabron grinned, walking up to him and gripping the arrow that pierced the man's neck and twisted it, killing the man. "Good riddance!"

Alabron opened his eyes, realizing it was a dream, he had only been sleeping for a few minutes..he sighed and rubbed his forehead, thinking to himself. "If only it wasn't a dream.." He looked at the screen again, watching the champions fight the sprites, he closed his eyes as he sat there, sleeping silently, dreamless.
The knight stood at his bars, casting a freezing spell as he gripped the bars, the bars reflecting back, freezing his hands to the bars of the cell, he didn't mind it, he just wanted to get out of the cell and kill the guards that has been spitting at the ground of his cell. He didn't like people hating on him for being a death knight, what made them think he liked being hated on for being imprisoned. He growled lightly at a guard who passed him with a grin. He unfroze his hands, waiting for the same to pass, he then reached a hand out of the bars, punching the guard in the nose.

The guard groaned as he got hit in the face, but he gladly returned the favor by slamming his fist into the bars of his cell, getting part of his face. Catheden got knocked back from the impact and slammed against the other wall of his cell, sighing at how the guard didn't seem to come into his cell, like he wished, and try to rough him up. He thought for a moment and sighed. He shook his head, looking at the screen where the champions were taking down multiple sprites.
As the swordsman mage cleared some of the sprites from the base of the pile, Xiru jumped down and dismissed his statue. He was scratched up a good bit, but relatively unharmed. He yelled out to any who could hear, "We need to regroup! They will swarm and overwhelm any of us individually, but together we can turn the tide!" There was doubt that many would really follow him, an unknown creature from a far away land, but he had to try.

As Zara started to jump down one of the sprites, wounded but alive, lunged at her. The surprise attack caused her to lose footing on the pile of corpses. As she stumbled the sprite struck, stabbing a hand into the rogue's abdomen and causing her to cry out in pain. She quickly stabbed her blade through the tiny monster's skull, leaving the dagger behind to hold her wound. She had been struck deep, but she didn't realize that it had passed through her entire body until she kicked the corpse away and the arm was ripped away from her.

As the blood elf stood up, she gripped her remaining weapon in her free hand tightly. After a few steps she coughed out blood, making her realize just how bad shape she was in. But she couldn't fail now, or ever. She was determined to survive this.
Korrzair stood next to the wounded blood elf and pandaren. He looked at the wounded Sin'dorei and offered to help her with some bandages just to stop the bleeding and help her progress through the fight, he looked around at all the champions fighting and he slashed a sprite's head clear off with his head as he saw the little creature coming from behind him. He shook his head, "Little parasites.." He chanted words of the arcane, shooting sharp bolts of arcane energy at sprites who were running at the three champions who were grouped together.

He called loudly out to everyone. "The man is right! We must regroup or we will be overwhelmed by their numbers! Group up and destroy their being...together!" He swore under his breath as one sprite stabbed into the back of the swordmage's knee. He roared in pain, as he roared, fire came from his mouth, scorching the sprite's face to a crisp. "Dammit!"
As Pefection wrote, Cass growled threats into the Guard's ear. He was beginning to whimper ever so slightly from the pain of his wrist. But she didn't let up. "Oh no, I'd never harm a fly," she growled in his ear. "Unless it pissed me off. Which guess what, you, your fellow guards, and your leader have done," she whispered, her voice barely above a hiss.

With a lightening fast movement, she snatched the pebble from the air and then twisted his wrist even more, forcing him to the ground before finally releasing him. She had tucked the pebble in her sleeve before he could turn around. With a snap of her fingers, ShadeClaw launched himself at the bars, almost screaming in his new fury.

The guard scrambled away. It almost looked as though Shade would break down the bars, though it was impossible. As her wolf scared the guard away, she went to sit at her desk to read the reply.
As the little beasts came near Sammuroth let out a great roar, which made them pause for a moment, and that was all the cat needed, he leaped into the middle of the creatures swatting down two or three at a time. Arrows had followed him into the fight as Lori let loose, not all the arrows killed, but every one did hit, maiming the little creatures. Sammuroth shouted at the paladin, "Aren't you going to join in, I would hate to keep all of them to myself, especially after you helped me so much," while he was talking one of the little buggers thought it could sneak up on him, but a well placed arrow to the eye silenced that tactic. Many of the creatures already lay dead or dying, it's so much fun to let loose now and then, the druid thought to himself, as he swatted a couple more of the beasts away.
The Shaman rolled his eyes when the monk called for them to group up. When the rogue Achek had spoken to earlier was impaled by one of the sprites, he began fighting his way closer to offer what little aid he could. With each strike the Tauren moved closer to the group and felt the Maelstrom energizing him. As he waded into the swarm he quickly became surrounded, the sprites numbers quickly outpaced his ability to dodge their strikes. The first Sprite to land a blow was quickly met with a burst of lightning arcing from the Tauren's body. The other Sprites quickly took notice of their companions fate and backed off long enough for Achek to mow through to fully join the group.

Although Achek had other plans for the Maelstrom's energy, he couldn't let a companion die. Focusing hard, the shaman used the energy to supplement his novice healing and unleashed a chain of healing water to flow to the rogue and wash over and through others in need. "The elements are with us, close ranks to receive their boon!" As he spoke, the shaman once again raised his totems to provide aid to the group, hoping they would stay near. A searing, healing stream, windfury and stoneskin totem sprung out of the earth, immediately imparting their aid.
Vikro was kicked awake. He was dragged from his cell last, mainly because the guards had to slay about a dozen shadowy tentacles that had sprung up from the floor of Vikro's cell. The last thing Vikro saw before being taken from his cell was the paladin girl calling upon the light and using it to save a Druid. He felt ashamed, like he had betrayed the light, like he had failed.

During the walk down the hall, Vikro prayed. He prayed like he had never prayed before. This new power, it felt amazing, but it didn't suit him. Vikro became the priest he is today through discipline, and fighting with the shadows, while exilarating, is not a disciplined art. As Vikro stepped into the arena, his eyes were visibly glowing white.

His prayer had been answered.

He looked at his hurt and downtrodden comrades, exhausted and waning. He smiled his old wicked smile.

"It be my time to shine." His voice literally boomed, and sounded almost symphonic, as if a chorus of voices spoke in unison with Vikro to turn his regular tone into a harmonious chord that could bring the most battle-hardened Orc to tears.

Vikro began doing what he did best: first, he renewed his companions, to close their wounds and return their strength, then, he began shielding them, and finally, when he was sure they were refreshed and ready for more, he turned his attention to the sprites. He discovered something positively and literally wicked.

Some of power he found when he became a shadow had stuck with him. He used it, and the light, and began wrecking havoc upon the sprites. Smithing then, searing them with holy flames, blasting them to dust with penance bolts. He summoned a shadowy beast, and whenever it hurt or killed a sprite, he felt some magical energy return to him. Vikro learned that he could mind control the sprites and force them to explode, killing about a dozen each time.

Vikro killed a path to the others, and took up rank behind them.

"Dey keem comin'. Do we be havin' a plan?"

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