Arriving soon-ish.

Alright, so, I made the decision to come to Korgath on a single toon, based on a friends desire to have me on server and in raid. My raid and guild spot are already established. My question is about the server.

A) How is the world PvP.
B) Is the server filled with worthless !@#$s like Illidan is.
C) How is the economy.

Nothing special, just the standard 'pre-xfer' questions. I prefer PvP to PvE. I'm by no means a carebear, and while I'm not a rank 1, I'm pretty decent at what I do, in both PvP and PvE.

Inb4 noone likes a wall of text, so just answer my questions.
Also inb4 people troll this alts armory, I main a paladin and priest.
not much going on for pvp on the horde side, hoping that'll change come mop. most people on this server are cool, and the economy is good.
Appreciate the info man. I'm excited to see what MoP will bring for world PvP, and, like every server I'm on, I'll be leading RBGs.
Our guild Catch22 (6/8 H) is still raiding atm, and we are looking for more exceptional players and alternates for our core run. We are a weekend raiding team (Sat and Sun 1-4 PM server) We plan to start a second run during mop as well. If your interested PST me in game, or visit our website to apply.

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