RL friends LF MoP raiding group

Hey all my friend and I are looking to get into raiding for MoP, but unfortunately we cannot support a raid group in our guild (not enough people). I'm hoping that we can find a laid back casual raid group looking to fill a couple of spots. Here's what we have (in order of planned leveling/gearing):

    Shaman: Resto/Enhance
    Pally: Prot/No secondary Spec (but I'll do either one that needed, although I am more comfortable with healing)
    Warlock: Afflic/Demo
    Druid: Resto/Boomkin

    Shaman: Resto/Ele
    Druid: Resto/Feral Tank
    Pally: Prot/See Above

We are both experienced raiders (me mostly LK, him Cata), know our classes, and follow direction well. We currently have Vent installed, but are willing to use Teamspeak or Mumble if needed.

We're not looking for a guild, and we're just looking for a casual progression through the raid content. The only restriction we have currently is we can only raid Fri and Sat from 11pm server until whenever, and on Sunday from 9-11 Server.

If you're interested, just leave a response here or message Airmid (my shammy) or Violentntent (his shammy).
Just to add to it. I have every profession across different toons, including 3 alchemist (flask, elixir, transmute) that can help in any way. We buy the best gems/enchants/gear and have ample gold to provide completely for ourselves (flasks, elixirs, etc).

Also, I have many more toons that can quickly get 85-90 if another class combination is prefered. The above just happens to be our favorites.
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I think you guys might have to bite the bullet and join a guild due to the fact most guilds will not be willing to dedicate loot drops and time to people who do not directly benefit their guild progression, especially at the start of a new expansion where resources, gear and cohesiveness are so valuable to a guild. But good luck and I hope you prove me wrong.
Yeah I see your point about that, but the only problem is that we both run the guild that we're in. It's not a very large guild (mostly used for perks and bank space), so we can't form our own raid group atm.

Tell ya'll what. I can't speak for Violent, but I'll be willing to move whichever available class you need to your guild for raiding. As Violent said above, we can provide our own flasks, food, etc.
I don't really mind moving an alt or myself to another guild. I prefer not to, however it's not really that big of a deal for me (especially if it's one of my alts).

I think I would be a bit more picky if we did move though since my biggest thing is casual progression (not someone yelling in vent because of any reason).

I still may decide to quit being lazy and recruit. Either way it goes, I'm in no big hurry.
Just a quick update. I've been contemplating going kitty feral as my 2nd spec on my druid. If I go through with it, I will update the OP.
Hit up Edge of extinction if u want. We plan to raid tues-thurs 6:30-10:30 server time (central)
start as 10, hopefully upgrade to 25mans. U would have to join the guild though if u planned to raid with us. Hit up Boduh or Lostwolf, recently transferred my main boduh and it hasnt updated to let me post on him on these forums.
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Sorry, but as I stated in OP, we can only raid Fri-Sun nights. Thanks for the offer though!

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