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Shattered Hand
3 new to server and looking for a fun, adult, raiding guild! We consist of a 6/8H Tank-dps os, Heals, and Dps-Heals os. Ideally we are looking for a guild culture that chiefly consists of respectful, mature minded, career/family/college based players who love WoW yet have other interests and passions. We've joined/built and maintained successful 10 man's since the early days of wotlk till present and plan to do so into MoP (I'll let you talk to our tank about these details)
That being said, the first step for us is finding a guild of people we are compatible with and will enjoy speaking with and listening to :) If this is your guild, or you know of one to recommend, thanks for replying!

Check out our forum post and our website (disciplesguild.com) to see if we're a good fit! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me (j.richey@live.com) :)
Thank you for responding, I especially liked this line from your Recruitment Page as this is exactly what we're looking for.
"...we've worked hard to ensure that we maintain a group of mature, intelligent gamers. If you want to be in a solid, well-organized, laid-back guild full of friendly people, this is the place for you."
Unfortunately for us you're Alliance and I'm pretty sure the guys want to stay Horde.

I will keep looking, though its great to know that there are options.
Thanks again!
The Guild of Calamitous Intent is currently looking for members! We need a Tank for our group 2 Tues & Mon 8pm and 1 Healer for out group 1 7:30 Sat & Sun. We could also use a DPS for either group. With the 30% nerf group comp isn't very important at this time so what ever you would dps on wouldnt matter. After patch 5.0 hits we will be trying to combine both groups and make a 25 man. We are all in our mid 20s except for a few 20 year olds who are either in school or work. We also play a ton of Steam games and are always looking for more people to Co-op with. We currently are in the middle of building a website so if you would like to ask about the guild or would like an invite you can wisp Furrytroll, Ozurdin, Geezmo, Isshardless or myself.
Thank you for replying :)
Disciples of the Blade..intelligent?

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