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Is there more than the one option for a notification sound for the remote guild chat option? For example when I receive a whisper. The default sound is so brief I sometimes miss it.
For the iPhone and other iOS devices, this is not an option for any applications.

On Android, however, it is possible. You'll need to read one of many guides that can be found by searching the web. I searched "changing notification sound on Android" and the top results looked like what you're searching for.
hrm... Either I was not clear or my novice skills with the android are showing. When I followed your suggestion I found ways to change ringtones and text notifications. From what I read with regards to apps, I have to change the notification sound within the app. When I go the the settings menu in the wow armory app I see options to turn sounds (guild. whisper. sign in/out alerts) on or off but nothing that says I can change the actual sound. The current sound is the same sound that occurs when I am in game and a guild member or friend logs on. It is a coin purse type sound. Is it possible to change that specific sound to something different?

My apologies for being so new to the phone as well as the app.
Unfortunately it is not possible to do this within the Mobile Armory.
Ahh. Thank you.

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