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I'm looking to make a new char that would do great in PvP that can deal great DPS, and has good survivability. Suggestions?
How about that hunter there?
Rogue or mage.
I will always say unholy dk, because I find it fun. Best? Who cares I kick !@# as a dk, so no need to be the best. I make myself the best melee dps class.
What context?

Random BG's? (either full pugs or premades?)
Rated BG's?
I'd like to be successful in mainly Arena's but BGs as well.
08/15/2012 08:32 PMPosted by Brawlgara
I'd like to be successful in mainly Arena's but BGs as well.

Rogues or Mages would probably be the best two choices. Warlock is a solid choice if you PvP with friends who can peel and heal you.

However, everything's going to change when the Fire Nation attacks, or when 5.0.4 comes out in just under 2 weeks, so you should take the advice with a grain of salt. (Or at least ask this question in 2 months or so when everyone has found out what is OP and what isn't.)
A new patch is coming that soon? Cool, thanks for the tip.
08/15/2012 08:39 PMPosted by Brawlgara
A new patch is coming that soon? Cool, thanks for the tip.

Complete overhaul of all the classes and talents system. What's OP now could suck in two weeks and vice versa.
This should answer any questions you have and more:

Edit: Sorry wanted to clarify I'm only posting that jokingly, but seriously there really isn't a "best" DPS for PvP. If you look at charts right now theres tons of Sub Rogues and Aff Locks and Resto Shamans etc but unless you're playing at such high ratings that kinda stuff won't matter. You can take just about any spec/class 2.2k+ with the right partners and skill. Pick a class you enjoy playing and play well and for you that will be the best class.

If you have buddies you plan on doing arena with I suggest looking for classes with good senergy with them because that will be best if you guys all PvP together. For instance if your buddies have a Rogue and a Shaman I'd suggest rolling a Warlock because RLS is a very good comp atm.
08/15/2012 08:39 PMPosted by Brawlgara
A new patch is coming that soon? Cool, thanks for the tip.
No... not a patch. A new Xpack.
The only class in the game who can control PvP is a rogue. Only.
08/15/2012 07:54 PMPosted by Celebration
How about that hunter there?
I really wish I could say any class as long as you know how to play it, (I know I'm still learning the PvP ropes.) and it is true to an extent, BUT no game is completely balanced, it will always change, from side to side, flavor of the month is a great way of putting it. Disc priest may make for very good and simple PvP healer, but it may end up being the worst in a patches time.

One has to throw out what they think is best, or what will make them win 'betterer', and just play in a way that you enjoy and the class you enjoy and the spec you enjoy.


Unless being 'betterer' then everyone is why you play, then I understand why you want to find what is the best PvP dps. In that case...learn to play a class, master the class, and you can beat anyone, any class...unless they horribly outgear you.
Thanks for all the replies! Another thing I'd like to add is a class to master that uses dots a lot I think would be to my liking. Such as Warlocks, S Priests, and Unholy DK possibly?
warlocks are not the best peels and you mainly want to be a class that can peel pretty well but it depends on what kinda role you wanna take if you do arenas and or RBGs, hunters are barley ever wanted in RBGs so if you plan on doin that choose a different class.

Dot protection are for warlocks, spell cleaving would be Fmage/boomkin/Spriest, peeling would be on rogues/warriors/pallys etc, classes that can do major burst dmg on cds and or trinkets, so its up to the role you want to play to choose which class you want.

arenas are pretty easy to figure out which class, either you wanna dps or heal you just gotta be good at it
Guys we all know warrior's are the most noble class in the game, im pretty sure warriors will always rain supreme, So warriors! haha jk best dps class in game is for sure bm hunters

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