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<< DeathBringer >> is a guild looking for competent players willing to take the time and effort in progressing through new content. Our guild is 7/7 HM Firelands and 8/8HM in Dragon Soul. Currently we are looking for competent members that are in need of progression through the rest of this expansion and the upcoming MoP. Our goal is to clear every single raid from this point on in HM difficulty, and we require the right hand of players to achieve this with.

~~ Guild Info: ~~
Faction: Horde
Server: Illidan
Progression: 8/8HM 10Man

~~ Raid Times (CST) ~~
Saturday: 11AM – 2PM (3hrs)
Sunday: 11AM – 2PM (3hrs)

~~ Recruiting: ~~
Hunter, Shadow Priest

Apply At:

Guidelines you must meet before applying can be checked at:

For Further Questions or Concerns you can add me at Cthulu#1462.
See you soon :)!

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