Black Death is going casual for MoP

Black Death is officially going casual for the MoP expansion. Our push this expansion to return Black Death to the top of Horde progression on Dalaran came with a price. As happens with the end of every expansion some raiders get burned out, some stop playing, some make life changes, some graduate school and start careers, and some start college. All of our most recent recruiting had to be done from off server because of the limitation of geared and experienced raiders on Dalaran who were not already with a raid team.

While Horde progression is nothing compared to that of what it used to be, and truly can not be compared to it, I have to say it was fun to have some friendly competition between the other Horde guilds while we all tried to become the first Horde guild to complete Heroic content. In the end we all shared strats and experiences so that we all progressed. It was great to see so many Horde guilds coming together and really showed Horde unity.

In any case I would have had to rebuild the guild without both my raid leaders and half my officers. Since taking a promotion at work I've had less time then in past years so the idea of rebuilding Black Death a 5th time was a bit overwhelming. I therefore made the decision to make Black Death casual for MoP. I want to wish all of our raiders good luck in finding new homes for raiding. It has been an awesome experience leading Black Death the last few expansions. Black Death will still be home for many on Dalaran as we are not disbanding, just going casual. We may look at rebuilding a progression raiding team in the future. If our remaining membership would like to raid casually we will accommodate that but the push will not be for progression but to just have fun as a group.
Lots of fun times with Black Death! Glad the guild is sticking around tho, plenty of quality people!
Nuth will always stay in Black Death
You guys always were a Dalaran stalwart. Keep the banner held high.

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