(A) "Serenity" 8/8H LFM for MoP 25

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey guys. Serenity, an alliance progression raiding guild on Proudmoore, is now commencing recruitment of raiders who wish to raid 25-man Heroic content progressively in MoP. We will aim to provide some occasional raid places for trialists before MoP launches but these cannot be guaranteed.

Brief Details:

-Current Progression: 8/8 HM

-We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun and sometimes Monday at 2am server time (7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 2am PST).

We are currently looking for the following roles/classes:

-Healers: Holy Pally + Other exceptional applicants.

-Ranged DPS: Looking especially for a Hunter and Boomkinbut others will also be considered.

-Melee DPS: Looking especially for a Feral Kitty but others will also be considered.

-Tanks: <closed>

Not-So-Brief Details:

Serenity is an old guild and has alternated between 10s and 25s in the past. We currently run 1 HM 10man team (just merged from 2). With the surplus of players expected after MoP launches, we would very much like to get back to 25s and, in all likelyhood, will need to recruit just a few more people to fill in missing roles (as specified above).

We ask of our applicants that they are able to attend atleast 80% of raids (unless other reasons are communicated with the officers with reasonable notice). Reliability is highly valued. We also ask that all raiders make sure they are always up to date with the latest raid strategies, have a sound and evolving knowledge of their class, participate on the website forums and are ofcourse courteous to other guild members. As has been mentioned above, we are a progression guild and aim to get back to competing for high server rankings in MoP. As part of this outlook, we maintain a pool of raiders that is larger than 10/25 so that we can tailor the raid makeup for each encounter. The emphasis is on guild progression rather than individual gain (obviously we're not heartless and always try to keep people happy within this framework though). We will run DKP to encourage attendance and keep an organised roster to ensure fairness to all raiders.

Please mail or whisper Helv in-game (recruitment officer) with any questions.

Apply at http://serenityproudmoore.guildzilla.com/
Bump. Now also looking for Ele Shamans.
Bumped. Tank spots have been closed for now.
Still looking for DPS and Heals. Dont be shy :)
Just a couple more weeks until MoP, we're still very keen on getting some DPS and heals

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