R Drood from US 56th 25 Man+1 LF Home for MoP


-For MoP I am looking to continue healing on my resto druid but the way the account wide systems are looking would be very willing to go in as disco priest as well
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/idril/advanced. Looking for a new guild due to current guild changing to 4, 4 hour raid days.

the +1

A friend from an old server who is just as competent of a player. Best on his kitty/bear, but can mage or enhance/ele/resto shaman just as well.

What We're Looking For

-A progression minded raiding guild that plans to raid 12 hours or less for MoP.
-Times ranging from 6:30 pm to 11 pm Central Time, preferably a 3-4 hour raid.
-Guild that is social outside of raids as well, doing alt/achievement runs.
-Guild that is LGBTMNOP friendly.

What We Bring

-I've been healing since Naxx 25, he's been dps'ing since then.
-Dedicated to class knowledge and improving play of self and raid strat.
-Commitment. We have always stayed true to the guild we are raiding with.
-A biting sense of humor.

How to get ahold of me

-Mail me in game or post here with your realid (sorry but not posting mine on forum), or simply find me logged on.


2 players raiding for last 2 expansions looking for a progression minded guild that raids 2-3 days. One will play resto/boomkin or disc/holy. Other can be feral druid, mage, or enhance/resto sham.
Depending on your feelings about switching to Alliance, SECURITY is definitely recruiting, would love to bring a tree and bubble-priest on board as we're planning to go to 25 in MoP and will need a variety of healers.

Our raiding schedule is 8-12 EST Weds and Thurs (7-11p CST), so my guess is we match what you're after time-wise.

We certainly do have people after achievements, too - besides being involved in OpenRaid, there are people in-guild scheduling such things from time to time.

Fire up an alt on Arthas if you want to chat - and in any event, best of luck in finding a new home. =)
Found explicits replacement.
Perhaps we should talk.

<Parhesius> would love to have the both of you as part of our roster. Our current raid times are 2100-0000 EST on Tues., Thurs., and Sun. For more information about us, visit our website (www.parhesius.com), or find me on realID (eiaQ@msn.com)

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Shouldn't have been that hard, ey?
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Found explicits replacement.

Shouldn't have been that hard, ey?

Oh muxx.. Always an opinion that no one cares to hear.
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Oh muxx.. Always an opinion that no one cares to hear.

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Be somebody.

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