Watch Out for Valhalla Awaits

It was PUG kill of Deathwing at Madness. Everything went fairly well until I out-rolled a member of Valhalla Awaits for the mount. I hadn't won anything, they hadn't declared it a reserved drop, and it wasn't a guild run. I just rolled higher than the Master Looter's guild mate, and he gave the mount to his/her pal. I took screenies in case you doubt.

I know nothing will come of this, but I feel that other players on Cenarius should be aware of behavior like this. If you want the names of the players in question, I will send you a private message, but I won't publish them as I think that might be against the Codes of Conduct. This whole post may be against the Code, but I feel it is worth notifying folks for a week-long forum ban.

Just be cool to each other, and the world (of Warcraft) is a better place.

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