North American Account Update - Aug. 16, 2012

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As a precaution following our recent security update, players on North American servers please take a moment to visit account management, where you will be prompted to change your security question as well as update your Mobile Authenticator. There you’ll also find helpful tips and an FAQ, as well as instructions on how to add additional layers of security to your account, including the Authenticator or the Mobile Authenticator for those that aren’t already using one.
What if we've already updated our mobile authenticator since the breach?

Edit: Even if you have already updated your mobile authenticator you have to change it again. Pointless, but whatever.
These the security questions suck btw Neth.
Already updated mine.
If you like treating your account like national security, try making the answers to your security questions untrue

Like, for "Favorite Teacher"
You could put "Jean-Luc Picard"
" As a precaution following our recent security update " i like how thats worded btw very sneaky
08/15/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Feul
These the security questions suck btw Neth.

gotta take what was provided i didn't like em either but it's a precaution if they used the original part's, this just goes a step up so they can't take accounts if they decode data.
I agree that the security questions suck, but security questions in general suck. I'd suggest two-factor authentication, but that's already in place (with the authenticator). Can't we move away from security questions somehow?
go big
Was wondering how long it'd take for you guys to put this in place. Many thanks.
What was the name of the boy/girl you had your second kiss with?

Blizzard, have you truly forgotten your target audience?؟ ;-;
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This is a sign my browser's outdated, isn't it.
Really? These were the best questions you could come up. This is just sad.
So Blizzard, none of the questions have any relevance to me what so ever?

What is the recommended solution if NONE of the questions have answers.

Do I just make things up?

Just put in a string of As as the answer?

All but one of the questions ask for trivia I might have known 40 years ago, and the other one is just plain stupid (what do I want my name to be ... well what it is now would be good, should I put my current name in there... lol).

Come on blizzard.
just make an answer for the question. and change ur password.

None of the questions correspond to me. im sure next time they update the security stuff they'll make sure to ASK u directly what u want ur question to be.....

No reason to b and moan.

Can't make every1 happy deal.

I do liek the 2nd person u kissed question tho haha.
For some reason it's saying my secret answer is already secure, even though I didn't update it.

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