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<Casualist Jerks> is a progressive guild with a casual raiding schedule on Stormrage-alliance. During the last few months of Cataclysm, we are solidifying our ranks for MoP. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Solidifying our raiding structures, including 10s, 25s and weekend groups. This includes finalizing raiding rosters
- Designating Crafting Masters, dedicated to leveling professions quickly and being fed materials by our entire guild. This means supplying progression raiders with sets of gear to enable heroics and raiding inside of one week.
- Dedicated Monk rerolls, with incentives.
- Finalizing achievement and mount runs before they are removed from the game.

We understand it takes an army for a guild to succeed. This includes the raiders who carry the guild banner most prominently, but also the legions of social and crafting members who provide materials, gear and gold so our raiders can focus on raiding. We all play a part in our collective successes.

We will be using the last month of Cataclysm during the pre-MoP patch specifically to nail down new rotations and experiment with new setups. This is the perfect time to join the team!

For members who want to run with our progression raid team, we have no ilvl requirements or gear minimums. What we do require, however, is an open mind, an active ear and skill when it comes to your class. We can help gear you up now, but gear now does not really matter. We are looking at the future, and raiding now helps us to evaluate your skills for the future.

We have several different options for several different kinds of players! What we are looking for:

Progression-25 raid team (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30-11:30 EST)
2-4 Ranged DPS - varied classes
2-4 Melee DPS - varied classes

Also, any exceptional applicants will be considered.

The Progression 25 team will focus on downing content quickly and efficiently throughout the each tier of content, moving to Hard Modes and - if time permits - meta achievements. The goal will be to push for server rankings on a schedule that allows for progression without sacrificing real-world obligations, such as family, friends, school and work.

We value everyone's time and input into progression raiding. Repeated mistakes by individuals waste not just your time, but 24 other raiders. Performance will be evaluated regularly by role leaders to ensure everyone not only enjoys their time, but can perform without worry of their fellow raiders.

Semi-progressive raiding (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30-11 EST)
Recruitment for this team is currently closed. We currently have more members than we can accommodate into a 10-man team.

The weekday 10-man run is a semi-casual group dedicated to downing content at a slower pace. While the 25-man progression run will focus on progression at the highest level given the schedule, the weekday 10 will be considerably less strict about attendance and performance.

Weekend 10 progression (Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30-11 EST)
We are currently recruiting the following:
Elemental Shaman
DPS Warrior
Balance Druid w/ Resto Offset
Holy Paladin

The weekend raid team is for people who want to raid progressively, but whose work schedules are not capable of joining a weekday group, or whose computers are not capable of running with 25s. It will focus on progression equally to that of the 25-man weekday team.

Full casuals
Any gatherers or other socials are welcome! We have social officers dedicated to ensuring you are not left out of the conversation. We have LFR runs, retro raiding, achievement runs and fishing contests, and will have organized pet battles and Farmville organization once MoP launches. By being a social member, you are allotted certain guild perks, as well! This includes access to the same EPGP system we use to distribute gear in raids.

If you or someone you know is interested in us, please feel free to check us out at www.casualistjerks.com, or contact me in-game: realid easthouse.ken@gmail.com.

Finally, we will be Livestreaming all of our raids! Link is located on our website's front page.

For any questions, you can contact us in one of the following places:

Website: www.casualistjerks.com
realid: easthouse.ken@gmail.com
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Hey :)

I am a 405 resto druid considering an xfer to stormrage.
I am looking for a progressive guild, that raids on a more casual schedule.
I have night classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and am looking to raid only on these nights after classes to leave the other nights of the week open for work, and your raid schedule fits perfectly into my needs!

My off-spec is feral bear right now but will be changing to kitty come MoP.
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Hi. I'm planning to transfer this character to Stormrage next week so I can play with a couple RL friends who already transferred. Until pretty much last week, this character has been my gathering mule for my Hunter (Cydearrm@Lightning's Blade) and my Death Knight (Cyancyde@Lightning's Blade), but I want to play my Paladin for Mists. I want to play Retribution with Holy offspec.
Good evening Korin!

I'd be happy to chat with you for a bit. Feel free to message me in-game.

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Hey, I just transfered to Stormrage after I came back from a break and my old server had really died off.

I am a fuzzy Bear, with a Kitty offspec looking for a casual raiding guild to move into MoP with. I have been hardcore in the past but would prefer a 2 nights a week max guild, 6-8 is perfect.

Shoot me an in-game mail, or a whisper and maybe we can talk about if I would fit in with you. :)
Sent you some in-game mail Fuzzy!

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Weekend 10m team currently recruiting an Elemental shaman, please go app in at www.casualistjerks.com

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