<Casualist Jerks> recruiting, new website!

Bump for updated priorities.
Bump, The weekend team needs a Boomkin w/ Resto OS, Elemental Shaman and Warrior.
Assasinx2007#1547 if you wish to talk.
weekend team still looking
Bump for updated needs!
Bump! We need new members!

Weekend group looking for raiders.
Up to the top! Both 25 weekday and 10 weekend recruiting more!
I am a returning player just coming back after a little over a year break. I just transferred to Stormrage and have saw several of your guild members in the world. I would consider myself more of a social player who enjoys exploring questing, and dungeon runs, but I am not a raider. I do like to get very active into gathering, crafting, and the auction house and do some casual PVP.

Reading your guild post it seems like you guys have a lot going on and do have activities for the more casual/social players also. I am looking for a active guild that has a lot of stuff going on even if it is stuff that might not appeal to me. I would be very interested in your guild if you think a casual/social player would find a good home here.

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