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"Oh gawd, even more T'A threads. WHEN IS IT GOING TO END? D:"

"Thori'Anore is an organization comprised of only Sin'dorei. Sin'dorei who are expert thinkers and spellweavers; who create detailed battle plans and can shoot arrows with pin-point accuracy; who excel with weapons in hands and the blood of their enemies on their clothes.
These elves are here for one ultimate purpose that has long been sought after by their kin: the reclamation and restoration of their beloved lands. It is for this single purpose that Thori'Anore lives, and it is the single purpose its members aggressively uphold.

Guild Website: thorianore.shivtr.com
(All of our info can be found there, so if you're that kind of person who totally analyzes a guild before joining, go ahead and analyze us!)


Who are we?
We are strictly a sin'dorei-only guild with two direct purposes IC: reclaiming and restoring Quel'Thalas, and rejuvenating the soul of our race. It's generally a very wide open, often-used theme, but our events and roleplay will hopefully be able to set us apart from the mainstream crowd.

What sort of events/roleplay?
Meetings are huge in our RP. We also have member-run RP events, as well as the occasional silly ones. There is definitely a lot of fun tension that happens between blood knights and Farstriders, but that isn't to say there's a bit of something that everyone contributes to every story line we have.

Do you do anything besides roleplay?
More recently Thori'Anore has regularly started running old-world (specifically BC content) pugs. From an observation standpoint, we as individuals dabble in every aspect of the game, but currently we lack the manpower to execute anything together besides at-level guild dungeon runs. So, we DO do things besides RP, but the other game aspects are at the bottom of the priority list for multiple reasons.

Kewl. So what kinds of people are you looking for?
All experienced RPers are welcome to join us, as well as people newer to roleplay that are willing to learn the ropes. Together we'll be able to grow as both storymakers, and friends.

How do I join?
If you'd like to join Thori'Anore you can contact Araindwen in-game to set up an IC interview. If you like what you see from that point and meet our standards, you'll be invited as a recruit.
To be a bit more in depth on rank, you will be a recruit until you have been with us ACTIVELY for one week. You must also sign up for our guild site (no, you do not have to use it if you would prefer not to, many of our members do not and that's just fine. We mainly use it as a source for out-of-game contact, however).

Any special rules to get in?
-Blood elf only means blood elf only. We won't accept any other race.
-Sorry, quel'dorei doesn't count as blood elf.
-For the sake of lore, death knights will not be typically allowed ICly.

What do I get for joining?!
all of the guild mother brownies
all of them
oh and the magic of friendship of course

So, don't be shy! Step on up, send me a pst, and you'll be part of us in no time. :D
Wai... HOW many brownies do you need me to make? :O
And Lorellei I will add you to our weekly OS 25 3D runs if you're willing to come each week =) (responding to capped thread)
I'll come for the next one. My spirit of adventure overrode my prior engagements, and I ended up heading to the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz to DDR >.>
Ahhh I miss the SC Beach Boardwalk.....
It's Loreilei. <3. But I appreciate it. I'd love to go! : )

That said, Ray, we need to BG again sometime. :3

Furthermore, I hear I need to put a toon in your guild sometime...

... Mebbie.

P.S. For whatever reason, I double-posted somehow, so I deleted the second one.
Yay! <3

Oh durn, not enough brownies...

*goes back to baking*
Brownies? Ill come visit you soon girly.
08/16/2012 03:27 PMPosted by Kelastria
Ahhh I miss the SC Beach Boardwalk.....

U lived in teh NorCalis too? :O

And yes, we must do moar BGs Lore.
You guys don't think that the new little title there is scaring potential members...


...we won't go into why Raine owns some bunny ears though.

or why she wore THAT to Midsummer's...

stupid higher-ups in her order playing pranks
08/16/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Raynell
U lived in teh NorCalis too? :O

I am actually from NorCal but currently live in Los Angeles. I am from the Bay Area.
Gotcha Lore--invite has been sent!
Thank you! Invite received. : )

I'm all signed up and ready to go and such!
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan, kaldorei damashiiii
*smacks with newspaper* No, no bad.

No brownies for you.
08/17/2012 09:28 AMPosted by Kelastria
U lived in teh NorCalis too? :O

I am actually from NorCal but currently live in Los Angeles. I am from the Bay Area.


I'm livin' in the East Bay.
so, so, so, sosososo tired.

i'm gonna eat ramen

and then straight back to bed with me

Non-Stop Nyan-Belves!
Don't you threaten me like that!
I think "threaten" is merely a matter of perspective...

Super early woke up wtf hai2u you all bump!

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