I was normal once.........................

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All the best wishes to you, my friend. :)
/cast rejuvenation
/cast lifebloom [x3]
/cast regrowth
/cast swiftmend

Come back in a month, should be all set.


Edit: ohgod, i need to remog my gear...
Ramble all you want, dude. I went through chemo... wow, was it really 7 years ago?! Geez, it doesn't seem that long. Anyway, it's not much fun, so ramble to your heart's content. Crossing my fingers that all goes well for you.
Games don't cause cancer. I'm a 4 yr NH Lymphoma patient myself. Hate what your going through man but stay possitive. You can beat this. The minute you let depression set in, it will rip you apart.
Recently lost an aunt to breast cancer, and nearly lost my step mother to the same.

I wish you the best in beating it. For the Horde!!!
Lok'tar Ogar bud!

Feel better soon!
Don't lose hope that you will recover, ever. Keep your hope, believe you can make it, and your chances of survival are that much better. It's somewhat of a placebo.

Fight the good fight, and get better soon.

On a closing note...

Lok'Tar Ogar friend. Stay strong and fight the good fight. I look forward to seeing your updates.
and lots and lots of /hugs.

"!@#$ that loser"
08/16/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Gohr
My heels are dug in. Dr's give me excellent prognosis of beating this.

Lucky dog, you. I begin radiation therapy in 2 weeks. Multiple metastasized neuroendocrine tumors. Same deal Steve Jobs had.
Good luck to you! You can beat it!!! :)
Prognosis Negative
Get well, brother.
Get well mate... you can beat it
I can't wait to come back to this thread, or another one by you, and read all about how you beat this thing. Thoughts and prayers sent.

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