WTS Reins of the Spectral Tiger 325k@ThrallUS

The title says it all. The only difference between the rare and epic version is that the rare is lacking a few armor pieces on the feet and tail. Feel free to pst me in-game if you're an interested buyer, or just leave a comment here with the toon you want to buy it with. I prefer to sell it to Alliance though, just cause the neutral auction house cut is a big chunk. Thanks :)
Offering a Level 25 Horde Guild if you have any interest. Thx, Ântemortem
325k are you freaking nuts! only ya get that much cash if ya buy gold! way to go and feed goldfarmers
I'd like to point out that I have 325k or more gold on this server. Not everyone who had a lot of gold buy it. It just takes a smart mind on economics and in a game where so few people understand it, it makes it very simple to obtain a large amount of gold.

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