[A] Prot/Fury Warrior LFG

I'll be honest; I'm not much of a talker, but heres a little bit about myself.

I have been raiding, Hardcore as a feral tank in BC, and a prot warrior for most of wrath. Since late ICC and throughout Cata I have been in primarily casual guilds. During this time, I did a fair bit of raid leading, but I would prefer not to.

Due to schedule conflicts ( I am in college and on east coast time ), I am looking for a guild that raids any day (excluding Tuesday ), between 4~9 PM server time. I'm not looking for server firsts, but I would like to see some heroic progression while <insert tier here> is current content.

I would prefer to remain Potection, but I am open to considering a Fury main spec if need be.

Please reply here or send me mail in game if you are interested or have any questions.

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