On a more serious note, Joel is a fantastic addition to any raid group. He is always on time, focused, prepared, and most importantly plays at the top level of play that you could expect from any raider. I would highly recommend him to any serious group on this server as almost assuredly an instant improvement to your roster.

He is one of about 12 players I've ever raided with that I could give this mark of approval to, for what it's worth.

Edited for grammar.
Or, to blast you all with his final guild member evaluation because I'm bored and waiting for a phone call with nothing better to do...

Comes to Raids prepared, is always willing to stay late and show up early when necessary, has never missed a Raid or caused a fuss about anything I can think of.

He is obviously very loyal to the Guild and is generally helpful and pleasant to anyone who asks for his help, he's not afraid to voice his concerns when he feels it necessary.

He keeps his mind focused on the task at hand and brings his A game each and every attempt.

His knowledge of his class is unsurpassed, he is one of the best tanks I've played with since Nihile from D&T, not only does he know how to squeeze the most mitigation out his character and finds way to survive whenever they exist but he moves mobs appropriately and reacts quickly to encounters on a case by case basis. He doesn't just go in thinking that every pull is the same, he's one of the rare tanks that realize there is more to it than standing still and getting hit by the boss and he shows this well.

Also, when asked to go Ret for a fight, he's not a weak link in the Raid, he keeps his Ret set up to par and is completely knowledgeable on how to play it and brings impressive numbers to the table when he is Ret.
Well hey there buddy.. I didn't even know you still played o.O
I don't really. I just !@#$ around once in a while right now. Found a group killing some hm bosses, nothing too serious, but fun for a bit. I figure...I have to pay for it till Nov...might as well get some fun out if it before classes start up again and MoP makes it so I can't play legitimately. :P
That's cool. Figured you would have quit for good.. haha.

^^Updated info.

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