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Moon Guard
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Guild Name: The Shieldpaw Shao’din
Level: Level 25
Guild Leader: Hranu(Lidun)
Motto: We shall not be moved!
Animal Sigil: The Bear
Faction: Horde
RP: Heavy
PvP: Medium – Heavy
PvE: Casual
Guild Officers:
Qiwen, Mizuku, Enlai, Zhang, Shui'rongyu, Shugan, Deshi
Website: shieldpaw.proboards.com

Table of contents:
News - Post 1
IC narrative - Post 2
Concept and explanation of the Shieldpaw - Post 3
Ranks of the Shieldpaw - Post 4
IC Requirements and applicant expectations - Post 5
PvP vs PvE philosophy - Post 6
Elaborate, thought out roleplay – Post 7
So you want to join? - Post 8
Changelog - Post 9
Miscellaneous - Post 10


1. This thread is expected to change heavily as we go along in the beta and learn the the lore. We know almost everything that goes on in Pandaria, especially the whole Pandaren cub thing.
IC Narrative
Lidun stood upon the balcony of his humble abode, looking over the former Douku Shao'din's farming lands. The duel between the two brothers decided which faction would control the land, and who would be the one to leave. Two sides cannot coexist forever. Lidun thought to himself, clasping his paws behind his back. One must overcome the other; it is the way the world works.

The Douku Shao'din was no more; generations upon generations of honorable, noble Douku gone within a matter of a few weeks. Protectors of Pandaria split with each other, brother fought brother, father fought son, and cousin fought cousin. Friendships were torn apart, and bloodlines were tested. The Douku had fallen to the Horde and Alliance's conflict, and what rose was something new. Something red; the Shieldpaw Shao'din was born.

But at what cost? The words echoed in Lidun's head. There were more than two factions of Douku, now. A third, neutral faction, led by the Elder Sagefen. Sagefen spoke out against an allegiance to both the Horde and the Alliance, proclaiming that both were destructive forces to Pandaria, that they must save Pandaria. Sagefen and his group left the Shao'din upon the day of the duel.

Heavy footsteps were heard behind him. "My Shodo-pan." It was a familiar voice; that of the Warlord Zhang Firepaw, of the Air Caste. Lidun turned, a smile coming across his features. He walked into the abode, greeting his longtime friend. "Have you any news?"

The Warlord nodded slowly. "Dao'shan and his Shadowrunners have returned with... dire news about our new allies." The look on Zhang's face was that of disappointment, of sadness. Without a word, Dao'shan and his group of three Shadowrunners came into the room, and pulled out maps.

For the next hour, Lidun was briefed on the happenings of the Jade Forest. About the misgivings of the Horde, about the atrocities that were being committed. Of the Orcs, the Sha, and the Hozen. After the briefing, discussions with Sages, among other things, Lidun found himself alone.

Have I erred?

He called upon the one of the two Sages of Fire Caste, Qiwen Silverpaw. Together, they made a message to send throughout the Horde...

"Pandaren of the Wandering Isle -- of Pandaria! The Shieldpaw Shao'din raises its banner in the defense of Pandaria, and of the Horde! Long have we defended Pandaria from the threats such as the Hozen and the Mogu. The world we live in is suffering a disease, suffering a brutal sickness that can be healed. No longer shall we stay hidden amongst the forest.

Come, my brothers and sisters! Rally around the banner of the Shieldpaw! Unite!"

The concept behind the Shieldpaw is to bring quality Pandaren RP to Moon Guard. Albeit, since this is very new, and there isn’t a huge ton of lore that we know officially, we’ve been going off of everything on WoWpedia. Most of this information has come from the RPG guides, so I’ll have to apologize for anything that may or may not be true yet.

When MoP comes out, my officers, supporters, and I are taking a couple weeks to get down and dirty with the lore of the Pandaren, so we can bring you a quality roleplaying guild.

I encourage everyone to do the same.

What is the Shieldpaw Shao’din?

The Douku Shao’din is a clan of Pandaren that existed on Pandaria. This Shao’din was run by two brothers. It was mostly peaceful, much of the clan got along, and existed in happiness. The Shao’din kept a standing military force, but maintained its peaceful culture throughout the Shao’din’s history.

When the conflict in Pandaria began, the two brothers each watched the two sides battle with each other for dominance of Pandaria. They kept themselves secluded, not meeting with either side.

That would soon end; representatives from the Horde and the Alliance began to find the Shao'din and meet with them. Warriors on each side helped the Shao'din with everyday life, and soon the Shao'din was split three ways.

One brother saw the honor and spirituality of Horde to be the side that they should side with. He met with many Shaman and Warriors, had long talks with the Horde emissaries. He respected the Trolls and the Tauren of the Horde the most, while kept a very sharp eye out for the Forsaken and Blood Elves.

The other brother, however, saw the Alliance's justice and morality to be far superior than the honor and spirituality of the Horde. After meeting with Worgen, Humans, Dwarves, and the Night Elves, he knew which side he was going to support.

A third opinion rose amongst the argument. A veteran member of the Shao'din argued they should stay neutral in this conflict, that it would fracture the Shao'din.

In what the Horde-loyal Shieldpaw and the Alliance-loyal <blank> call 'The Day Brothers Split', the two brothers gathered their loyal bannermen, retainers, and soldiers and left for their respective sides. Families were split apart, cousins would eventually fight each other, but the loyalty each retainer feels towards their respective Shodo-pan was something they could not just throw away.

In time, the feud would die down, and the two sides could stand a drink with each other.

This small portion of guild story is subject to change.
Ranks of the Shieldpaw

The ranks of the Shieldpaw are based on both a generic ranking system, and then a more complex Caste system. As members come in, they will be placed into a trial pending rank, as they learn the rules and inner workings of the guild. This period usually lasts around a day.

The next rank, initiate status, is where the new person will be intimately getting to know the guild. Initiates will have their own events on how to do things, how things work, why the sky is blue and the earth is brown.

After that rank, they move into a ‘Caste’ rank. Please note, that new players are placed in the Earth Caste, and so the Earth Caste will have more ranks to it. The Castes are:

The Earth Caste, which maintains the beginning – middle ranks, and mainly makes up those whose skill is in professions such as blacksmithing, leatherworking, or even farming.

The Air Caste, which is made up of the legendary infantry, archers, and cavalry of the Pandaren.

The Water Caste, which makes up the spiritual side of the Shao’din, maintaining its geomancers and monks, along with making sure that the Shao’din doesn’t fall into rage and war.

The Fire Caste, which makes up the diplomatic and scholarly side of the Shao’din.

Each Caste has a certain rank or number of ranks within it. There are certain requirements for each Caste in order to progress in rank. This Caste system is subject to change as we find out more about Pandaren. Expect many changes when the expansion comes out.
IC Requirements and applicant expectations

What are you guys accepting ?
From an IC standpoint, Pandaren will be the only race we accept. Each Pandaren that joins under the Shieldpaw’s banner must eventually swear themselves to the Shodo-pan and the Shao’din.

What are you guys recruiting in terms of classes?
We will end up recruiting all classes of any spec.

What are your requirements?
Level 15+
Any class
Grammatical and literacy skills
Willingness to PvP and PvE

What do you expect from applicants?
-Basic grammar and spelling
-Some knowledge in Pandaren and Warcraft Lore
-Good attitude
PvP vs PvE philosophy

I'm not going to try and hide this. The Shieldpaw management team has a very strong opinion on both PvP and PvE.

In the Hawktotem, we had a very strong PvP > PvE philosophy, where it was to the point where we had little-to-no PvE with the exception for Tol Barad and heroics only. Late in the Hawktotem's life, we decided to start doing PvE.

In the Shieldpaw, we are going to have somewhat the same opinion, the only difference is that we will have a PvE officer who will coordinate with me interest and progression. If there is interest, PvE will happen.

I do not intend to make PvP or PvE a main focus of this guild. While it might seem that it's an integral part, RBGs/arenas will happen just as much as raids/heroics. Random BGs and arenas will be run throughout the day, as I expect heroics will, with RBGs or raids on the weekends.

So, our philosophy has shifted to PvP >= PvE.
Elaborate, thought out roleplay

The Management Team and I have developed the tools necessary in order to faciliate good roleplay for both beginners and advanced roleplayers. From the single line typers, to the multi-paragraph RPers, all levels of roleplay are found here.

Every Newcomer joins the Earth Caste; the farmers, laborers, brewmasters, blacksmiths -- they learn what the Shao'din was, is, and has become. They learn the ins and outs of everyday society, what rituals and traditions are the norm, and why the Shieldpaw exists today.

Once the trial period is complete, they choose a Caste to join; will they stay in the Earth Caste, and become the foundation of the Shao'din? Will they join the scholars and diplomats of the Shao'dins Fire Caste? Perhaps join the spirit and soul of the Shao'din, by joining the Water Caste? Or shall they become the martial arm of Shao'din, by joining the ranks of the Air Caste?

This well-thought out progression means that there is always something to do. There is always something to be RPing. Even then, there are a multitude of other things that can be done, and the events only further character development and depth!
So you want to join, eh?

So you want to join?

You've read this entire thread and you want to join the Shieldpaw Shao'din? Perfect! All you need to do is go to our website and submit an application.


Once you submit an application, our management team will review it and post their comments on the thread. Once it has gotten two approvals, you're in!

You can whisper us if you have any questions!


2/28/12 – Posted new thread and updated information!
3/1/12 - Looking for officers, so I updated the first post.
3/19/12 - I updated some of the content. I'm reading over the MoP stuff, so be patient.
4/13/12 - Changed PvP vs PvE philosophy, and main information block
4/30/12 - Updated main block AND A NEW THREAD
5/11/12 - Updated Shao'din lore
8/15/12 - New thread with 11 posts.

We here at the Shieldpaw make a promise to always follow lore to the best of our ability.

As with anything I lead in a guild, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always generally available on the forums, and always generally available in game.
11/11 -- You may now post and speculate on what this is. I won't post it for a little bit.
11 posts without interruption, impressive.
08/15/2012 04:36 PMPosted by Regg
11 posts without interruption, impressive.

Yeah, I try.

Edit: On a time where the forums are becoming active, too.
Guessing Tauren compendium since you said you were close to finishing o:
New thread relating Panda horde guild with new information?

hoping for a /thread.
Ele shamans.
Proclaiming your love for The Joff?
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Proclaiming your love for The Joff?

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the time we've spent together, hranu and i, deserves 11 posts
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the time we've spent together, hranu and i, deserves 11 posts

Since The Burning Crusade.

Ahhhh the memories.
08/15/2012 04:37 PMPosted by Vicara
Guessing Tauren compendium since you said you were close to finishing o:


I have said it's nearly finished, but it's going to PROBABLY going to be September that it gets peer reviewed by other former / current prominent members of the Tauren community. So maybe November.

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