To Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

I ask that you consider bringing back profession specializations. In BC blacksmiths took pride in the gear they had not just for the bosses killed to get it, but for being a weaponsmith or armorsmith and putting in the sweat to farm all the mats and craft the item.

Likewise for tailors with the options for soul, primal, or spellcloth gear and leatherworkers for tribal, dragonscale, and the third I don't remember right off.

It made crafting a lot more intersting and gave crafters pride to have the awesome gear equipped. Plus it will get crafters back onto the world even more. Especially if each patch give's new recipe's for each specialty off the trainers equal to current tier's.

One last request, how about a little love to engineers in the area of raid drop recipies :D We feel left out seeing folks get excited about winning a new recipe. Can we get in on that action?
Just wait for the Bling.
Do you understand why the specialties were removed in the first place? Once you do, you will realize they aren't just going to bring them back. They need a reason to bring them back, and you wanting upgradable BoP weapons isn't going to cut it.

I support bringing back the specialties, the main benefit being a title and long quest chain. Allow all of the patterns to be learned by any BS/LW/Tailor, so completionists don't feel rejected, but but limits on the creation of the items. Only weaponsmiths will be able to craft epic Mists weapons. Only tribal leatherworkers will be able to create epic Mists leather. Epic mail could only be crafted by dragonscale leatherworkers.

To upgrade gear (previously limited to weaponsmiths), since Blizzard was already working on a way to improve gear by 8 ilvls with VP, let LW create patches every tier specifically to upgrade SB crafted gear.

Oh, and engineers did get some love in Cata in the molten front, unlike scribes, enchanters, alchemists, etc... The armor crafting professions get upgrades because the gear they craft for SALE becomes out-dated. Engineers don't have that problem and thus don't need upgrades.
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