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Hi er'body.

With MoP on the horizon and the talent changes incoming, I'm interested in finding a guild to raid with in the land of cherry blossoms. As an alternate to applying to many guilds at once, and because this server seems to have so many who are looking, I decided to create this thread to summarize my experience, what I hope to offer, and what I'm looking for.

Read whichever portions you think are relevant. If you're interested, let me know-- I'm also fine with posting an application on your website. This is just a launch point to save me time, and prevent guilds from having an applicant pursuing more than one potential home at once. Because applying one at a time could take years. :P

Where I'm From

As you can see from the character posting, my most recent main is currently on Shadow Council in a great guild. However, due to scheduling conflicts, population issues on the server, and a general decline of respectable people in the community, I decided to transfer here. So you know I'm serious, I've already brought over my priest (now named Querquobad) and warrior (Gereint).

Here's a listing of my level 85 toons:

Resto Druid - Knotwyrd (tank OS)
Holy Paladin - Yzuri (tank OS)
Resto Shaman - Obeah
Holy/Disc Priest - Querquobad

Prot Warrior - Gereint

As you can see, I love healing and tanking and am quite experienced with both across the full spectrum. I've also tanked raids with a DK in Wrath, who I didn't bother to level in Cataclysm.

PvE Background

DS - 6/8 HM (Resto Sham, Warlord on my Priest)
FL - 7/8 HM (Resto Druid)
BD/BoT/TFW - Full Clear Normals (Holy Paladin)

Most of my experience is pre-nerf to 15% nerf, when I stopped raiding due to attendance issues in my guild and its resulting instability, as well as a general ennui from overplaying DS (LfR, Normal, HMs... it got old, fast). I didn't raid Heroics early in Cata because of scheduling conflicts.

I was also 11/12 HM in ICC for Wrath (Holy Paladin), and I dabbled in raiding prior but was primarily a PvPer.

I did, however, lead a successful 25 raid guild in ZG at the end of the BC expansion. Before that I was a world PvPer and server launch racer, back when WoW needed to pop a few new realms every other month to keep up with population increases.

PvP Background

2300 2v2 (Disc Priest, Lock)
2100 3v3 (Disc Priest, Rogue, Retadin)
Almost two years of world PvP on PvP servers
Six years of general PvP background

What I'm Looking For

Point-form for your benefit:

- Preferably a 25 guild, but 10 would be fine with the right people
- Raids ending no later than 2am EST / 11pm Server
- 2 raid nights per week preferred, or 3 with the odd excused absence
- Respectable (no racism, sexism, homophobia, elitism, !@#$%^-s)
- Ability to progress in HMs
- Stability

What I Bring

- Commitment
- Stability
- Good attitude
- Resilient to constructive criticism
- Willingness to research encounters/specs
- Vent or Mumble, if necessary (mic unlikely to happen)
- Adaptability


I'm currently looking for a guild willing to take Querquobad. Priest is the one class I haven't raided with much in Cata (though I've done several HMs with him and have geared quickly since transferring here), but more importantly, this will allow me to feel out your guild without paying more money.

However... if things work out, and we like one another, I'd be willing to discuss transferring over any healer type the guild needs in MoP. I flatter myself but will say that I'm good with all of them.

About Me

Mature (32 of age this Monday!) university student in fourth year debating an MA post-graduation, or possibly employment while I attempt to write fiction, buy music app platforms I will suck at, boulder regularly, and maybe get back into board game design. Oh, and I'm Canadian.
Ruined is looking for a Priest to FINISH off our roster for MoP. We'd need to see an app on the forums obviously, but from what I see you seem like a generally good fit.

Raid Times:
PST (Server Time)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday @ 6.30pm ST - 10.30pm ST

Details about our guild can be found here - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1869566463

Ryoukø (GM), Ðemolition (RL) or anyone online including Schwert, Adyria, Calmwind. Anyone is more then welcome to provide information about the guild.

OR just register and app on our forums at www.ruined-guild.com
Sadly, I can't do four raid days a week with final year coming up in September. Even three days might not work consistently (near the end of November when essay season is in full bloom, otherwise three would probably be fine).

I did notice that your guild post on the forums says Wed-Thurs-Sun... are you adding an extra day for MoP or is your post here mistaken?

Otherwise, times are perfect, and you guys seem fun. :)
We're adding an extra day in MoP

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