<Hand of the Nether> (Burning Legion...)

Moon Guard
Guild Leader - Haldesh
Guild Location - Unknown
Guild Alignment - Chaotic Evil (What do you expect from me?)
Accepted Classes - Everything (Although some classes may need to be subjugated.)
Accepted Races - All
Affiliated Factions - Burning Legion, Shadow Council.

IC Description
The Hand of the Nether is a subsect of the Shadow Council, holding the ranks of all kinds of Azeroth's users of magic. Non-practitioners also are found among them, guarding their ranks during rituals and providing a physical presence. This is not to say that dark magic does not run through these non-practitioners, simply that they do not wield it themselves.
Also among the ranks of the Hand of the Nether are subjugated mortals, whom have had a corrupting influence forced upon them, breaking their will and forcing their sight to collaborate with the will of the Legion. Over time, if not reclaimed, the subjugated person simply becomes another loyal follower...
Their goals will be to chip away at other alliance guilds in the area, showing people that the Legion are still present in the world, and taking advantage of a weakened Azeroth. Just another part of the Shadow Council, they are tasked with bringing as much disarray as possible to Azeroth.

OOC Description
The Hand of the Nether will serve as the general 'antagonist' guild for those whom are interested in it. It promotes roleplay of all sides of magic, as well as cult style and militant roleplay. If one is willing, they may even find an academic roleplay within the Hand.
It employs the tactics of general chaos to get its goals met.
Events against our 'protagonists' will range from kidnappings and internal strife, to full-out fighting between us. One can expect booby-trapped lairs to demonic workshops if they expect to go against the Hand. The Burning Legion is still ever-present, it simply has been hiding. We plan to bring it out into the open again.
Activity of the Hand of the Nether will be slow at first, and will ramp up as demand requires it to. Members will also be expected to show a quality of making their own roleplay.

The rank system of the Hand of the Nether is to be based upon -what- one is within the Hand. Within the Hand itself, members are awarded risings within 'circles' of the Hand, gaining some authority as they prove their trustworthiness.
      Zealots - Zealots are your fighters. They use large melee weapons to cleave through their enemies, possessing strength enough to impose themselves upon the battlefield. They may wield some form of offensive magic as well.

      Spellbinder - The Spellbinders are those whom twist the Arcane into whatever they desire. Their ranks include the necromancers and fel-users of the Council.

      Blackguard - Your defenders of the Council, the Blackguard are skilled with weapon and shield, and may have defensive magic at their disposal.

      Assassin - The rank of Assassin is held by those whom are adept at the art of subtlety, able to get in and out of an engagement of any kind without losing themselves in the process. They may be using magic to aid them in their endevours.

      Felsworn - Saved for those whom have earned the trust of the leader of the Hand of the Nether, these are the ones whom have earned the right to ascend from mortality, starting the process of ingesting demon blood and taking in much more fel... The Felsworn rank is very complex, and will be explained thoroughly on achievement.

      Infiltrator - When one wishes to serve the Legion from a more deceptive standpoint, they become an Infiltrator. Sitting among their mortal brethren, they act as the eyes and ears of the Hand on the inside. They are not known among the majority of the Hand, only by their leader, though their information may prove to be key in breaking the enemy...

      Subjugated - As the rank implies, this is a rank for those whom have fallen to some dark spell. Not officially part of the Hand until after conversion.

If you wish to be an Infiltrator in the Hand of the Nether, let Haldesh know. I'm still looking for an IC process of recruitment, so for now, as with other recruitments, your situation would most likely be unique. You would not have to leave your guild in order to join the Hand. You will receive information on a need-to-know basis, and you will not be made aware of any other sleeper agents, regardless of whether they are among your guild or not. You also agree not to tell anyone about your own status...
You may, at any time, become part of the guild should infiltration no longer suit you, but it shall be a fresh initiation.
Allies and Enemies
---Reserved for when we make allies and enemies...

OOC Notes
Those whom are interested in roleplaying with the Hand of the Nether, let Haldesh know! If you want to join, we'll try to set something up. Every recruitment will be unique, though initiation will not be. Feel free to throw in your thoughts and questions, and help me expand upon the draft with those questions!

08/17/2012 - 1:30 AM EST: The draft will be continued after I sleep, and after work. Again, present your questions and opinions, I love feedback, it drives me!

Q&A, Answered
---Reserved for when questions pop up.

I have heard tell of your trickery from a few of my friends. This looks really interesting. Bump!
We need some Legion vs Old God fights in Alliance lands, have a thumbs up!
I love Eyes of Old to death, but we seriously need more diversity around here ally-side for criminal RP guilds. I pray this is successful. /bump
You need a good purging.
Off with your head! *gavel bump*
I do plan on having Horde interaction at some point. Every race is able to follow the Legion's footsteps...

Too bad you guys are Alliance. :(
Good luck for an interesting guild concept.
Bumpin' it!
Although you do not see them, many have shown interest within the Hand. Just remember to ask yourself...

Who can you really trust?
Legion RP? Count me in.
Burning Nether Region
So this was the Hand of the Nether. The Summoner watched through the Eye of Kil'rog bound to his service. The weak human warrior was brought out of his prison by hooded figures. Demonic shapes loomed around the ceremonial alter as he was taken to it and shackled. It took all of The Summoner's craft to hide the presence of his minion from their gaze. There, he felt its presence, a burning chill that touched him through the thread that connected him to that far off place. An agent of the Legion, there was no doubt. A powerful one at that. The hooded figures, other humans it seemed, all called out to the presence. They reached out, not with strong magic and words of power, but weakly, plaintively, subserviently. They prayed and chanted. "Break him, Great One, break him! The Hand of the Nether shall rise! Break him, Great One, break him!" The shadowy beast drove an infernal ever-burning finger into the warrior's head. He screamed in agony.

The Summoner knew what would happen next. He recalled the Eye. The Legion was at work on Azeroth. They were in for a grim surprise. They were not the only ones who had the aid of dark powers. The Order of the Veiled Eye would stand against them, and when these foul cultists laid broken upon their own alters, when the demons which had commanded them were banished or enslaved, the Order would proclaim its existence to Azeroth and take its place among her cherished defenders.

The Summoner began to make his plans. Things would have to be set in motion much more quickly than he had initially planned. The influence of these treacherous cowards could not be allowed to spread. The Order of the Veiled Eye had to be alerted and prepared.
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I hope we can be rivals! This coincides perfectly with the formation of the Order of the Veiled Eye!
Bump for interest.
Im honestly surprised Avaruu's fridge-shaped butt hasn't been in this thread.
I appear to be here for some reason or another.

I don't know about guild enemies and such but Av can always play around with you dudes (MAN'ARI SCUM) if you need an Old God-affiliated loony to do stuff with.

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