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Moon Guard
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Meticulously tacked upon the bulletins in each capital city of the Horde is a silken red flag with an emblazoned gold flame. Written on the parchment in an elegant script is the following:

“The bell of war tolls over the eternal spring of Quel’thalas. The formerly peaceful meadows and glades of the Sin’dorei homeland lay tainted and ridden with conflict. Undead roam freely in the haunted Ghostlands, which stands as a terrible reminder of the betrayal from humanity. Even now, Alliance partisans dare set foot in our territory and lay arms against our kin. Like beasts, they defiled our women and put our children to the sword, all the while bringing fire to what little we hold dear—until now. As the shield of the high home, The Sunguard will prevail against foes both foreign and domestic. We will be true, honest, and brave. We will be just, strong, and honorable. Our oath to Quel’thalas is never wavering, bound to our very souls. To those threatening the Children of Blood, the Crimson Crusade will know no mercy.”

-Felthier Truefeather, Archon of the Sunguard


For three years the Sunguard has been at the forefront of Moon Guard’s RP/PvP community with inclusive story arcs, epic battles, world pvp, and everything in between. Our members enjoy a quality atmosphere of support and respect, all the while bringing the war back into Warcraft. Regardless of paths treaded in life, the Sunguard is an encompassing organization with a niche for anyone, if they are willing to raise their blade on behalf of Quel’thalas.
The guild is divided into two major segments.

The majority of members compose the traditional aspect of the organization, known as the Oathsworn. These soldiers swear an oath of fealty to Quel’thalas and the betterment of their kin. The Oathsworn are divided into different categories based on their differing roles in battle.

• The Knights, led by Arandur Brightsword, consists of the Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors of the Oathsworn Sunguard. They constitute of our largest segment of soldiers and retainers, who compose the bulk of our forces.

• The Suncasters, led by Ikanis Blazewind, are the segment of Priests, Magi, and Warlocks who performed ranged arcanic support and magistrate services. They have a long tradition of respect, power, and devotion unique to those of the ability.

• The Rangers, which is currently leaderless, encompasses the Pathfinders and Farstriders of the organizations. The hunters and rogues loyal to Quel’thalas commonly engage in missions involving assassinations, ambush, and espionage.

The second division of the Sunguard is our 102nd Alizarin Company. They are the merciless mercenaries that are contracted and run by Colonel Ashgar Ironfist. These non Oathbound soldiers are made up of all the other races of the Horde, and are dedicated to their work as contracted specialists to fill out the Sunguard's combat ranks.They come for various reasons. Be it wealth, power, glory, second chances or a desire for adventure, they come, maintaining their own individual sovereignty away from their ranks and advancing in their system of merit.

Guild Master:
Archon: Felthier Truefeather

Named Officers:
Seneschal: Delaynee Truefeather
Highlord: Arandur Brightsword
High Sorcerer: Ikanis Blazewind

Named Sunwards:
Annekka, The Bastion
Enoyloh, The Harbinger

Veteran, rank and file:

[Non-Oathsworn or Hired Personnel are Retainers.]

Position of ranks:

Colonel: Ashgar Ironfist
Major: Luvasis
Major: Crolan MacRayne


The Sunguard host several non conscripted retainers to the various soldiers of the Order. These soldiers serve combat and non combat roles related to those Oathsworn or Mercenary forces. These are represented by:

What is our guild like?

For almost three years now, The Sunguard has been a large part of the community here on Moon Guard. We strive to bring quality role play, active events, and foster a growing PvP/RP community. Our officers and many of our members are well educated on the mechanics of their classes, so you needn’t be shy about asking class-related questions! There is nearly always someone up for arena, running battlegrounds, and random RP if asked in guild chat.

What we are not:

First and foremost, we are not a PvP elite god guild. We do not force our members into things, though keeping updated with the current season’s pvp gear is strongly encouraged. There are times when there are story-progressive, large scale events that require the participation of everyone online, but we do understand that real life does come first. We do not, however, allow god-moding, big egos, or damsels in distress. Furthermore, pacifists and those unwilling to defend their nation would find themselves ill-fitted to our organization; even down to the lowest rank, members of Sunguard are at war with the Alliance.

Why should I join?

If you are looking to join a quality group of RP/PvPers who strive to build a welcoming community, while having fun and feeling part of a collective cause, then you may find a home within our ranks.

Website: http://thesunguard.shivtr.com
Moonguardwiki page: http://moonguard.wikia.com/wiki/The_Sunguard

Felthier, Delaynee, Ashgar, Ikanis, and Arandur are all able to answer questions and aid you in all things Sunguard, as with smoothing along your application process.
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