[H-RP/PvP] The Sunguard- The Bloody Dawn

Moon Guard
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pre sleep bump
Sleepy bumps..

/drools a little on her pillow
Slept in super late bump.
My body is ready. .....I mean...bump.
Sorry for the server crash. Ashgar flexed.
Yuuuuuup....never doing that again.

*mini flex*
... Voodoo punch!
Server hack bump.

Le sigh.
bump of sleep.
I am posting here in honor and memorial of Vaelrin <The Sunguard>, and DrCardre, and whomever else they may have brought alongside to slay me and my allies.

An honorable engagement in front of Silvermoon, not to be forgotten. A battle that will last the ages, and I will also state that because of DrCarde's PETULANT WAYS and Vaelrin's constant SILLY ARROW THING, I have decided Fury isn't good enough and have finally bound the last of my abilities so I stop being lazy and shamelessly keyboard turn.

I'll get you my Vaelrin, and your LITTLE CARDRE TOO.

Great, now I am going to see Kerdic on a flying broom and the rest of LoL as winged monkeys.

Before coffee bump.

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