[H] <Incapacitated> - Recruiting for MoP.

Hey everyone,

Our guild, <Incapacitated> seeks potential raiders to fill our 10-man group(s?) for Mists of Pandaria. Right at this moment there isn't much to say, except that in the initial stages it will be first in - first served.

Right this moment, our guild is border-lining level 17. So at this stage, any and all whom would like to join from a social perspective are welcome, as we'd like to complete levelling our relatively new guild. Truly great group of people, very pleasant atmosphere.

Requirements (to be determed) before you're deemed fit to raid will be decided upon once we reach level 90. Please note: We will not be judging a player based on item level, we judge on skill, ability and results.

Requirements will include:
    Tanks: Particular levels of damage mitigation/stamina.
    Healers: Mana levels/regeneration & throughput.
    DPS: Respective hit caps & DPS output.

Raiding WILL be managed from the guild website & forum. Members not looking to raid are not required to participate on the guild website, but are encouraged to.

Please enquire in game with myself or post here.

There is no recruitment thread on our site, so if you'd like more info please create an account and make a post in the General Discussion.


Thanks for reading!
Bumping up :)

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