<H> WTS Heroic Ragnoros Mount + More

Hey guys,
This isn't an official <Ajantis> run but I thought it would be beneficial to inform active forum members of some things that myself and friends are doing.

We're looking to sell H.Rag runs (the title 'Firelord' and Smoldering Egg of Millagazor). There are very limited mounts left at a 100% drop rate as blue posts have confirmed the drop rate being lowered as MoP lands: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/231567-madness-heroic-and-ragnaros-heroic-mounts/

With this information in hand the latest bid we have had for a mount run has been 200-250k but if interest is lacking we would be willing to sell a run for as low as 100k. The prices are in flux at the moment as the supply has been severely limited but feel free to '/who jacob' and discuss your options. If you don't have 100k+ to spare at the moment than I wish you luck in farming it in the future =]

Also, <Ajantis> is officially selling other certain runs and mounts including Life-Binder's Handmaiden and you can feel free to pm myself for details or check out the following link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4662897094

If you are interested in old world raid achievements/morg gear/mounts then also feel free to pm/mail me as I organize an Ulduar25 Mount run / ICC25 normal Achieve run / ICC25 Heroic Clear every sunday afternoon/night and would be happy to calander invite any 85's with ventrilo.
I would be willing to transfer a guild with 80k in the bank as well as provide a 6/7 heroic lock for the mount exclusively.
With how few sales options we have left, I'd be looking at 150k+ rather than 80k.
But if we end up having any slots free closer to the end of it's 100% drop rate, I'll certainly let you know.
We still have one (slight chances of a second) sale spot left open.

You can't even divide 80k Equally across 9 players.

Just a FYI, Jacob isn't getting the entire fee for selling the mount/achivement/run, He shares it with everyone else that helps.

8k is hardly worth logging in for...
80, 000 divided by 9: 8888.88 (recurring of course.

So, about 9k per person.

Strong mathematics
I'd be happy to log in for 9k, considering my all time highest amount across my account has been 63k (current)
mooniee is all about the big gains
imagine if valdin healed moonie during heroic rhyolith

Valdin " I bind HR to shift f12": I can heal a 1 shot
Moonie "the demi god": I just got 1 shot
WTS H.Rag Mount.
Each sale comes with free candy.
last spot left.
Bump for jacob and his money grubbin skillz
I've got a family to feed!
09/17/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Jacob
I've got a family to feed!

But daddy, we never saw any food except that you use to write your name down in Orgrimmar!
I didn't say I feed them, just that I have a family to feed.
Still a spot open tonight (monday, 24/09, 7.45pm) if someone has a decent price.
We have a back up at lower, but it's your last chance to get this mount people - mail or pm jacob please.

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