[H]WTS Leatherworking and Tailoring kits

I am currently selling leatherworking and tailoring power leveling kit. What that includes is every piece of material (minus the threads,dyes etc... that you buy from the leatherworking/tailoring vendor) required to go from 1-525 without ever leaving town to farm or visiting the Auction House to buy any materials. I personally guarantee that if you follow the guide I show you, that you will hit 525 with the materials I give you. If for some reason you do not, I will buy whatever you need to keep on leveling! Please feel free to comment here so I can contact you ingame to work out a deal!

Once we agree upon a price, I will allow you to take one of your guildless toons (or create one :P) and invite you to my bank alts guild so you can see that everything you need is there at your disposal. Once payment is received, I will allow you full access to the bank tabs, in which you can either take the mats out and mail them to your leatherworking toon, or stay in guild until you reach 525.

With all my kits I do offer, for free, to disenchant anything you make with the kit that you don't want to or cannot sell in the auction house. You can just leave the items in the guildbank or send them directly to this character.

As MoP approaches prices are rising due to a major surge in demand and a big reduction in supply. If you're looking to minimize costs, this isn't the service for you. If you're after a quick and painless leveling experience, this is your best option.

I am also currently working on Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, and more Leatherworking/Tailoring kits. If you are interested in any of those, I can rush along putting whichever you need together faster.

I am able to transfer these kits to alliance as long as you can cover the 10% cost to send the gold back to horde.

Thanks for looking! :)
Once u get tailoring let me know, i might take you up on that kit
I can get the tailoring one finished by Thursday for you. I'll let you know as soon as its done :)
hit me up in-game on uchirosan
Price drop by 2k! Also, getting close to done with tailoring and jewelcrafting kits!
Bumptastically selling the leatherworking kit still. The tailoring kit will be finished tonight! Jewelcrafting kit expected to be finished Saturday night.
Is it possible to get it on alliance side ?
damn it i just leveled JC to 525 i want the tailoring one tho
yes tingling, i believe we can work something out. be on tonight on your horde toon or just send me in game mail with your alliance toon names. crossblessèr alt+0232

skiidmark, i will contact you in game asap.
How much are you asking for the JC kit?
I'm almost done with the mats mesh then I will add up a price and message you ingame. This is crossblesser's alt.
Tailoring Kit is finished and ready for sale!!!
Sorry Cross, i forgot about me posting here :(

I'm still interested, realid me so we can talk, fatalerror[at]live[dot]com
08/26/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Cheesuschris
WTS enchanting kit g2g to sell right now PST me in game...

Ya please do not advertise for your kits in my thread thanks
tailoring and leatherworking available still!
Tailoring and Leatherworking ready to go! Enchanting very close to done!
time to camp the neutral AH
Have fun camping snauzer. Most likely you aren't on when I'm on and either way you would be buying the mats at ah value :)

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