Warlock+Hunter LF Exp. MoP Raiding Guild.

Hi, my girlfriend and I are currently looking for a new server to switch to because Laughing Skull Alliance is currently dead. We are willing to faction change. We have 6/8HM 10 Man DS experience. I am a 392 ilvl Warlock and my girlfriend is a 395 ilvl Hunter. We have been inactive for the end of cata, so please don't judge our gear on our skill.

We are interested in a weekend raiding guild, 6pm-2am are ok times or a weekday raiding guild with times from 5pm-10pm.

I have an 85 of every class on Laughing Skull Alliance. So if my warlock doesn't fit your required raiding setup I can and will play a different class of your pick. I can play any class and any spec, even if my toon isn't the current spec. Whatever the guild needs I can provide.

My Warlock: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/laughing-skull/Max%C3%AEmus/simple
Girlfriend's Hunter: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/laughing-skull/Thinkkpinkk/simple

If interested in any of my other 85's just leave a comment and I will provide the required information and armory link.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
My guild, Sovereign, raids fri and sun for mop from 830 to 1130 eastern time aka 730 to 1030 server time. We've been on break for end of cata given ds was 'over' long before summer started. Since a chunk of us will be temporarily playing gw2 before mop comes out please go to our website and pm me there to learn more and set up a time when we can chat in mumble and see whether our mutual expectations for mop raiding is a match

Our 10man is pretty set after polling our raiders except we were interested in recruiting a hunter or warlock, but I think both would do well.

Website is http://sovereignwarcraft.com

On the website I am Dyson. Or email me at dysonfm@gmail.com. Ps Don't worry I won't be playing a lock main for mop despite my armory link here

Hope to hear from you soon.
Our guild Catch22 (6/8 H) is still raiding atm, and we are looking for more exceptional players and alternates for our core run. We are a weekend raiding team (Sat and Sun 1-4 PM server) We plan to start a second run during mop as well. If your interested PST me in game, or visit our website to apply. catch22.shivtr.com

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