H - PSS - MoP PvP and Challenge Dungeons!

Paper Street Soap - Horde - Is recruiting members of all levels. We have a friendly guild environment and will be gearing up for Mists of Pandaria! Our focus will be on PvP and the new Scenario dungeons. It's my goal to get gold in every dungeon out there.

Why you should join:
1. Free guild repairs forever.
2. Mentoring and leveling help.
3. Great groups for Challenge Dungeons. Going for gold!
4. Access to the guild bank.
5. 1000g to the top 2 contributors every time the guild levels up.

Please whisper Shakarax or Gevlon for more information or invites.
The Horde population can barely support the guilds that we currently have. Why are you trying to start another?
I think you mean 'Challenge Modes' instead of Scenarios when referring to getting gold. Scenarios are something else.
You're right Digerati, I've updated my post to fix that.
Still looking for new members!
The guild is nearing level 3. It's not too late to get in on this level's contribution and claim your 1000g prize.
Now nearing level 4, and still going strong!

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