Misted Legends Reborn (IC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Laviette crested a hill. To the east of her lay the Imperial Granary, and the north, Halfhill. It had seemed like ages since she had last been here, when in actuality it had only been weeks. Still many of Pandaria’s secrets were unknown to her; particularly the north, as she had been unable to pass the mountains in search of the “Vale of Eternal Blossoms”, as the Pandaren had described to her. The guards had sent her away, telling her she was not ready yet. Ready for what, she had no idea. These Pandaren were as cryptic as they were kind-hearted and relaxed. Even so, she had learned much –or at least, she felt as though she had.

There was a rumbling from the dark clouds above, and her feline ears twitched in response as she glanced upwards. The skies were ready to open up, and within moments there would be rain pouring from the heavens. Lav would prefer to be in a tavern by then, so she cut her reminiscing short, and began down the rocky hillside.

By the time she opened the door she was absolutely drenched, and a rather unimpressed look reflected beneath the white hair that had washed into her face. Jio, behind the bar, laughed, but otherwise said nothing. ”You wouldn’t happen to know if the others are coming, would you Jio?” She asked politely.
“No, ma’am. Although last I heard from Leung, they shouldn’t be too far off now.

She had received the letter exactly three days ago. How on earth the old Panadren had managed to find her in the middle of the Krasarang Wilds was a mystery to her, though she guessed Leung had more secrets up his sleeves than she had initially given him credit for. Nodding politely, she took her seat in at a distant table, bowing her head deep into her hood as she allowed herself to slowly dry.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Meanwhile, in the ports of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, criers shouted into the thick crowds,
”The ships will be departing in exactly one hour!
"You should understand, being one of us for a short time. We cannot go into these lands with no prior knowledge of what's there!" the Kor'kron soldier had been arguing with Kuuliniqn for several hours now. Kuul looked out his window into the canyon of Orgrimmar. He liked his small shop in the Valley of Honor. It was a mere hut, but was one of the newer buildings, being made of metal. He had earned it from his sevices to the Horde. Finally, he sighed.
"Very well, sir. I shall get you the maps within a month or two."
"Here is half of the pay," the Elite put a pouch of gold on the table. "In advance. You get the rest upon your return." The soldier left, leaving Kuulinian and his young core hound in the shop, alone.

Boomer got up on his two hind legs and barked. Kuul threw him a bone, which he caught in one of his mouths. Kuulinian tapped his quill rapidly on his desk, examining maps of Azeroth. He looked to the south, at a blank area. To think, there was an entire continent there that no one had known about. He packed his gear, and then wxamined his shop once more, pondering wether to go, or to stay and return the gold.

Finally, the shout came.
"The ships will be departing in exactly one hour!"
He got up from his chair and put Boomer in his travel cage. The core hound whined.
"I know, I know," the cartographer said calmly. "But it's only for the trip."
He walked outside, carrying with him only the enchanted bags around his waist. He looked into the Realm of Shadows to be sure that Darion was still following him, which he was. At the stables outside his hut, Geoff the Gryphon sat. Geoff was the only thing in the world that could get Kuulinian in the air. Even on zeppelins, he had to be on Geoff's back.

The ship was a normal Horde carrier ship, with large sails and a cargo bay. Kuulinian went aboard on Geoff's back, and handed the greeter Boomer. He went to his assigned bunk area, and lay down on his hammock. Geoff was flying above the masts. There was no turning back.
Dristis was out in the Pandarian jungles, sitting on his horse's saddle surveying his area. They'd been stranded for a while now. They made friends with the Jinyu and Pandaren, and were taking refuge in a village at the moment. The Death Knight wondered if they'd ever get back to their own lands. He usually pondered these things when he went into the jungle. Often for supplies to help the Pandaren, or just for his own need. After being here for this extended period of time, he often didn't wear his armor out anymore. Just simply cotton pants, sandals and maybe a shirt. The climate didn't call for thick clothing, and he wanted to remember how the wind felt against his skin back when he was alive.

All he had was his revolver, Runeblade and his gladius short swords. His horse shifted in impatience, tired of standing out here and seeing storm clouds in the distance. He pet the horses head and tugged the reigns to the right, guiding the horse back in the direction of the village. He was only a few minutes out and didn't worry about the storm, though the thunder and clouds moved ever closer. He took careful note of all avenues of approach and sounds. He never knew when something native to this land could be hungry or just perturbed.

A strike of lightning, much closer than the last few alerted Dristis to the storm coming down earlier than thought, as it soon started to pour down. He let his head slack in annoyance, and snapped the reigns, the horse breaking into a run. The village in sight, he hopped off the horse while it slowed to a stop and opened a portal to Archerus' stables and sent the horse through so it'd stay dry. The portal closed and the Death Knight entered the tavern. Jio was inside, as well as Laviette.

"I got your letter. What's been going on?" he asked. He sat at the table with Laviette, "How have you been," he asked and tipped an imaginary hat.
(He's in his human form)
Psy for was steadying himself on the ship when he heard the call that they would be leaving within the hour. 'Oh good. The sooner we leave the sooner I can get back on land' he thought. In all honsety he was only going on this venture because he hoped that it might just shed some light on his past. Not having any information other than sporadicc dreams that may or may not be visions of his life before death he needed to look into any avenue. Hopefully one yeilded the answeres he sought after. A walking corpse was watching its master stumble around trying to get his sea legs. The corpse made a sound that may have been chuckle, earning it a glare from the death knight. It then proceeded to turn its head away as if now sheepish. 'I swear' thought Psy, 'Every day Stone seems to get smarter and smarter.' Shaking his head he went back to trying to find his footing. Giving up he sat down on the deck by the main post, safe fro falling into the water, Stone standing by his side with a curious gaze torwards some men working.
As the call went out for the ships in the harbor to prepare to depart, a lone crow alighted on the ship's deck, the chore boy thinking it an actual crow went over to shoo it away, when before his eyes the bird began to change. Feathers were replaced by smooth purple skin, and long flowing blue hair, wings became arms and hands, and talons became legs and feet, soon a striking female Kal'dorei sttod where the crow had moments ago. Stretching her arms Lori Nighttalon took in her surroundings, noticing the boy she smiled, "Excuse me, but can you direct me to the captain of the ship." The boy was lost for words so he just pointed, towards the helm, once again the Night Elf flashed him a smile, "Thank you so much," with those departing words, she verily skipped in the direction the boy had indicated. Most would think someone in her situation, who had lost someone on the Alliances last journey into uncharted waters, would be serious, if not some what depressed, and though the girl was worried for he shan'do Sammuroth Stormfury, she also believed, like a child would, that he was invincible. She would be lying however, if she said when she had received the letter, of her mentor's ships disappearance that she had not shed more than a few tears, in fact she had stayed locked in her house for days.

It was not until an anonymous letter arrived telling her of King Varian's plan to send another ship to find the first, that she regained her sense of purpose, she had quickly signed on, and as she prepared she had chastised herself for losing hope. She was determined to not let that happen again, so she kept her attitude positive as she reached the captain, "Excuse, sir are you the captain of this vessel?" The man looked like a grizzled veteran of the sea, with numerous scars, and a beard, that looked as though it hadn't been trimmed in days, "Aye, lass I be th' cap'n o' this ship, what can I do fer ye." The girl had to stifle her laughter, she had always thought her teacher had exagerated the way sea dogs spoke, apparently he hadn't, "I am Lori Nighttalon I signed on for the search and rescue mission." The girl continued to smile as the captain checked a chart, "Aye, here ye be, but are ye sure you want to be goin' we don't know what we may encounter," the girl continued to smile as she nodded. The captain sighed, thinking her to be unneccesary baggage, but he couldn't turn away the help either, "Very well missy, there be beds, an' grub down below, we should be settin' sail soon."

The girl clasped her hands behind her back and bowed silently thanking the man, the smile never leaving her face, she turned away from the old sea dog, and skipped back down to the deck. Though she was smiling, and seemed carefree, in her mind she was thinking, don't worry shan'do we will be together again soon.
Adrian Octavian had been worrying for a few weeks now. His brother, Dristis had gone on an expedition to the south of the world in the ocean. He hasn't heard from him since he left and it's been long since past he should have returned. Walking through Stormwind, he started noticing more posters and signs posted up. Finally stopping to read one, he jumped as he realized it was a poster for a mission to find those on the expedition who went missing. He took off sprinting for his apartment in the Trade district for his equipment and supplies.

Nearly breaking down his door, he ran into his bed room and pulled out a long box from under his bed and pulled the lock off, revealing his old weapons and armor. He picked up his plate vest and dropped it over his shoulders and buckled it, clipped his goggles to rest around his neck and put his pistol and swords on his belt. Throwing his bag over his shoulder, he filled it with ammunition, alcohol, and long-lasting food. Picking up his rifle, he headed down the stairs, stopped in a bar for extra 'supplies' and grabbed his horse from the stables.

He attached his supplies to his saddle and hopped on, setting his horse onto a slight trot down to the harbor.

"The ships are leaving in one hour!" was what he kept hearing throughout the streets.

He reached the ship, some others gathering, and sat atop his horse waiting to be let on. He took a swig from his flask and put sunglasses on.
An undead sat in a room, looking over his bounty. He had accepted it of course, he needed the money. He had already packed his leather armor, but couldn't decide between which of his guns to bring. He had narrowed it down to his trusty sniper rifle, Ol' Bessy or his Double barreled Dwarven hand cannon. He picked up Ol' Bessy and put it in his trunk.

he than closed the trunk, saying some words in gutterspeak, and it shrank down to pocket size. He than put it in his pants pocket, and headed for the door. As he left he grabbed his battered jungle hat.

He walked down the road, looking for a boat that would be heading south of Azeroth. He always wanted to see the world. He was hired to scout this place out, perfect for his disires. He got on the boat, looking out of place. He had a battered Jungle hat, a Swashbuckler's shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of black boots. Now all he had to do was wait for take off on this ship. they probably thought him as another crazy forsaken.

Forsaken he hated that term.

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Psy was resting his head on mast, his eyes closed, so he didnt notice when Stone started to wander around the ship. An extremely carefree night elf caught its attention and it lumbered its way over to her. Getting over there the walking corpse gave friendly wave and grunted a hello.

While stone did this Psy was in the middle of some thinking.

'What could that dream have meant?' he thought, refering to a dream he had had a few nights ago. It was very odd. He had been in a dense jungle, surrounded by darkness when suddenly a loud roar had shot through the dense undergrowth making him turn. He didnt see anything so he turned back around but was met face to face with a creature that looked similar to naga. Letting out a yelp of shock he had been jolted awake. Now thinking over it he still couldnt make heads or tails of it.

Suddenly aware that his minion was not nearby he looked around mumbling, "Where did that thing go? Seriously Stone is going to be the death of me one day." He smirked slightly at his unintentional pun.
Hearing something that sounded like grunted words Lori turned around, behind her she saw an undead, and her face blanched, for a moment the two beings stared at one another, and time seemed to stop. Time continued its natural flow, as Lori screamed, the undead terrified her, but seeing them rip your family apart will do that to a person, and seeing one so close Lori had to fight to keep herself from fainting from fright. Instead she turned and bolted into the bowels of the ship leaving, if undead had feelings, a very surprised ghoul. The girl didn't stop until she reached what she hoped was the safety of the dining room, she found a secluded table in a corner and sat down, tears streaming down her face, as the appearance of the ghoul brought back memories she would rather forget. Thankfully the cook was a kind man and brought her a bowl of soup, and a glass of water, the man's kindness helped to return the girl to her normal state.

Why is a ghoul walking around the ship unopposed, she thought for a moment, then she remembered her teacher telling her about his friend Dalfein Scourgebane, who he had called a Death Knight. That's right apparently after some kind of event these undead juggernauts were freed from the Lich King's control, and rejoined the Horde and Alliance. If I remember correctly shan'do told me these Death Knights can raise a ghoul to fight with them, why they would allow such people on this ship I don't know, but I hope I never have to go through that again. Lori sighed and continued to eat her soup her thoughts returned to finding her mentor.
(Still in human form.)
Psy found Stone staring after what appeared to be a screaming night elf. 'What did he do now?' he thought, sighing. He walked over to the ghoul and asked, "What did you do?" The ghoul just stared back with a confused, and to the surprise to Psy, and hurt look. "Whats wrong?" hwe asked. The undead answered in his own tounge, Psy only catching the gist of it. "Ah, I see" he said. "Well, stone, I think it would be better to just leave her alone. She obviously doesnt like undead, probably for good reason, so lets just keep our distance, kay?" The ghoul nodded and Psy walked into the ship trying to find his room. Looking at the missive he had gotten he found the room number that he had been assigned and walked in. Deciding to change into something more comfortable he took off all of his plate armor in exchange for his black coat that went down to his ankles, a pair of black fingerless gloves, a pair of grey pants and just to be on the safe side he strapped onto his back a two handed sword with a silver one sided rune blade and a black hilt.

Satisfied with his new attire he nodded to Stone to signal to get going and they left there room. The smell of food found his sensitive nose and even though he no longer needed food he still enjoyed a good meal now and then. Following the scent he found the kitchen. Walking in the death knight saw a human attending the stove. Turning the man was obviously startled but calmed down quick enough when he saw the apparent youth of the undead warrior. "What are you looking for lad?" he asked.

Psy shrugged and answered, "I smelled something good so I followed my nose." The cook let out a booming but good natured laugh and said, "Why thank you! That would be my cooking! Why dont you find yourself a seat in the dining hall. I'll bring you something in a few minutes."
"Thank you" said Psy and he and Stone went through the door the cook had pointed out. Scanning the room he saw the night elf female from earlier and Stone obviously recognized her, giving a wave, seemingly having forgottten how their last encounter went. "Stay" Psy ordered. Stone nodded and Psy walked over. 'I hope I can do this without stuttering' he thought.

"E-excuse m-me" he said to woman nervoulsy, "I w-would like to apo-apologize for earlier. My friend didnt mean to sc-scare you. Stone is very curious at times and t-tends to forget that its a walking corpse." He added the last part with a small smile hoping that the woman wouldnt be scared of him as well.
Hearing someone approaching Lori turned her head to see a human male walking her way, although he looked normal, two things bothered the girl, the first was a sense she had always contributed to the worgen, meaning this man was more than he appeared. The second thing that disturbed her, was the smell of death that hung around the man, as he got closer she saw his eyes, and she almost bolted then and there, for they glowed a faint blue. She remembered her shan'do telling her that Death Knights eyes always glowed blue, as he neared the girl began to cower just a bit, not anything incredibly noticeable a slight shaking, and leaning as far away from the undead creature as she could.

As he spoke she was surprised, he seemed to be almost nervous, but undead didn't have feelings did they, no of course they didn't. As he finished the girl stood up, "J-just k-keep your "f-friend" away from m-me, and while you are at it you k-keep away from me too." When she finished she quickly slipped past the Death Knight keeping as wide a berth as she could, anyone would see in her eyes the fear, and hate, though her shan'do had tried to get her to be more accepting, of the other races, the undead were the one race of people she could not accept. To her they should all just be destroyed, but in her mind she knew the Death Knight's were probably a valuable asset to both the Horde and Alliance, but her heart ruled her on this matter. She quickly left the dining room, and returned to the deck thankful for the open sky and fresh air.
A large and bulky person entered the tavern. Though she stood taller than him, Lav sometimes still felt like a dwarf in comparison to the sheer bulk and power of a death knight. Even so, she recognized Dristis, and the normal prickle of tension along the back of her neck when meeting a formidable opponent didn’t irritate her. He sat in front of her at the table, and almost instantly began talking. For some reason, her thoughts drifted towards the first time she’d really met the death knight –attacking that shadow beast.

Blinking, her thoughts returned to the present, and she shook her head in response, ”I couldn’t tell you, Leung mentioned very little to me, I was hoping you might have known more. I know you get along quite well with the old Pandaren.” She gave a small smile, then shrugged, her thick Darnassian accent coming through, ”Although I suppose he is a bit of a secretive fellow, isn’t he?” She chuckled lightly, folding her arms in front of her and leaning forward slightly in her seat.

”I’ve been well.” That was a blatant lie. Her eyebrows creased together as a tightness formed in her chest. She dearly missed Althmyst, her drake companion. She didn’t even know whether or not Althmyst were alright or not. Lately she’d been having many dreams of the red drake, and she prayed they weren’t prophetic, for they included Deathwing. No, that was silly, the Aspect was as good as dead, he wasn’t coming back.

”Have you seen any of the others?” She questioned. It was more out of curtsey that she asked, but once the words were out she realized how long she’d been detached from the group. Shortly after arriving to Halfhill, she had left to the East, to the Jade forest. There, she had spent much of her time exploring, particularly the depths. There had been a strange calling for her, and she had been surprised to find an orca, or, rather, the spirit of one. She blinked, shaking her head to clear it, before focusing back on Dristis, and smiling, waiting patiently for his answer.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
She squinted her eyes behind the dark shades that covered them. The smelly beast she sat upon felt unfamiliar and disturbing, with how she had to spread her legs around its girth. Why on earth humans had chosen horses as mounts was beyond her, but she supposed it would be useful to fit in. Softly kicking its flanks, Althmyst urged the beast on, towards the docks. For the last few weeks she had been frantic; Laviette should have been back by now, or at least sent her a letter or something. When she’d caught wind of the news that the ship her companion had departed on, had gone missing, her worry only increased. Of course she was going on the ship in search of the other; in her mind, there was no other option.

Slipping off the back of the beast, Althmyst grimaced at the feeling between her legs. No matter how much training she’d gone through, nothing could have prepared her for that uncomfortable feeling. Fell, she hated horses. Giving the reins of the beast over to a small, scraggly boy, the ‘human’ boarded the ship without further delay.

Just in time, in fact, to catch a night elf running off screaming at some ghoul; who she supposed belonged to the death knight who managed to look sea sick. It rather amused Althmyst, actually; a death knight, in all its worldy powers, sea sick. Shaking her head, her loose red hair flowed around her shoulders, and eventually she followed the two deeper into the ship. As the delicious smell of some sort of meaty stew hit her nose, she felt a tightening in her stomach, and decided it might be for the better if she just ate something now, rather than put it off until later.

Of course, she did have a rather large stomach, even with her disguise, and the thought of spending the gold she had on that much food was unappealing. Oh well, she placed two orders of stew with the chef anyways, and turned into the “dining room”. Despite the fact it was already slightly dim in the room –only being lit by lanterns, after all- the shades did not come off of the human’s face, and she sat a few tables away from the convening death knight and night elf, just as the night elf up and left.
"Woman troubles?" She commented mildly, not bothering to look in the direction of the death knight.
Krystala sighed as she sat upon the roof tops of what used to be her 'prison' in a small village of the Jade Forests. Previously, she had been wearing mail armor, but she had decided to replace it with the cloths given to her by the monks and Pandaren in the village. She wore a straw and bamboo hat that was given to her by a farmer one day when she was watching them farm their crops. She wore a robe which was tailored for her by a friendly local, under neath that, she wore shorts and soft black cloth shoes.

Next to her lay a shard of Sha'relmor, a piece of the powerful shadow relic that was the Relic of a Thousand Shadows. She also had a sword which laid next to the shard, a long blade katana that was as long as her, crafted for her by the local blacksmith. He said as long as she had faith in the blade, it would not fail but, but surprisingly she barely had to use it.

She as....changed...by the village. She used to be the insane, crazy and blood thirsty being that she had previously been, now she was calm, silent, but still deadly. She had been looking up ways to combine the shard of the relic with the sword, but even if she managed to combine the two, she needed the essence of a dark being...when she had asked what kind of being would that be in Pandaria, her answer was given reluctantly and with the tone of fear.


Creatures that feed off negative energy, creatures that fed of the negative emotions of others, they were the only way she accomplish such a thing....sadly...no one in the village said they had seen one in years. "I need to awake this thing....it's the only way....but with out a Sha it's useless....Uuuugghh!" she threw herself back onto the roof, looking at the clouds with a pouty face "I wonder where Sam was....the letter said something about meeting in a Tavern in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms....damn that cat, making me wait for him. I swear i'm gonna smack him if he doesn't arrive in the next 5 minutes or so..." with that, she placed her hands behind her head, and waited for the Druid cat to arrive.
Dae rode through the the Valley of the Four Winds and the torrential rain, heading to Halfhill, her mount from a distance appeared to be a small turtle upon closer inspection however, the turtle was in fact made from paper, folded into a turtle and enchanted with several magical inks, a trick she had learned from the Panderan scribes on her journey.

After the shipwreck almost a month ago Dae traveled, learning the local Pandarian flora and seeking knowledge of the incredible scribe work offered in the nation, before she stumbled upon the Black Market of Panaria, she immediately had felt at home, while it seemed more 'honest' than what she was used to back in Dalaran, it was still more of a home than she had found. The few trinkets she had in her satchel had been quickly purchased by Pandaren thoroughly excited about the outside world, she had to fend off a few weapons collectors trying to buy Rose and Velvet from her.

But she had left the Black Market for now after reviving a letter from an old Pandaren Monk she had met during her first few weeks on the island, deciding to remain in his good graces she went off to the Tavern in Halfhill, her red hair, t-shirt, and pants considerably soaked by the downpour, she was glad she had opted not to wear her armor, the amount of work to dry it would be a royal pain.

She slide off her mount at the entrance to the tavern, she slowly slid a finger along a trail of ink on the turtle's shell, immediately the turtle folded down in size to a store-able height, Dae picked it up and stored it into her satchel before strolling into the inn. Entering the tavern she caught sight of Jio, the jovial Pandaren whose book on Pandarian plants was most useful, and two of the Alliance survivors who she never got their names of, one was a Human Death Knight, the other a Night Elf Druid.

"Jio, it's good to see you again and...let's see Lug and... Snow I believe." She said waving a hand towards the Pandaren behind the Bar before pointing a finger at the Death Knight first, then the Druid.
Dristis noticed the signs of a lie, but decided not to mention anything. Some things are best left to stay personal. He shook his head in response to Laviette's questions, "He's mentioned nothing more to me than he has you. As for the others, not so much. I was hoping others would stay in the village with me to keep tabs with each other, but it seems no such luck. I've enjoyed my time and exploration though. And the quiet," he said smirking. He held up his finder and a Pandaren brought a beer over to him. He took small sips on it and set it down.

"Do you think that we'll be moving out again? I have a feeling we're needed for something big..." He didn't worry over it. He sent his puppy Caesar to Archerus for one of his lower death knights to look over. He brings him in every now and then so he can get the attention he deserves, but it's too dangerous in this area for the puppy, 'maybe if he were bigger,' he thought to himself.

Just as he finished, the Blood Elf rogue entered, dressed in simple clothing, she still seemed to keep the playful nickname 'Lug' for the Death Knight. He nodded curtly and smirked, "Dristis, but I suppose Lug can work too." he said and lifted his drink at her, "How have you been, m'lady?"


Adrian was still atop his horse on the dock, watching the others who had shown up through his sunglasses. He smirked as it seemed the group was falling apart already. A druid screaming herself silly over a ghoul, and the owner of the ghoul awkwardly trying to apologize.

"This is already looking like it'll be brilliant," he said. A rather large woman arrived in the area and entered. She looked... awkward, for some reason. The Marksman couldn't place his finger on it, but shrugged it off. He slid off the saddle and led the horse onto the ship and tied it off to a railing. He grabbed his rifle and walked into the dining area, grabbed some food at sat at a table in the corner. He pulled one of his bottles of whiskey out and sat it on the table next to his bowl. He popped the cork out with his thumb and took a sip of it. The familiar burn bringing him closer to serenity. He ate the food slowly, trying to enjoy the slop they serve on ships as best he can, and watched the dining situation unfold, smirking a bit.
In the jungles of Pandaria, a dark shadow darted through the trees, whatever the shadow was it was stalking, and woe to the creature that was stalked by this particular shadow. Amber eyes, with hints of green peered out of the foliage, watching as the small rabbit like creature foraged for food, when the rabbit had it's back to it the shadow crept closer, until it was only a few feet behind the animal. Before it could react to it's prescence the shadow pounced, engulfing the creature, soon after all that could be heard was the crunch of bone, and the tearing of flesh, a nosie caused the, what was revealed to be a large cat, to perk it's head up it's mouth covered in blood. The cat smiled, and went back to it's meal, in what remained of Sammuroth Stormfury's mind disgust was the only emotion at what his body was doing. After his encounter with the Elven Witch, in the Pandaren village, he had fled to the wilderness, where he had remained, as far from civilization as he could get.

That isolation however, was exactly what the "other" had wanted, with no one to keep him in his own mind, he had slowly started to lose it, now he was more feral than ever, and it took all of his willpower to stop the "other" from taking over completely. Finishing it's meal the cat rose and returned to the shadows of trees. In the back of his mind the cat remembered an appointment he had with a certain someone, and so the cat once again found himself in the Pandaren village. Sniffing out his target and using the shadows of the building to keep hidden the cat got to the location of the smell, seeing his target on the roof, he leaped into a nearby tree, and watched the woman, "Kry...Krystala," the cat muttered, not completely sure why he had come here.
Psy felt a stab of pain as the woman said to stay away from her. 'I suppose it is to be epected' he thought as he saw her leave, 'After all she's probably right about me. Myabe I am nothing but a monster.' He put a sad smile on his face. "I cant even remember my own life" he mumbled, " for all I know, I could of been a mass murderer or some sick pervert then." Giving a sigh he sat down at an empty table and heard stone approch from behind. The corpse let out a gurgle. "No, I'm fine" answered Psy. Psy sat ther for a few more minutes until the cook came back out with some stew. "Where'd that elf girl go?" he asked. "She left a few minutes ago" answered the knight.

The cook nodded and gave him his food. Psy ate the food slowly, savoring its taste. He smiled as the smell gave him an inkling of a past memory, perhaps something from his childhood. Trying to grasp ahod of it he eventually failed. Giving a sigh he ate the rest of the food and got up. Going outside he went out to the back of the ship where there was an open area(opposite the deck) and looked up at the sky. The sun beat down on him but he didnt feel a thing. Thinking back on the druidess's reaction he thought about when he had first woken up as a death knight. Then all he wanted to do was kill everything in sight. All he saw was potential prey, but as soon as he woke up from te control he was hit by so much sadness, anger, and self pity it was crushing. Not to say he was the only one to feel such things but still it wasnt easy for him. He was like a newborn infant but with basic skills and an unquenchable bloodlust.

Looking back at the sky he decided to unwind a bit. Taking out a small knife he pulled out a small carving from his pcoket. It looked like the developing form of a person but there were yet to be any features. Looking back at the first dream he had had as a free death knight he recalled the face that had appeared. Petite mouth, small angled eys, long black hair and eyes that shone like emeralds. Who was it? He still didnt know but he still carved this girl whenever he was troubled. Stone mearly watched its master for a few moments before looking out to sea, its eyes becoming curious. "If you go in the water I'm not getting you" mumbled Psy. Immediatley Stone turned his curious gaze to a pile of rope and decided to look at that instead.
Krystala sighed "I can sense you, Cat, about time you got here" the little girl said, sitting up and fixing her bamboo hat "There is a Tavern in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms that we should head to, I expect you will probably be following me, so lets go then" with that, she picked up her sword and strapped it around her chest, then reached to pick of the shard and slip it away somewhere safe before leaping off the roof.

She landed lightly on her feet, muttering a few words of dark power under her breath, her feet suddenly catching alight with shadow flame. With that done, she began to run east ward to Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

-----------((Time skipping cause i'm lazy))----------------

Krystala arrived at the Tavern, standing from a distance away as she watched the Tavern "I wonder if the other do gooders are there as well....well...I'm kinda a do gooder now, so that's an unfair statement, but then again, what else would I call them? It's the only thing I really know them by". She sighed, looking up to see a amber leaf fall from a tree and towards her direction.

With a small childish hand, she reached up to grab it before holding it up to her face. She rubbed it between her fingers, admiring it's color and splendor before looking up to look at the forest she was in "Such beauty in this place....it's amazing...I really wish Pima was here to witness this with me, I think she would enjoy this place too" she smirked at the mention of the Priest's name, the Pandaren Shadow Priest that was the only one who showed trued kindness to her when she arrived in the village.

Sighing, she waited for a few more moments, wondering when Sam was going to show up.
The pandaren sat meditating atop a flattened rock. An aura of calm surrounded her, though like the monks she was not trained in the art of seeing it. Her specialty was darkness, shadow; to others outside of Pandaria, this may come as a shock to them, for the pandaren’s personality was the complete opposite of darkness and shadow, yet somehow it complimented her skills. She’d never viewed being a shadow priest as being a bad thing, or even remotely evil, as others may consider it. The art of delving into someone’s mind wasn’t something she did in cruelty, and often times it was only to prevent that person from hurting themselves or others. Creating, contorting, and becoming one with the shadows offered up a world of fun possibilities for the excitable girl.

Her bright green eye opened, and she squinted through it. She’d never claimed to have been good at meditating, though she still tried to do it once every day out of habit. Her lips puckered into an ‘o’, and she blew on a loose strand of hair tickling her nose. It fell back into place. She blew again. It fell back into place. With an impatient, though half-hearted sigh, the girl wiped her arm across her face, forcefully moving the strand away. A moment later, it fell back into place.
”You’re stubborn, aren’t you?” She glowered at the single strand. It dipped in the breeze as though mocking her.

It was exactly then, as she was having a war with a single strand of hair, that she heard voices. Instantly perplexed, the young but knowledgeable pandaren darted to her feet and scrambled with little grace over to the edge of the cliff to peek her nose over it and watch. Her friend, Krystala, sat atop a roof, seemingly waiting for something –or someone. It took the young pandaren a while to actually notice the white feline in the tree. At first she was confused and mystified, but then she remembered what Krystala had told her. The cat was a ‘druid’, and they had the ability to shift into other creatures. What an enticing and exciting thought. Krystala’s voice reached her, talking of a tavern in the Valley of the Four Winds.

Ears quivering in excitement, Pima ducked down as Krystala cast a spell and began to run off into the woods. She giggled, then rose her fingers to her lips and blew. A loud, sharp whistle rented into the air, and something rustled the leaves. ”Yulong!” She giggled, launching herself upon the equally playful cloud serpent. It squirmed for a little while until she finally climbed higher up on it and whispered into its ear, ”We’re gonna follow them, kay?” No more needed to be said, they took off through the forest, weaving through the trees and staying just far enough back to keep from being detected.

As they neared the plains, it became increasingly difficult to remain hidden in the air. They snaked low to the ground, skimming behind rocks and the odd tree. Coming to the town, Pima sharply steered Yulong behind a building, and hopped off, sending him away with a playful push on the nose. The onyx serpent zipped away to the mountains in the north. No matter how far away he went, he would always hear Pima’s call whenever she summoned him.

Crouching low along the other side of the building, Pima poked her head out, furry ears quivering as she grinned, looking at her friend, and giggled. Shooting her head back around side the corner, she crouched down, trying to suppress another bout of giggles.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dristis, Dae, Jio, Lavie
“Dae!” Jio proclaimed enthusiastically. Laviette suspected a crush. Then again, who wouldn’t; while blood elves and night elves generally had a vendetta against each other, she couldn’t deny that the blood elves had developed a particular beauty. “It’s good to see you again.” The male pandaren continued as he brought Dristis his drink. “Where have you been off to?” He questioned jovially. As far as blood elves went, Dae wasn’t so bad. Laviette had met worse.

She generally ignored the “Snow” nick-name thrust upon her by the blood elf, writing it off with a small smile that didn’t have the actual joy behind it that it should have. Her thoughts were far away, on a particular person she was beginning to fret she’d never see again. The thought was an agonizing one. It made it tempting to swim her way back. Too bad she’d be likely to become lost within the many ocean currents, too confused to go on, and end up drowning –even in her new orca form.

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