Misted Legends Reborn (IC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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"Damn it she left without responding. Well no reason to stick around here all day. Let's go find that evil spirit that she was talking about." Vynathlon said to the others walking off in Fei's opposite direction towards the rest of the unexplored parts of the temple.

"Before I came in, I sent some of my pets out to explore the rest of the temple so I think I might know of what there might be in here. Anyways, the entrance is over here follow me." Vynathlon said.

He then pulled out his runeblade Fury and pulled out a vial of green liquid. He uncorked it and poured about a third of it onto his blade, then put the vial back into his vial pouch.

"Anyone who dares to attack me is going to have a real treat after this." Vynathlon said quietly, loud enough for anyone near him to hear.
Sarinda and Arriana both jumped to there feet at the sound of the explosion, reaching for there weapons. The fact that everyone else wasn't perturbed was what made them sigh and sit back down. Then Fei got back up the moment they sat down and they got up, looking disgruntled. Sarindas head was spinning and she felt sick from listening to Fei, she couldn't understand how she was so calm about the return of the Sha. They followed her to the entrance of the temple, Arriana with a bizarre look on her face.

She told them to go in and that she couldn't go with them and they both got confused looks. But they just slid their weapons out and slipped inside the temple. Arriana grabbed Sarindas arm once they were inside "Please give me the easy idea of what the heck a sha is, not the confusing one." Sarinda caught her up on what exactly a sha was and realization covered her face. "Then lets get in here and kill some of these things." She muttered to Sarinda.

They didn't wait for anyone else before walking off into the temples depths. Arriana and Sarinda went right and ended up in a sort of library part of the temple. They waited looking around, trying to see what was happening inside it.

The Witch chuckled "Is that suppose to make me feel better, Death Knight?" she asked, glancing at the man from the corner of her eye as they walked towards the temple "When I met the pandaren, my insanity usually screams to me to strike out and absorb their knowledge and use it as my own...it was kinda my thing you could say. But after I met Pima, after everything she showed me and how I could control my Insanity and use it for good rather than just evil...I came to respect their race. Killing one now is almost like me losing a limb....well...emotionally anyway. But, then again, I guess it just comes down to getting used to it with all the things that are about to happen"

When she arrived at the temple, she followed Blondie and her Kaldorei friend shadowing their movements silently thanks to her soft cloth shoes. When the two stopped, the Kaldorei asking Blondie something, she didn't give the Priestess a chance to respond "The Sha are creatures that feed of negative emotions. If you had been listening, you would know that the Pandaren's First Emperor had banished his negative emotions and locked them under the lands....the Pandaren taught themselves to be rid of their negative emotions as well, thus, these creatures haven't been seen for many years...." when the temple shook again, slightly, she continued "Until now"

Krystala walked to stand in front of the two, smirking "The reason for this was...well..in a sense, us. In Azeroth we hungered for war; Anger, Fear, Doubt, these were the probably the only thing that we had in our lands. Pandaria, however, did not, not for a very long time. It is now that we come with those negative emotions that the Sha's prisons....are weakening, and so we have to deal with this one that is now threatening to destroy the Temple" she turned her head to glance at the two over her left shoulder, more looking at the Kaldorei "Does that answer your question?"


Shinaria had kept her distance from the Witch, watching from afar as she had spoke with the Death Knight. Following the girl inside the temple, she hanged back as she listened to her give a description of the Sha "Sounds like a tough cookie to beat" she said, walking to stand beside the human Priestess.

The Witch turned fulled to regard Shinaria for a few moments before smiling "More than you could imagin, Sparkles, mmmooorreee than you could imagine"
Dae followed the group into Fei's hut, after her chiding comment was ignored by the Holy Jailor, she listened quietly to Fei's tale of the sha as she slowly sipped the tea offered her That's not the way I had heard it, do these people really not know what resided in these lands before their kind? she thought a slight knowing smile on her face.

Krystala killing to Pandaren they had incapacitated earlier surprised Dae, she followed the Witch when she departed from the hut, along with a few others as they made preparations to enter the temple. "Didn't think you remembered how to take a life Little Witch, figured you'd gone soft around all these Pandaren." her voice was chiding again, she knew the Witch would likely not bite, but she was mildly curious about the change in her, before Dae knew she wouldn't have batted an eyelash at killing anyone, but know she was getting a little emotional about one little person.

Xiao Li:

Xiao followed Fei and the Foreigners, her inquisitive eyes moved from one to another as she sipped her tea taking in details about them.

Many of them were tall and pointy eared, while at least one was shorter and lacked the pointed ears. And several of them gave her very uneasy feeling, from the eerie pale blue eyes, to the large menacing plate armor These are not normal people...there's something...unnatural about them. she thought before her eyes fell upon what looked like a walking skeleton, she was rather disturbed at the sight of him, though her face did not show it What magics could possibly do such a thing?

Li rose with and exited the hut before the Pandaren was killed, to retrieve her pack from her turtle, she would not sit idly by while the sha threatened her homeland, though she still wondered how she would communicate with the foreigners, she had only ever learned a few words of a language Master Chen called 'common' she doubted it would help in any real conversation, Perhaps one of them might have learned our tongue while they were hear. Or perhaps Pima could translate. she thought as she climbed the temple steps again. In time to see Fei leading the Foreigners to the entrance of the temple. Li picked up her pace to catch up, falling in the back of the procession.
Dristis and Adrian stared, unmoved by the Pandarens death. It would have had to be done sooner or later. They made brief eye contact, and Dristis turned to Sarinda talking to him about not sparing Vyn next time.

"You just let me handle him. Tunnel vision gets the best of all of us at some point." He said. They stood up and followed Fei to the temple, explosions and tremors moving the land as the Sha grew in strength. Adrian was near-giddy at the fact of fighting again. He was fasinated by these Sha creatures.

While Adrian scanned in wonder. Dristis noticed one of the Pandaren staring at him and the other death knights.

"Have the Pandaren never seen a child of necromancy before?" He asked the others.

The entourage began down into the temple. Adrian charged a round into battery, and Dristis had his runesword drawn for any conflict they faced ahead.

"Once more unto the breach," Dristis said.
Lineron continued following Krystala until they got to the priest and her night elf friend and laughed when the little elf girl followed them and commented on the Sha. "Yes, now then I assume I am going to have to be the one to go in there and more then likely get ambushed by tons of Sha. If not well then I volunteer. I do oh so enjoy killing them." He then walked into what appeared to be a library of sorts stood in the middle of the room with Bonereaper at his side. "This is too quite even for a library...." He then walked over to a scroll and picked it up and saw that it had the language of the pandaren along with drawings. "Huh...must be a story or something....is that a fish?" He then looked more closely at the picture and saw that it was moving. ".....Bonereaper I think your ghoul blood did something to me because that fish in the picture is moving." He then held the picture to Bonereaper. "Me....see it...too master." He then looked the picture more closely and saw little creatures appear on the picture that were attacking the fish. "Is this were I start burning it?" It then launched it self out of his hands and then stoped in the center of the room then flashed a white light and what stood after the light was the fish from the picture...only it was the size of a shark, had sharp teeth, looked more beastly, had white pits for eyes, and was also floating in mid air.

".....Of all the forms you Sha had to take....it had to be a giant goldfish?" The Sha/fish thing then looked at Lineron with its white pits for eyes and spoke in a demonic voice. "What you did to all those people was your fault. There deaths, there anguish, there pain. All of it your fault. Succumb to insanity for it is all you have left." Lineron then looked at the Sha fish with a look as if he just insulted him and he actually found it funny. "....hu..AHAHAHAHAHAH! OH BY THE NETHER THAT WAS FUNNY! A MONSTROSITY OF NATURE AND CREATION TELLING ME! A DEATH KNIGHT! ABOUT HOW I AM A MONSTER AND SHOULD JUST SUCCUMB TO IT! AHAHAHAAH" He started laughing hysterically. "OH YOU KNOW WHAT...How about this? I kill you, then kill your boss, and then kill your other incarnations of emotion, and then I go to Strangelthorn, lay on a chair while sipping on a goblin martini, watching the sunset and laugh at how pitiful and weak your were when I killed you and all of your cousins!" He then put on a insane smile and pulled out his runeblade and a green aura started coming out from him. The Sha fish then charged at him with its teeth bared and Lineron then side steped out of the way and slashed at its fin cutting it. It then slapped Lineron with its tail causing him to stagger backwards. "ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED RIGHT NOW!" He yelled to his companions.
Sarinda gave the witch an annoyed look. Arriana listened to her then said. "Thanks but I'm not going to listen to someone who looks like their 12." With that she turned to Sarinda and said "Come on, these guys seem to have this way covered." Arriana sprinted off in the other direction, holding her black cloth hood over her head, shadowing her face. Sarinda followed her with her staff at the ready.

They wound up at the other end of the temple. Arriana gasped at the intricite mazes of water flowing through this part of the temple. There was a blue light in the air. Sarinda was more focused on the water elementals, they didn't match the water like they should of. They were a dark purple and bigger then usual elementals. Sarinda smacked Arrianas arm with her hand. She jumped and glared at her. Sarinda pointed at the elementals.

"Ohhhhhhh...." Arriana said before pulling her bow out. No sooner then that a corrupted elemental was charging towards them. Arriana let the arrow fly and the water elemental was barely phased by it. one of Sarindas holy spears flew from the ceilings into it and the elemental faltered. It shot a purple bolt of water out at Arriana and Sarinda put a barrier up. They continued fighting, slowly pushing their way into the room.
Vynathlon entered some kind of library. He'd seen enough places that the details all blended together, he didn't care. Some other Death Knight in the group, whom he thinks is called Lineron saw some giant demonic fish monster talk to him.

That death knight must really be insane to respond to it like that. Good thing I didn't attack him instead of Dristis. Vynathlon thought to himself. Lineron striked the fish at his fin only resulting in a cut.

"Really Lineron? That's all you could do in a single strike? Let me show you how a real death knight does it."

Vynathlon said walking up to the fish monster. He unsheathed his sword, quickly ran his hand along the surface of the sword and the runes lit up, illuminating the green coating he put on the sword. He ran towards the fish monster, jumped to its side, avoiding its jaws and quickly slashed at its other fin, cutting it and making the cut infected, to the point that it was green with the hint of decay as well. The fish monster seemed to be in pain, but tried to ignore the infected wound.

Strange, this fish must be more powerful than any of the test subjects I've used, if he hasn't died from that attack. Vynathlon grimly thought to himself as he waited for someone else to attack him.
Coron & Asharagosa

The Druid and his 'High elven' friend walked into the temple, Coron looking around with an impressed look on his face "Damn....this place is...is...I don't even have words to discribe this place, it's beautiful". Ash let out a small chuckle "You could say that.....it's fantastic...wait, did you hear that?" The two had just caught sight of the Kaldorei woman and her human friend running down a corridor, Ash turned to Coron and nodded "I'll go with them, you go with the others, yea?". The Talon nodded, the woman taking a few steps forward, not taking her eyes off him for a few moments before turning to dash in the direction the two women left in.

Watching her leave, Coron caught sight of the remaining members of the group and began to walk towards them.


Shinaria turned to greet the Kaldorei man with a smile "Glade you could join us, Kaldorei....I don't think I ever caught your name" she said, her voice musical and gentle. Core gave the woman a small bow "Coron Moonblade, Druid of the Talon..." he turned to look at the small child, who's attention seemed to turn towards the sounds of combat inside the Library ahead "What about you, child?".

Krystala didn't answer, instead she just ran off in the directon of the library, Shinaria's voice explaining to the Druid ringining in her ears "She is known as Krystala Dawnshadow, the Elven Witch....". She ignored them for the time being, running into the library to catch sight of Vyn and Lin fighting what seemed to be some kind of Sha looking fish "What on earth....Vyn you idiot! Sha aren't effected by bloody diseases!" she shouted, pulling out her sword and taking a stance.

Muttering a few words under her breath, her sword began to shimmer, black and white smoke beginning to seep from the blade as if it sensed the presence of the Sha infront of her. It was then she charged, shadow flame suddenly errupting from her, but instead of it being purple, it was black and white. The flames increased the movement of her speed as she ran towards the beast, where she leaped into the air over the Death knights and landed infront of the Sha creature. She didn't stop there thought, Krystala then rushed forward, a trail of black and white smoke would be left behind by her sword as she made a sudden blur of movement towards the Sha and then onto the other side.

The Sha would have stayed there for a moment, wondering what the girl had just done before it let out a blood curdling roar and burst into black and white globs which somewhat resembled blood. Before they could hit the floor, however, they floated in mid air and slowly evaporated into mist, which was then sucked into the sword.

The small Witch stood up from her crouching position, holding her sword up to collect the Sha's essence and twirl it before sliding it back into place "Pathetic as usual...." she would say, walking forward to inspect the library "Sha wont be effected by most plagues as most would think....I would suggest sticking with frost and blood spells for now. Or you can find a way to make them effected by it...it was just a suggestion". And with that, she continued down the library humming to a tune in her head.

Mean while, Coron had turned his attention to the rogue (Dae) and regarded her with a curious stare "And what's your story, Sin'dorei....how did you come to be lost in these lands? And what do you know of it?"


Ash had managed to catch up with the two mortals, watching as they had begun fighting corrupted water elements. Pulling out Spellwave, she twirled the large weapon in her hand before rushing forward to join the fray, cutting down two of the Water elementals with her polearm before leaping back to stand next to the two "Looked like you guys were having to much fun here, so I decided to join the fun, hope you guys don't mind, do you?"she asked, trusting her polearm into another water elemental as she waited for their response.
”Anyone who dares attack me is going to have a real treat after this.” The forsaken muttered. Althmyst’s eyes sparked, a smirk coming across her lips as she walked only just close enough to whisper in his ear.
”Oh really?” It was some nasty combination of a hiss and a purr, her lips twitching back to reveal her white teeth in disgust as she leaned away, folding her arms. Her eyes blazed unconstrained by the glasses that now lay broken in her bag, and she turned them to the Temple before them, clearing her throat casually. Everyone seemed intent on entering. Giving a nod to Fei, she pulled her sword from its sheath with an audible hiss, and marched into the Temple with the others. Noting another dragon part with her companion, she turned to Laviette, ”I will head to the Library with the others, follow those three down the left corridor.”

The night elf nodded, balling her hands into fists as she followed the other three, keeping her wits about her as she descended a decorative ramp to the sounds of fighting.
The corded muscles in her legs tightened as she rounded a corner to find the remnants of a sha being sucked away by the Elven Witch. There didn’t seem to be any more immediate danger, however her weapons remained out as she gazed around the elaborate room. They were currently on the top floor; a balcony, really, that overlooked the majority of the library below. The walls were lined with books and scrolls, and for a moment Althmyst felt her breath taken away. She longed to tentatively reach out and touch them, however restrained herself if only for the comfort of keeping her defence –and the others’- in her hands. Not much of a book worm, Althmyst was surprised by her fancy of the books; she’d always placed the majority of her time and confidence in something she could physically wield against her foes. While she hadn’t neglected her studies so much so she didn’t understand the basics of healing and spewing fire from her mouth without burning her skin, she was far from a master. After all, you didn’t need to be good in math to add two and two.

She paused at a particularly long scroll with strange writings and pictures on it. ”It’s an ancient fighting style of my ancestors.” A voice sounded behind her. She jumped, turning to watch the female pandaren behind her; Pima, she believed her name to be. Althmyst was never good with names. Blinking, she returned her gaze to the drawings. ”Before the mogu took our weapons from us, we were quite skilled warriors, however we didn’t regard fighting the way you do now; we still don’t. Fighting is an art to us, a test of endurance and skill, and above all...” She paused to giggle, ”An excellent way to work off all of those calories.” Without another word, Pima sauntered off, using her shadow staff as a walking stick as she caught up with her friend Krystala, beckoning for her other pandaren friend to follow.

Althmyst returned her eyes to the scroll. Intricate fighting positions were portrayed; strange wing-like fans were in the pandaren’s hands. Blades decorated the webbing, making it both beautiful and deadly. Next to the scroll rested a small glass shelf, protecting a spread fan inside. ”Their fighting style strangely reminds me of a rogue...” She murmured, gazing intently at the object.
Water splashed into her face, and Laviette glared at the strange water elemental before her. The bear had the most unimpressed look upon its face it could possibly muster. The ground rumbled below her, and suddenly she was shot into the air on a water geyser. The droplets seemed to harden and stab through her thick hide. She let loose with a roar of pain as she fell to the ground, blood slowly seeping through her white fur. The bear picked itself up, shaking its head violently before charging at the elemental, mangling it with her claws and shredding into it with her teeth. A horrific snarl echoed around the halls as she burst her way through the dying remains of the elemental.

She snorted, blood shooting from her nostrils as she paced towards the three, glancing up at them. Her bear-like head turned as yet another water elemental descended upon them, spine-chilling words curled down the hall.
”What are you mortals doing in the sacred Temple of the Jaded Serpent?” It hissed. ”Come to steal artifacts? Scrolls? Power? Or are you after the Jaded Serpent herself?” The voice quivered in fury, and a second water elemental charged down the hall to them.

Laviette stood as she swiped her claws through the two creatures, dealing just enough damage to them to attract their attention. As spikes of water shot into her coat, she barged through them, leaving a wake of water as the elementals turned and raked claws down her back. She clearly cared not, for her response was a roar of defiance as she brought her huge body up and raked huge gouges along one of the elementals.

Sesiou paced his chamber, seething at the heroes’ progress down the chamber. Throwing his webbed hands into the air, more water elementals sprang up to do his bidding. ”Kill them. Do not let them take anything!” He yelled, pointing a clawed finger to the chambers. Tentacles of freezing water geysered around him, writhing and daring any to come close.

Ash would have probably been a killing machine. Though she prefered useing a combination of fire and arcane magic, it still didn't mean she didn't know any frost magic at all. Being one as old as her, she would have easily cut down many water elementals. Charging at three water elementals, she rammed the blade of her polearm into the ground and used it to throw herself over them, dodging their attacks as she landed behind them. Then, with one hand, she took her polearm and swung it through the tree, cutting them down with deadly ease.

She had taken noticed of the fish looking man down the hall, the source of the Water elementals. If she took care of him, the water elementals would crumble, question was the type of magic he was using. Ash may have heard rumors of these kinds of races, but have never truely seen them in combat because she didn't really concern herself with them, however now she had no choice.

Twirling her polearm, she let out a battle cry as she charged towards the fish creature, cuting down and blasting water elementals as she ran towards him. Two other water elementals came to block her way, Ash snapping her fingers and sending a blue spark towards them. When the blue spark struck, it exploaded into a mixture of arcane and flame, which made the flame blue.

Ash leaped through the wall of dying flame and landed some distance away from the creature and raised her weapon, reading herself for any more attacks "Stop, we are not here to hurt you. If you presist with your attacks we will have no choice but to attack you. Please.Stop!"
Arianna gave up on the arrows and pulled out get silver knifes and stabbed it into an elemental. More people showed up out of nowhere and started fighting. Sarinda looked and saw a fish man at the end of the Hall. They started making their way to it. A geyser of water suddenly blasted Arianna against the wall. Sarinda smashed her staff into the elemental and ran over to Arianna. She just stood up looking like she had to much to drink.

She shook her head after running into the wall and looked around a little dizzy. "Lets go!" She said starting to run again. Sarinda brought a group of spears down on the elementals charging at them. Arianna pulled out her bow and aimed at the fish guy "Don't try to reason with him, he isn't himself!" She shouted.
Dristis and Adrian stared at the two different directions to go, puzzled.

Left, right, left, right.

They looked at each other and followed the sounds of combat. They turned a corner and Adrian was blasted by a bolt of water, throwing him into a wall. Dristis looked down and him, soaked and baffled at what just happened and turned to see another blast of water, shards of ice inlaid. He brought his plated fist up and a wall of ice formed, stopping the water where it was and collapsed to the ground. He hoisted his brother to his feet and clapped his back, drawing his runesword and running towards the elementals.

He stopped and swung his blade in a circle, nothing seemingly happening at first, but soon after, the water Elementals were frozen in place on the ground. He picked one to focus his attacks on, dodging its swings and freezing its arms and water blasts immediately as they happened. This was nearly child's play for a Frost mastered death knight. He laughed the entire time, "This isn't even a challenge" he said, "When can we fight real enemies?" He ran his sword through an enemy, staggering it and leaving it open to be finished.

After Adrian was lifted, he drew his rifle, walked to a corner and put his palm on the wall, his thumb sticking out and perching his rifle on his thumb and index finger. Resting his cheek on the stock, he lined his eye up with his scope, and switched the safety catch to 'fire'. He gently placed his finger on the trigger, centering his crosshair on the center-mass of an elemental.

'Deep breath in, slow exhale... natural pause...' he thought to himself. On the natural pause between breaths, he squeezed the trigger. The sound barrier ripped as the slug propelled forward into the chest of the elemental. Almost immediately, a follow up shot. Another to the chest, and finally one to the head, finishing the elemental. He focused more on a distracting attack now, as most of the others had an elemental occupied. Round after round, the sound was deafening, bouncing off the walls of the temple, his ears already ringing.
When the Fei didn't answer Lori hung her head in disappointment, she obviously wouldn't know her shan'do's whereabouts, "Well I guess the only thing to do then is to enter the temple with the others." She had fallen far behind luckily she had taken note of which direction the others had gone, deciding she felt safer around the Sin'dorei priestess she opted to go that way. While she walked she assumed her feline form, and stealthed, her shan'do had always taught to take the enemy down before you were noticed, it gave the greatest chance of success and a smaller likelihood that you would be injured. Not that she was afraid of the others, other than the Death Knights, but she still couldn't be too careful, at least that's what her shan'do had said, Sammuroth Stormfury was a hard man to earn trust from, even for Lori. When you did earn his trust and friendship however, he would die to defend you, that was just the kind of man he was, and Lori knew had it not been for his curse he probably would have found a good and loving wife, and whatever woman snatched up Sammuroth Stormfury would be lucky indeed.

The girl came upon the group looking over some kind of scroll, she didn't want to interrupt them as they seemed to be studying it intently. From the looks of the place she had just missed a fight, works for me, shan'do always said that a battle avoided was a victory in and of itself. She decided to lurk behind a bookshelf until the others moved on.
"You wish to see my skills brother? VERY WELL!" He tried to charge towards the Sha fish with his runeblade but Krystala appeared in front of him and killed the fish before he had a chance. "Wow....your fast." He just stared at the girl. "Anyway...I don't think we should be opening up any more scrolls unless your sword there is still feeling hungry." He then sheathed his runeblade and the green aura receded from him. He then noticed one of the group opening up a scroll and reading it. "WHAT DID I JUST SAY! Ah, screw it. Go on and keep on opening up the books and scrolls that want to kill us." He then started rubbing his eyes in annoyance. "So...where do we go now anyway?" Bonereaper then tugged on his master's arm.
"Master....mean girl...followed us." Bonereaper was pointing towards the hallway the entered from. Which no one was there.
"Your seeing things, Bonereaper." He then turned back towards Krystala.
Bonereaper then sighed and then walked towards where he saw her. "Me...know me...saw her..."
Lori saw the ghoul approaching her location, go away, you disgusting ghoul, leave me alone, figures I had to follow that Death Knight's group. She picked her way around fallen books to get to the other end of the shelf, and quickly slipped around the corner, hopefully the ghoul wouldn't follow her, or the Death Knight would call him back. She wanted to stay hidden for now, and she wouldn't let a brain dead ghoul blow her cover, as she was trying to escape from the ghoul, the girl accidentally kicked a fallen scroll which went skidding across the floor. She held her breath as she tried to hide behind, the bookshelf, hoping no one noticed, or shrugged it off as something else.
Dae followed the Druid into the library, apparently they both had arrived late to the party, as one of the Death Knights had already killed the enemies residing there Just as well she thought I'd wouldn't have been much use, not being able to stealth

She purused the vast collection of books glancing at each cover, not finding anything of particular interest, no worthwhile information. That is until she spotted the red haired human looking at something walking up behind her she saw a long scroll depicting an intricate combat style, utilizing fan like weapons. The style seemed complex at first, but at the same time beutifully graceful, Dae could see the subtlties that those not well versed in stealth arts could, the slight change in footing from one picture to another, the minor tilt of the fan during subsequent strikes.

"The flow is certainly that of a shadow walker." She commented aloud, her eyes falling on the fan, a sly smile crossed her face. She would wait until the human moved on before doing anything, but she had a plan, and if all else fails it would make a shiny copper on the Black Market.
Bonereaper heard the scroll fall and went to go see it. He then picked it up and started looking at all the pictures. "Ooooh...birdy look....delicious...master want...see this." He then ran back to Lineron carrying the scroll with him. "Master...look what....I found." He then showed his master the picture of the bird just as it was getting attacked by shadowy creatures.
"Bonereaper...." He then looked very disapprovingly at his ghoul.
"Yes....master?" Bonereaper still had a smile on his face.
"I hate you sometimes. I really do. EVERYONE GET DOWN!" He then pushed Krystala out of the way and jumped towards where he pushed her. Then the flashed a white light in front of Bonereaper and what stood was a very ugly looking crane/bird/Sha thing with it's feathers all matted looking, it being 7 feet tall, white pits for eyes, talons on its feet, and its very pointy beak that would be very advisable to not get hit with. "OH COME ON! WE JUST KILLED ONE OF YOU!" Lineron got up then unsheathed his runeblade. "The people yo-" Lineron interrupted it before it could continue. "SHUT UP AND DIE SCUM!" He then charged the Sha-bird and it tried to peck at him with its pointy beak but he grabbed its neck and then thrust it into the ground making sure it was stuck in there. He then stomped on its neck breaking it then looked back Krystala. "I think your sword right there is hungry." He then pointed to Krystala's sword.

Krystala would have been walking through the Library, looking at all the books and scrolls that were stacked high on shelves. It was a haven of knowledge and wisdom, a place to learn and study, a place she would enjoy greatly. Her foot hit something, looking down, Krystala saw that ti was a scroll that had not beed there before and had some how was kicked towards her "Sha?" she whispered to herself before she began to bend over to pick it up. It was before she could even wrap her fingers around the scroll that she was pushed away by Lin and landed flat on her stomach with a loud "OOF!"

Growling, the girl got up and dusted off her black traditional robes that the Pandaren made for her, now annoyed that the Death Knight had pushed her over. Turning around, she saw why Lin had pushed her; yet another Sha creature had errupted from a scroll. When the Death Knight mentioned her sword, she muttered angry curses under her breath and pulled the sword out in one fluid movement, the sword making a magic hum as it passed through the air.

Taking a stance, she held the sword in a way that the tip of the blade would just touch the ground behind her. Then, muttering a spell, she suddenly surged forward through the Sha and onto the other side of it. The Sha burst into it's dark energy and was absorbed into the blade, which Krystala, who was still having difficulty trying to get used to putting it back into it's sheath because it was so long, slid back into place. When the essence of the Sha was absorbed, she turned to glare daggers at the Death Knight "Be warned, Death Knight, the next time you dare push me with out warning, I'll beat you senseless, got it!?" she said in a sturn and venomus tone.

Not waiting for an answer, she turned to find a nice quiet spot where she wont be interupted by the foolish Death Knight or those like him.

Coron & Shinaria

As Core, Dae and Shinaria walked into the Library, Core waited for the rogue to leave before whispering to the Priestess "So what's with the rogue? She seems..." Shinaria looked away from a painting to look at the Talon "A bit unfriendly? Yea, that's Dae....you could say she and I never really got on the right footing when we had to worn together....mostly because I shot her with a Holy bolt" she shrugged, turning her Emerald gaze to where Dae was standing now "She's a theif, a thug, she steals items and takes them back to sell. You could say she's made a fine art of it..."

Coron also looked to the Rogue, noting her looking at the fan in the display case "That would explain why she is stareing so intently at that display case over there..." he muttered. The Jailor blinked "How could you tell?" Core chuckled "I look hard enough" and with that, he walked off in the woman's direction. Shinaria stood there, confused and baffled by what he had said. Sighing, she shook her head and continued around the Library, ignoreing the squabbling of Krystala and the Death Knight.


Core approached the woman silently, carefully making his way to stand beside the woman, keeping a safe distance while he did so of course. He looked at the fan in the display case and it's design, taking note on how well crafted it was, it looked like it could almost be used for a weapon if used in the right hands. Staying alert of who he was standing near, he spoke, choosing his words carefully "So how much do you think it's worth, Sin'dorei" he said, keeping his voice low so only the woman could hear him "You stare at it as if it's worth taking...probably earn a decent copper or more on it...that is what you do, no?"

Not waiting for an answer, he continued "Would even care consider what traps might have been laid when you try to steal it? Possibly release something a lot more dangerous that the lowly Sha that the Death Knight releases with the scrolls? I would think you have, and that is the reason why it's worth taking...." smirking under his mask he glanced at the Rogue from the corner of his eye, his Amber eyes looking to her green ones "So....how much...is it worth?"

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