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Dristis slumped his shoulders as the ice dragon was killed. It's final thought rang through his head. He let his weapon hang slack and removed his helmet. He turned to see the others, fixing wounds, recollecting themselves. He turned to see his brother, now healed with his rifle posted on the wall, having been shooting the creature. He trudged through the water, knocking the floating pieces of ice away from his path and joined his brother.

"Feeling better?" he asked him.

"Yeah, little sore and tight, but it isn't the first time I've been near mortally wounded." he smirked and released the magazine from his rifle. He put the empty magazine in a pouch hanging off his belt, filled with other empty magazines. He grabbed a new one from a separate pouch and locked it into the magazine well, dropping a new round into battery, "now what are we going to fight? Seems to be just one thing after another," he said loudly to the rest of the group. He had a slight limp now as he joined the rest of the group with his brother in the pools. He slung his rifle over his shoulder and leaned up against a pillar.
Sarinda watched has the dragon died and thoughts echoed through her head. She was now almost knee deep in water has it streamed down the hall toward the entrance to the temple. She watched the Jinyus staff float by her and lunged for it. She slipped on the icy floor and fell into the freezing water face first. She held on to the staff with one hand and grabbed a wall before she started slding down the hallway.

Arriana watched the dragon die with her usual smirk when she killed something she hated. She watched Sarinda get up even more soaked and freezing then before. She was holding the staff and leaning against the wall watching the icy chunks flow past, one sticking out of her arm. She let out a groan and yanked it out with a gasp. She healed the cut for a minute and walked towards the group with the staff in her hand, her other strapped to her back.

Arriana put her bow back in place and pulled her black hood up. SAhe looked her reflection up and down in the water that ran past her. She had tears in her cloth armor and it was soaking wet. "I'm not gonna need a wash for awhile." She told Sarinda, brushing her tangled up hair. Sarinda walked up to the group and waved the Jinyus staff. "Anyone have any ideas what to do with this?" She asked.
Dae heard the sounds of battle, she opened her eyes to see the group engaging three rather disgusting creatures. They seem to be handling things well enough she thought slipping into the shadow's embrace. The group made short work of the creatures, bringing them down with little trouble. As the creatures fell, their blood began to evaporate into a noxious green mist once it came into contact with the tile floor Poison! Dae quickly reached pulled out her mask, it was designed to filter toxins to allow her to move through unhindered so long as it was ingested toxin.

Dae stayed close to the group as they made their way out of the lower library, away from the gas, it was not the end of their problems however, the audible sound of wood on bone was heard, Dae turned to see a group of Pandaren monks, one of which had just brought his staff down on Pima's head. Dae's green eyes gleamed They're our enemies, I can kill my enemies she didn't hesitate, slipping through the shadows, she appeared behind one of the monks “Rip, Rose” she muttered, before sliding her dagger across the Pandaren's throat, the hooked barbs of her dagger ripping through the furry neck. The Pandaren fell gasping for breath causing blood to gush out the wound, she spun and thrust her second dagger into the gut of another monk, the unnaturally sharp blade easily piercing the leather armor, she deliberately twisted the blade in a half circle before pulling it out, the monk fell to his knee's clutching to profusely bleeding wound. “Come on am I the only one whose going to take them out?” She chided, her voice distorted slightly by her mask, but not enough to hide the obvious excitement in her voice.

Xian Li:

Xian looked quizzically from one hallway to the other uncertain which way to follow, she had gotten herself caught up in the awe inspiring Jade Temple she failed to notice the foreigners had move from the entrance, now she was unsure which hallway they had taken.

A loud echoing boom came from the left corridor, That must be them she thought hurrying down the corridor, she followed the echoing booms, until they suddenly stopped, she rounded to corner into a beautiful fountain room, no littered with large puddles of water, shards of ice, and corpses of Jinyu, several of the foreigners sat slumped against wall obviously catching their breath in the aftermath of battle, she jogged over to two of them, one had a strange contraption slung over his back, while the other had those strange cold blue eyes. She paused upon reaching them, “You...Ok?” she asked in slow deliberate common.
Well I guess talking is out of the question now, not that there was ever much hope for it in the first place, Lori was disgusted by the obvious excitement the rogue seemed to be gaining from the killing. The druidess snuck next to one of the monks who had his attention on the rogue, she quickly bit into the Pandaren's ankle severing his achilles tendon. The monk quickly fell screaming in pain, and Lori was quick to clamp her feline jaws around his throat to silence him forever. "Sorry about this, I know you are not in your right mind, but I am not going to let anyone stand in the way of me finding my shan'do." She turned her attention to the rest of the monks, tears in her eyes, these were not bad people, they didn't deserve such a fate, but there was no other choice. She charged at another monk, this one tried to smack at her with his staff, but Lori just leaped over the strike, and punced onto the Panda's chest her claws ripping him apart.

As the monk died Lori swore under her breath, "I swear I will make these Sha pay for this, if it's the last thing I do." She returned her attention the other monks who began to close in on the group, hate filling their eyes.
When the poison gas started coming from the monster's blood Lineron started to feel dizzy and his chest started hurting. "Wow....haven't felt like this in...AH, awhile...." Bonereaper then came up to Lineron also looking as if he was about to hurl.
"Master.....me no...feel good..." Bonereaper then started literally grabbing his stomach which was slowly dissolving.
"Yeah me too....lets get out of here. AH, by the nether my chest." Lineron then started walking to the stairs and saw that the human had fallen over but was still alive. "Ah....curse you morality. Alright, lets get you up." Lineron then put her arm around his neck and helped her to the top of the stairs where the gas had not gotten too and set her down. "Well now that ordeal is ov-" He then heard the sound of wood hitting onto bone and then looked over and saw that a group of pandaren appeared and had already hurt Pima. "Oh good more people that wish to kill us....lets get this over with shall we?" He then got up, put on a insane smile, and unsheathed his runeblade with his green aura erupting from him. Then saw the rogue and Lori take care of three of the pandaren. "That is what I like about stealthy types! You always catch them by surprise!" One of the pandaren then charged towards Lineron but the suddenly Bonereaper jumped from behind Lineron and pounced towards the pandaren and then biting into his neck.
"BEAR MAN TASTY! EEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHE!" Bonereaper then jumped off the pandaren to let it bleed out. "We.....plays now....master?" Bonereaper then smiled with childish glee.
"Oh, yes Bonereaper. But these will break easily. Save your strength for the Sha." Lineron then stabed his runeblade into the ground and beckoned the pandaren to come and attack him. "Come then! I bet not one of you is willing to try and fight me!" A pandaren in the group then put on a angry face and fly towards him hoping to kick him, but Lineron sidestepped and grabed the pandaren by its neck. "Lets try and release you from your torment, eh?" The pandaren then spat in his face. "We sha-" Lineron then snapped its neck. He would have died quickly. He then picked up his runeblade and put on a insane grin. "Who's next?" He then felt his chest start hurting again. "AH! BY THE NETHER!" He then started vomiting very tainted looking blood. "How....damn.... inconvenient....". He then motioned Bonereaper to defend him until he could regain his strength.
"Yes....master....me defend....till end..." Bonereaper then stood in front of Lineron and started growling at the pandaren.
Their energies churned like endless pits of dark sustenance. It had been so long since It had fed, truly fed. The great dark creature hungered for all of the things that made them second guess themselves; It wanted those feelings to fester and grow, so It too could grow. It would grow in strength and size, until Doubt churned the thoughts of every creature here on Pandaria... Until It could help free Its brothers... Until they could once again join to unleash such power that has been forgotten by all but those who once worshiped them, and still remain their faithful servant. The massive sha’s body trembled in excitement. Soon their Doubts would consume them... and then Azeroth would once again be Their’s.

Her body was shaking involuntarily from the cold. It wasn’t something she could help; the water had soaked her fur, and now it leached through her skin and chilled her to the very bone. No amount of muscle or fat could keep it at bay. Her breathing was deep and ragged, skipping beats and shuddering in time with her body. All she could do was stand there, staring with empty eyes as the remnants of the dragon’s icy hide either trickled over the slope or gradually came to a rest on the tiles as the water eventually drained from the rise in the room. Eventually she blinked and she gritted her teeth, trying in vain to seize complete control of her muscles and stop the shivering. Her body gave a rebellious shudder, and she gave up; she was too tired to fight even against herself.

The large white bear looked up and at the others dully. Rest would be a welcome thing right now, but she knew she must go on... if only for Althmyst.
“You...Ok?” Laviette looked over to the pandaren and gave a weary nod. Swallowing, she cleared her throat as though she were going to speak, however the sound did not come from her throat. It was clear that her closed lips uttered no words, yet everyone could hear her as though she’d spoken to them. ’We should keep going. There is still much work to be done.’ With a grunt the large bear forced her sore and battered body to move, albeit slowly. Once she’d forced herself onwards a few paces, the act of moving became easier, and she was able to shut her mind off and simply walk onwards.

Stopping apparently became difficult, it was something she learned when she paused in front of the priestess and looked up at her. ’Keep it. I’m sure none of the rest of us have any use for it. Perhaps it will come in handy again.’ With that she turned and continued, using only the force of her will to continue on.
“Ah... curse you mortality.” The death knight commented beside her. Even with the coughing and burning in her chest, Althmyst couldn’t help but smile at the comment. Yes, mortality. While dragons were never immortal in the sense that they couldn’t be killed, aging had never before been a concern. What would happen now that the Aspects had lost their immortality, she knew not, but she didn’t feel herself growing older any faster than she had before. All that was certain was that her answer could only be given to her in time. She allowed for him to swing her arm around his neck and help pull her from the choking gas. Her hand still clutched her sword, and once they were out of the gas, she knelt, gasping greedily for breath.

If they thought their problems were over with those abominations, then they would’ve been sorely mistaken. As the sound of the staff cracking on the pandaren’s head reached her ears, Althmyst gritted her teeth and gripped her sword harder, the chain mail softly screeching against itself from the pressure. When a jinyu approached to dispatch her she made her move. She seemed to move in a blur, and to her, it felt as though the world had slowed. She wondered mildly if this was what the bronze dragons felt when they manipulated time, this slow and precise moment where every minute detail seemed to scream to her and her deadly calculations sealed the fate of her opponent. As her sword pushed through each layer of tissue, as skin, fat, and muscle gave way to her blade, she could feel the ripples of the fish man’s poor body armour as it slid through. The sensation rippled up from the handle, through her gloves, and to her finger tips until she felt the jar of the blade connecting with hard bone. The resistance was futile. By now blood was slowly seeping from the wound, and as though someone had suddenly pushed the ‘play’ button, the head fell to the ground.

The gaping fish mouth would’ve been comical, if not for the rise of bile in the woman’s throat. She stared down motionlessly at the corpse, her limbs feeling heavy, her heart feeling heavy. Suddenly her years came crashing down on her, and she felt so very weary; she wasn’t even that old for a dragon. Her shallow breathing broke its cycle as she took a breath and looked up. The others had dispatched the other monks. Althmyst wanted to vomit. Flicking the blood from her sword, she wiped it on the dead jinyu’s robes and with a hiss the obedient weapon returned to its scabbard.

Her burning eyes looked to the others. ”Let us be done with this.” The ragged sound of her voice cut through the momentary silence; it had sounded more like a growl. Her chain mail clinked as she stepped over the body and walked onwards, pausing only to assist the fallen pandaren to her feet and carrying on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In the center of the Temple, the sha waited. It hungered and it waited. The prey was fast approaching. If the sha had a heart, it would be pounding in anticipation, the climax just seconds away... The hoarse sound of its breath hitched in what could be considered its throat. Its tentacles whipped about in anxiety. Closer... closer... It was almost too much to take, Its body trembled, just waiting... waiting until it could have is sweet release. Soon... soon... Even though only seconds had past, the sha was growing impatient. It wanted to reach the end, to feel that calm relaxation once it fed from their doubts, yet the tantalizing pleasure of drawing it out was just as tempting as the finish.

When the first one came into view, the sha felt the euphoria bubble over and explode into bliss it never thought it would experience again. ”And so you’ve come.” The white animal could not fool the sha, for this animal’s doubts were unlike any true animal. Hopes and dreams were merely pillars. However any child who has ever before played by candle light knew... the larger the object, the bigger the shadow, and in the shadow of these pillars lurked doubts that could choke out even the tallest and strongest hopes and dreams. This one’s pillars were tall and mighty, but they would be no match for the churning shadows at their bases. The sha grinned.

When the red clad human approached from the other entrance, the sha did not move; it did not need to turn to know that the human was there. ”I must admit... I am surprised... I can tell you are too. I can sense it... feel it beneath your skin, smell it like a pungent perfume. You marvel at how you managed to make it here... but we both know you don’t have what it takes to defeat me. Give in to your doubts, for in this case... they are the truth... and I can promise you, you will never again see the light of morning.” The sha’s thoughts echoed into the minds of those gathered, its malicious grin growing with each thought it pushed in to them.
Sarinda nodded and followed the white bear out of the pools, putting the staff inside her pack. Ariana called the owl and it landed on her outstretched arm. She patted him has they followed followed the group. When they got to the room Sarinda saw the giant, ecstatic sha before her. She almost instantly was holding her head has his voice cackled inside her head. "Such a fragile thing, your doubts fester in your brain every day...HEHEHEHEHE!"

Sarinda was suddenly lost in a sea of doubts about things like the war flooding the world over. The burning legion returning and crushing us under its boot. Her light failing her in a time of need or her losing the faith she held in it. What would of happened if her friend Ignatius had run her through under the citadel and no Tirion showed up. The Sha was laughing in her ears has her doubts flew like a slideshow through her mind.

Ariana was holding her head her owl staring at her. All she was thinking of was what would of happened if she had choose to be a moon priestess. Her parents still would care about her. She wouldn't of met her owl. Her and Sarinda wouldn't be friends has much. The cackling wouldn't stop.
The brothers looked to the Pandaren who had just joined the group in the pools. She asked, in broken common, if they were alright.

"Don't worry about us. We've been through worse," Adrian said, stretching his side that was wounded, wincing slightly. The brothers smiled at eachother. There was an odd feeling in the air now, something... ominous. The Marksman shut his eyes tightly, a pulsing headache beginning to form.

You could have saved them..., a voice whispered into his ear, you had time before they died to save them... , it continued.

"No. No no no no, I didn't" he said to himself. Dristis looked upon his brother, struggling with something, he rested a hand on his shoulder and Adrian jumped, startled. He was clammy and sweaty.

They looked up to you. They were your men. the voice went on. The Marksman was beginning to remember a repressed memory of a patrol through Howling Fjord to get into Dragonblight during the second Scourge.

His company was on a large movement patrol to their next base of operations. Adrian and the squad he was in charge of were on back of a cart being drawn by several Horses. He dismounted to check the horizon, to see where they were at. He lifted his rifle and looked through the scope, sweeping left and right when an explosion rocked him and sent him sprawling down a small hill. He regained his footing and sprinted up, his rifle at the ready. He paused, his squad scrambling to get out of the cart, he was frozen in the moment before a Horde ambush obliterated the cart his squad was in. Some died instantly, but most were still alive, engulfed by the flames. He convinced himself that it was too late for them, and he was need to save those that would survive. He scrambled away, drilling Horde soldiers with his rifle as he moved, regaining ground with the rest of his platoon...

He snapped out of it, he had fallen to his knees and when he realized what was going on, he panicked and shuffled to the wall, leaning against it and covering his ears, "Make the whispering stop. Make it stop..." he said to himself over and over.

Dristis went to help his brother, but he started to feel an odd sensation in his mind as well. What could only be described as a tingling was growing more and more.

You enjoyed the mass slaughter of all those people. the voice echoed, you looked forward to it. Went out of your way just to do harm to innocent people, and you tell yourself it was all that little Lich King of yours.

The Death Knight put his helmet on, to hide his emotional stress and stayed as stoic as he could. The doubt creeping into his mind, eating away at him. He remembered all of the innocent lives he brutally stole during his campaign under the Lich King. Men, women, young and old made no difference to him. If they breathed, he made sure to stop it.
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Krystala walked towards the opened doors that lead into the Sha's chamber, her face a mask of determination, she showed little fear, little anger, little anything. She tried to mask her emotions, to show the Sha that she was a threat....and she had the weapon to destroy him. The Witch somewhat marveled at the creature standing before her, four legs, body covered in white and black spikes, a strange misty aura emitted from it's person, it's head odd looking, two large claws and tentacles to complete it's hideous form.

"So you are her....the small little girl who thinks she can wield a sword...."

The voice echoed in her mind, she stopped just in front of Lavi and the red claned human, her sword held at her side, glowing with hunger as it sensed the Sha "Your thoughts will not break me, Sha! In fact I expected you to be trembling with fear at the sight of me!" she said, sounding as confident as she could be. The Sha's voice burst into laughter in her mind

"BAW-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA....Oooohhh...quite the jester, aren't you? You cannot possibly defeat me so easily....you may think just because you're a Shadow user, that you're mind is safe from one like me.....just because you wield that toy of yours......you are protected....think back, think back to who you once were...."

The Witch's brows knitted together, glaring daggers at the Sha "What are you talking about?".

"You claimed to be Insanity in the form of flesh.....you used it to hide those emotions inside from everyone else....that includes doubt. You doubted your capabilities as soon as you entered this land, the day you were defeated by a child of a monk, you doubted, the day you became friends with that little Pandaren girl, you doubted her safety. Even now....you doubt protecting her and your...'friends'...that you think you have made"

The girls hand tightened around the hilt of her weapon "Shut up...."

"Do my words hurt you? Little girl? Do they STING you? Good...let them...because deep down you know I am right, you know you cannot win....and you know....that you will die"

Krystala fell to one knee, her free hand pressed against her head, she let out a groan as the thoughts continued to swirl in her head.

"Now why don't you turn that lovely blade of yours upon our....uninvited guests....go on...you know you want to. You doubt their loyalty, and they doubt yours...it's only natural."

"No..." she whispered, glancing at her hand, she noticed her skin was going grey, a dark aura beginning to emit from her body "Don't let him beat you, Krystala! another voice whispered in her head, it was her brother, Kal, cheering her on "You're stronger than that! Remove yourself from his grasp, defeat him!". The elven girl took in a deep breath, and then let it out slowly, beginning to calm herself, calm her thoughts, calm her mind.

"Who are you?..." she whispered to herself "..You are Krystala Dawnshadow. You will not kill anyone here, not your friends, only your enemies....you will kill this Sha...." She stood, hiding her face from the Sha's sight thanks to her bamboo hat. Slowly, she looked up at the creature, her facial expression warm and gentle, a smile spreading across her face.

The Sha growled "Impressive...but it still wont help you in the long run...either way, you will die here".

"We'll see about that" The Witch muttered, raising her blade and taking a battle stance.


Coron and Shinaria were fighting their own doubts, Shinaria murmuring prayers under her breath to clear her mind from the voice of the Sha's influence, to control her doubts and fears so she will be well enough to heal and fight the Sha through battle. Coron was conquering his own doubts by meditation; though not a monk, he still did his own little meditations when he was back home at the Shrine, his head lowered, hand across his chest, Scythe in hand.

Asharagosa, however, was having a bit of difficulty. She had many doubts, especially when it came to mortals and their use of magic. She feared falling under the beast's influence and killing her friends, including Coron, the one who was always patient with her.

"Yes...I know you are no ordinary mortal, you reak of something...more....you doubt others around you, doubt their control over their magic abillties, you doubt a lot of things...you're mind is like s sweet store to me" the Sha chuckled in her mind. Ash shook her head "No, I won't hurt them, you're a liar".

"The only liar here is you, go on....kill them, let your doubts lead you to salvation, let it help you defeat your potential foe's...let them--" "Ash". Ash's eyes flew open, noticing the hand that was on her shoulder. There stood Coron, her friend, looking at her with concern "Ignore him, don't let him beat you....take deep breaths....everything will be fine". The Dragoness nodded in her Quel'dorei form, closing her eyes and inhaling and exhaling slowly.

"Better?' the Talon asked and she nodded "Yes...better...let's kill this thing" she said, conjuring a strange looking shield in her left hand before pulling out Spellwave with her other hand, easily, as if it was weightless. Shinaria joined the two as they walked to stand with the others. The Jailor took note of Krystala standing in front of the group "Must be confident I guess" she thought to herself before turning her eyes to the Sha, the group ready for battle.

As they entered the rom where the Sha made it's lair, Lori began to notice everyone start acting strange, oh, no is it actually affecting the others. Lori in her naivete had believed the others immune to the Sha's mental attacks, since she had been the only one being affected by it for the majority of her time on this island. Why does it affect me so much more, at that point she heard a voice in her head, "Because little girl, your doubts are the strongest, unlike the others you have not learned to hide your doubts, you where them on your sleeve. That makes it much easier for my power to affect you, and I must say your doubts are the most delicious of everyone here." Lori shook her head, I won't let you get to me again creature, the voice in her head laughed, "Child, I have already gotten to you, tell me how often have you thought since you have been on Pandaria, that you are useless to those around you. How often have you thought that you are no good at being a controller of nature," Lori shook her head again, no none of it is true it is you putting these feelings in my mind.

The doubts seemed to close in on the girl like a wave, " Heh heh heh, I do not need to place anything in your mind, the thoughts are already there, I simply make them stronger. You are doubting your ability to find the person you are looking for, and even if you are able to find him, you doubt you can save him from the darkness within his soul. You are beginning to blame yourself for the death of your family, and you are right, had you simply trained to become a sentinel, you could have saved them, but no you decided to stay at home, a weak and scared little girl. Your actions over the last years will never make up for your cowardice then, and your actions cannot save the one you call father. He will either be consumed by me, or the darkness within, you cannot save him, you know you would have been better off staying where you came from."

Lori covered her ears, no I will save my shan'do, I have too I couldn't bear to be alone again, the voice continued to laugh, " Child you will end up alone, it is inevitable. Unable to save your teacher, and you know no other man would put up with your attitude, you have no redeemable physical qualities to attract a life partner. You will end up a sad lonely old hermit, with no friends, no family, no one to love or love you in return, you will be left to wallow in your despair, alone and in darkness. Fear not though, child I can save you from that fate, all you must do is submit to me, and let me devour you, you will be my puppet, and you will be safe, from all of those things." Lori's eyes were wide in fear, tears flowing down her cheeks, she continued to shake her head screaming, "No, no, no, no make it stop, make the darkness go away, Master Sammuroth, why aren't you here to save me!!!" The voice continued to laugh mockingly, "Don't you know why he left, he was tired of putting up with you, he abandoned you, he left you alone, but I will never leave you alone my dear child, let me consume you, and you will never have to fear being left alone again."

The darkness of her doubts finally crashed over her, it was all true, she had finally driven away the last person to ever care for her. She collapsed on the spot, covering her head with her arms, trying to block out the voice of the Sha, but it was impossible, it continued to taunt her with it's laughter, and with it's whispers of doubt. She curled up into a ball, tears streaming down her face screaming, "Shan'do I am sorry please don't leave me, I will do better, I will be a better student, a better daughter, please don't abandon me, don't leave me alone again!!!" The laughter of the Sha echoed in her mind, as she screamed for her shan'do to rescue her, the Sha looked at the broken form of the girl, and laughed, "Such delicious doubts, give me more, feed me more, make me stronger, heh heh heh heh HA HA HA HA HA!!"

To the outside world, the human appeared stoic and poised when the Sha of Doubt ruthlessly touched her mind. She blinked, turning her blazing eyes to the creature of Doubt as it turned its gaze to each gathered and eventually rested upon her. The small hairs along the back of her neck prickled as she felt the push of the monster into her head. I don’t belong. The thought was dredged up from the depths of her mind. She swallowed, gaze unwavering as the memory pushed its way to the surface, unbidden and unwanted.

”Your majesty, there is trouble to the north.” Altmyst turned her head slightly, watching with a single amber eye as Braesegos approached the Queen and her consort.
“When isn’t there trouble to the north, child?” The motherly voice of her Queen filled her with a sense of safety.
“The mortals are confronting the Lich King. Our Watchers couldn’t help but notice the caravans in the wake of the excitement.” The high elf-disguised blue dragon paused for a moment. “It is the Forsaken, and they are carrying...” The high elf’s voice trembled for a moment, and Althmystrasza stood, turning her gaze fully towards the scene behind her.
“Thank you for informing me, Braesegos. This is serious news, and I will dispatch a handful of my flight to see what is going on.” The Queen directed her gaze to Althmyst. “Bring news of this to Lord Afrasastrasz, and request he deploy a small flight immediately.”

The red drake nodded and took flight, twisting her body as her wings billowed out and directed her to the middle section of the temple.
~ ~ ~ ~
The acrid smell of poison filled her nose. ‘It does not appear as though there are any survivors.’ The strong voice of her commander echoed through her head, and she nodded, taking a deep breath. Her inner heat flared and rocketed up her throat, building in her mouth. The lava caught fire as it came in contact with the air, and when Althmyst opened her mouth, gout of flame rained down upon the cloud of gas below. She spun around, releasing a torrent of fire upon the siege engines as they departed from the scene.

Arrows took flight, and the drake beat her wings upwards, billowing up the debris and snow on the ground to obscure her ascent. Anger and hatred burned in her gut, spewing from her mouth as she sought vengeance for the unwarranted death that had occurred here. When all was said and done... the battle field remained littered with bodies, and the acrid smell of fires still blazing tainted the air.

Althmyst landed, turning her eyes upon what had happened. The anger caught in her throat, and she turned a hard gaze up to where once a fleet of siege engines rested. ‘There is no hope,’ a tear trickled down her scaly cheek as she shook her head in disdain. ‘No hope.’

She blinked again, a crease knitting between her brows. You know you do not belong.
She was looking upon her calm and serene Queen. How could she feel this burning hatred when one so valiant and good lived on this earth? ‘I do not belong here, in her presence.’ When the Queen’s golden eyes looked to her, she looked away quickly.
She remembered the last black dragon she had killed. His words echoed through her thoughts. ”You asked me why I am this way, Althmystrasza? You know why I am like this. I am like this because I am loyal to my Father. We are naught but servants to our Aspects, and I, a loyal and willing servant, will die at your hands for what Neltharion knows is right! I can feel his certainty, I know his madness. Someday your Queen will fall victim to it, and you will join us!” Even still, she could feel his blood on her claws. Even still, the certainty he had in himself plagued her, for she never felt as close to her Queen as others claimed to be to their Aspects. Somewhere, deep down inside, she always wondered if she even belonged in this flight; surly this anger she always felt was not native to her kind, or her Queen. ... Was it?

’Your doubts make you weak, dragon.’ The voice hissed in her thoughts, bringing up memories of failed combat. ’See how easily he was able to disarm you?’ The voice whispered to her as her memories brought up the incident before entering the Temple. ’If you cannot defeat a simple mortal, how could you possibly expect to defeat me?’
”With hope.” She responded to it, aloud. The Sha laughed, its gut swayed with the motion of it.
”There is no hope! You doubt your abilities to do the right thing... I can sense it in you, and in the rest of you.” A series of tentacles struck against each person, coating them in a dark mist.

Althmyst withdrew, trying to combat something that wasn’t solid. She felt drained... and as she flung herself back a second time, she watched in horror as the mist withdrew and formed itself into... her. A dark human stood before her, eyes blazing with triumph before charging her.
Lori was so lost in her own doubts she barely registered the tentacle that struck her, draining her even more. Looking up she saw a dark mist take shape, but not just any shape it took her shape, before her stood a dark version of herself. The difference between them was not just the darkness, the shadow Lori was strikingly beautiful, a perfect hourglass figure, flowing silky hair. The eyes, however, were the most different, the shadow Lori exuded confidence, not like the pitiful Lori that now cowered before the obviously superior shadow version of herself. It was as if her very doubts had been drawn out of her and corrected, how could she possibly hope to combat such perfection. The shadow Lori slowly approached her counterpart, a smile on her lips, the real Lori scrambled away, behind her she could hear the shadow Lori giggling, "Where are you going Lori, I am not going to hurt you.... Much," Lori screamed, "Stay away from me, shan'do where are you, please save me!!" The shadow laughed, "Why would he help you, can't you see I am you only better, you know he would choose me over you, every father wants a beautiful, and devoted daughter. You are stubborn, pigheaded, and ugly, why would anyone choose you over me," the shadow giggled again.

Lori just continued to scramble away from her, she's right, maybe I should just let her take my place, I am sure she would be useful to my shan'do, I am nothing, but a burden on him. Despite those nagging thought the girl continued to flee, and the beautiful smile left the face, of the shadow Lori, "I tire of this game of tag." The shadow snapped it's fingers, and shadowy roots sprang from the ground, and ensnared the girl holding her in place, and the smile returned to the shadows lips. She walked in front of the bound, and helpless girl, and seeing her crying she gently wiped the tears away, "Now, now don't fret, you should be happy, finally our shan'do will have a worthy daughter, your death will make him happier, for I shall take your place. I will serve him as a good daughter should, never questioning, always following his orders, basically I will do the exact opposite of what you do, now smile, it is after al the only pretty feature you have." The girl hung her head in defeat her eyes glazed over, like she was in a trance, "Your right, our shan'do deserves a better daughter, you are clearly the better of us, beautiful, and obedient, I am nothing but a burden." The voice that came out of Lori's mouth had no feeling, monotonous, souless, the voice of someone who has given up, "He has grown tired of saving me time and time again, I am not worthy of being his child, you should take my place."

The shadow's smile widened, "That's a good girl accept your fate, and die knowing our shan'do will be better off with you gone," the shadow snapped it's fingers again, causing the roots to tighten, and Lori began to gasp for breath, and blood began spilling form her mouth. All she could hear was the maniacle laughter of the Sha, and her shadow self.
Sarinda reeled back has the tentacle hit her and made her lose more of her energy. She gave the sha an angry glare before noticing the shadow in front of her. This Sarinda was different. She wore plate armor, had a rune blade, and a odd glow in her soulless eyes. It had a confident and sure of it self look across its face. And then it talked in a droning death knight voice. "I almost had forgotten how weak this part of me was." She gestured at the real Sarinda. "perfection is this, and you could of achieved it if you would of let your boyfriend Ignatius kill you."

Sarinda flushed and then gave the shadow an angry look. "I see only a defiled corpse standing in front of me." She muttered at it. The sha and the shadow both burst out laughing. "Just because I mentioned your little crush doesn't mean you get to insult me." She pulled the rune blade out with a nasty grin on her face. "Lets find out if lights better then your darkness." She muttered pulling out her staff and running into fight.

Ariana saw the shadow of herself was wearing a moon priestess garb and her usual smug expression. "Look at you... trying to pass off yourself has a night elf." She said with a laugh. Araina didn't waste time talking and sent her owl in, which whipped across the shadows face and made it look away for a second. Ariana dove in and tripped it onto the ground and pulled out her knife has she slid across the floor. She jumped up and threw it, bu the knife just went through the shadow which seemed a little hurt by it.

She pulled out her bow and got ready to fire an arrow. She was suddenly thrown across the room by something and noticed it was her shadow using the powers the sha gave her. It slowly walked towards her laughing, Ariana started to fire more arrows.
The poison in Lineron's body had finally managed to clear it self out of Lineron's body. "Bonereaper, I am fine now. Looks like the pandaren are dead. Lets get moving."
"Okay....master...." Bonereaper then walked with Lineron towards then entrance to the main chamber where the Sha resided. The group then walked into the entrance and everyone starts acting weird. "Ah, the delicious morsel that is just full of doubt." The Sha was trying to get into Lineron's mind. "I care not for your lies Sha. The only thing I care about is seeing you and your kind be put back into the prisons that were created just for you." The Sha laughed in his mind. 'AHAHAHAHAHA! You are nothing but a weak and worthless wretch who is on the brink of breaking. All of there suffering and pain. All of it your fault. You enjoyed there deaths didn't you?' Lineron started grabbing at his head in his pain. 'AH! By the nether your voice is so annoying in my head. Trust me I have had annoying voices in my head, but yours has got to be at the top.' He thought back. Your mind will break. You are only delaying the inevitable. You will turn against your friends. Your believe that you can control it? Insanity is uncontrollable. It is chaos and destruction. Let me devour you, so that you can atleast do the world this favor. Lineron actually started listioning to its words. 'I have been trying to keep it at bay but it just keeps on leaking out. What is the point anymore?' He was then hit and fell to the ground after a tentacle made of the Sha's negative energy's then dissipated into a dark mist. He looked back up to it and from it he say it starting to form. What came from it was a shadowy version of himself, only he had glowing white sockets for eyes and was very dark.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I AM WHAT LIES BENEATH YOU! I AM WHAT YOU WILL BECOME!" Lineron just held his face in his hands and thought. 'What is the point to anything I have done? There is no redemption for all the destruction, death, and suffering I have cau-Wait a minute.' He then started looking at his hands. '....Why do I care? Just a few minutes ago I was killing this things minions with perfect ease! And know this thing is just restating facts that I think every single day.' His eye twitched then looked to the shadowed version of himself that was now walking slowly towards him with his evil-er looking runeblade unsheathed. "Give in all ready.....you will find peace in a true death." Lineron then put on a insane smile then got back up and unsheathed his runeblade. "Nah, I think I will just kill myself." The shadowed version of himself stopped then in front of him and smirked. "So....accepting the end then, coward?" Lineron kept the insane smile then stabbed his runeblade into....evil him? Sure why not. "Oh no, I meant you. Nothing but a shadow of the original and dumber than a ghoul." The shadowed version looked down at the blade that is now in his chest. Lineron then pulled the blade out then quickly sliced off its head. The body fell down and dissolved into shadows that went back to the Sha.
'How clever of you. But it will not help. You shall fail. Pandaria shall belong to the Sha.'

((part 1 of 2))

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