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Adrian was in a near trance. Nearly a decade of military experience has beaten his muscles into a machine when he comes into combat. All he thought of was his ammo count, his brother, and the group he was with. He always put himself last. It was why he was in a leadership role in the military. All of his senses dulled with the rush of adrenaline, but at the same time, they seemed enhanced. His vision was sharper, his hearing more sensitive. He could physically sense the incoming enemy combatants. It was zen-like.

Breathe in, breathe out, natural pause. Squeeze the trigger.

The rifle kicked into his shoulder. A Mantid fell in front of him with a clean hole in its head. Again, breathe in, breathe out, natural pause before inhaling... squeeze. Another down.

A muffled voice. His weapon was taken from him.

"Wha- what? No, why?" he said in a near shriek. Obviously in an over-exaggeration, he saw what the female was doing something magical with his weapon. Nearly as soon as his rifle was stripped from his hands, he drew his revolver with his right hand and a sword with his left. Bringing the revolver up, he lined the sights with a Mantid moving towards his brother.


The hammer drops, the round expels from the cylinder and punches through the creature's chest in a sickening display. He came blow to blow with a mantid, his low melee skill showing, but he held his own. Putting himself on the offensive, he brought heavy blows down on the mantid's weapon. When he staggered its steps, he brought the pistol to the Mantid's gut and squeeze the trigger twice, putting it down.

The female said something else, he looked and a magical rifle hovered in front of her, she was finished with his. He holstered his weapons and reacquired his weapon. He nodded at her thanking, and continued to do what he does best. Before continuing his hail of bullets, he drew a grenade from his belt. Dropping the pin and releasing the spoon, he launched it over his brother of a group of four Mantid, obliterating them with an ear shattering explosion. The concussion could be felt in his chest, most likely as well as the others. He raised his rifle.

Breathe in, breathe out, natural pause. Squeeze.
The swarm was almost overwhelming. Althmyst’s sword sliced through the insect-humanoid. A strange chattering of their mandibles vibrated her ear drums in a most irritating fashion as she whirled upon a second attacker, blocking his attack with her shield. With a thrust, the mantid was sent flying away, and Althmyst’s eyes narrowed dangerously as the insect creature took a staggering step back and eyed his new opponent with interest and calculating eyes. She gritted her teeth, Bring it, small fry. The ear-splitting bang as the two guns went off was almost distracting to the warrior, yet years of training kept her focused and determined. This wasn’t going to be her last stand, not even close.

Soon the armies of mantid were depleted, and some strange creature on the horizon gave Althmyst pause. It was large, that much was obvious through the comparison of its body against the gigantic statue of an ox. Not monstrous, but large. Its body appeared to be largely the similar to those creatures who Althmyst and her companions had just slaughtered, though there were some differences. The closer the creature came, the more obvious these differences were. The head was longer, body much darker in colour. Black armour adorned its body, and there was something about those heartless dark amber eyes as they turned to bore into the souls of those gathered. That clicking sound resumed from this creature’s mandibles, and it hissed, ”Now face the wrath of the Elite Guard!” It shrieked before descending upon the group.
Adrian and Dristis finished cutting down the few Mantid around them. Lowering their weapons, Adrian began to catch his breath. Dristis wiped the insect blood from his blade and checked the straps and buckles of his armor.

"Well that wasn't so bad," Adrian exclaimed. He dropped the empty magazine from his rifle and locked in his a full one. Chambering a round, he began to sat down when a spine-tingling roar echoed to their position. Adrian snapped to his feet, a massive creature now moving to them.

"Son of a-" it yelled again, calling itself the Elite Guard. Dristis did a half skip before sprinting off towards the Elite Guard, ice forming around his body, strengthening his armor, and creating large, disease infected spikes. Launching gusts of icy wind to the path of the monster, the ground became slick and icy, causing it difficult for about anyone to stand on it except... someone's icy boots.

Adrian stared in silence, pondering.

"Now why would he just CHARGE like that without inviting me?" he asked, poking his thumb to his chest comically. He lifted his rifle and sprinted off, "Once more unto the breach, everyone!" he yelled to the group, switching the safety of his rifle off.

Dristis, calculating how his sword might not be as effective, began launching massive spears of ice towards the Guard, aiming for its center-mass. The spears were disease ridden, and had a slight green hue to them.

Adrian, sprinting, slid to a halt on his knees, leaning back on his right foot and steadying his left arm with his left knee, he focused his rifle fire on the joints of the beast, hoping to slow and incapacitate the large foe.
Lineron broke the neck of one of the bug men and threw it to the floor. "Oh that was fun...a shame it had t-" Lineron looked up into the sky and frowned. "Now face the wrath of the Elite Guard!". Lineron face palmed himself. 'I am seriously starting to hate these guys.' He then remembered something that made him facepalm even harder. 'Oh crap.....I forgot Bonereaper and Nethers back at the temple.' Lineron sighed to himself. "Im sure they'll be fine." He mumbled to myself. Lineron pulled out his runeblade out of a bug corpse and smiled insanely.

*Meanwhile back at the temple where Bonereaper and Nethers are*
Bonereaper huddled into a ball of frustration and sadness after he noticed that his master fly away on Plaguewing. 'Plaguebirdy probably told master to leave us here. Me never liked Plaguebirdy. He always stole my food.' Nethers sat on top of Bonereaper eating the maggots that were crawling through Bonereaper. Suddenly Bonereaper stood up and shrugged. "Meh...Show goes on." Bonereaper then started scratching himself as he thought on how could get back to his master. 'Mean girl might give us ride.....but she is mean.' Bonereaper looked toward the black flying serpent that his master said could stay. 'Flying snake might give me and nice birdy a ride.' Bonereaper smiled then ran over to the serpent. "Master forgot....us because....Plaguebirdy...is mean...." Bonereaper pointed to the saddle on its back and the Flying Serpent nodded in agreement. Bonereaper squealed in joy then hoped on top of the saddle. "Master go...that way..." Bonereaper pointed in the direction that his master flew off. Nethers quickly flew into one of the side bags on the saddle and nuzzled herself in. The serpent flew off like a bolt of lightning with Bonereaper yelling "WRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY!" as they flew by mountains and hills. After a few minutes the serpent came to a halt and Bonereaper stopped screaming and looked at they had stopped at. "Wow......Bugs are big." What was flying a few yards below them looked like a giant black wasp thing that Bonereaper was just salivating at. He then looked even lower and saw his master smiling at the bug. Bonereaper got up on the saddle and waved.

*Back at the OTHER temple where our heroes are*
Lineron noticed the black flying serpent he had left behind and Bonereaper was on top of it waving. Lineron cocked his head in confusion, then got a idea. Lineron made a few hand gestures showing he wanted Bonereaper to land on top of the Elite Guard. Bonereaper noticed then pointed at the giant bug. Lineron nodded excitedly. Bonereaper smiled then stood up on top of the saddle. Bonereaper jumped from the saddle and started falling towards the giant bug. "WRRRRRRRRRRYYYY!" Bonereaper landed on top of the bug then started gnawing and slashing at its back. "What in the name of the empres- AH GET OFF ME!" The giant bug started struggling to get Bonereaper off of his back.
"THAT'S MY BOY!" Lineron fist pumped the air. He then smiled evilly and stabbed his runeblade into the ground. "A thousand plagues upon you!" A green aura started coming from him and his hands started forming unholy energy. Lineron closed his hands together then opened them to reveal a swarm of unholy insect ready to infect this beast. "Go get'em boys." Lineron pointed at the giant bug then the swarm took off flying towards it. The plague bugs started biting and injecting the giant one with every plague Lineron had at his disposal.

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