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Psy, Lori, Adrian
Hm, Althmyst grunted, raising her eyebrow as the death knight ignored her and disappeared above deck. She supposed few would take what had just happened to him well, but still. No matter. The savoury scent of stew came to her nose as the chipper chef brought her the two bowls. She smiled warmly, giving him more than enough money to cover the cost as well as a very generous tip.

She leaned forward, intent on finishing her stew when a ‘pop’ registered in her ears. Pausing with the spoon half-way to her lips, she glanced up through her shades. The way the light hit them, one could only just make out the golden glow of her eyes from behind the sunglasses. ”What’re you smirking about?” She asked with some amusement, a smile coming to her lips as she brought the spoon to her mouth and continued to shovel in her stew. It wasn’t the best she’d ever had, but she was incredibly hungry, and it’s as they say; appetite is the best sauce to any dish.

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Though all his instincts told him to go, his feral instincts that is, what was left of the druid's mind knew he couldn't, not now, in his mind he was too far gone, and he wasn't about to endanger the others. Despite the Witch's belief that the cat was going to follow her he did not, could not, in his true mind the druid was happy that the Witch, was not so much of a Witch anymore, at least something good came from this, but of course for every good thing that happened the universe had to even it out by having something bad happen. He was glad he was the only one to suffer, he watched as the "Witch" disappeared, and then fade back into the treeline, returning to the cave that had become his home. Those who knew Sammuroth Stormfury before would never have believed he lived here, bones, and half eaten carcasses were strewn across the cave. He had tried to send a mental message to Krystala, but whether she received it or not, he would probably never know.

The druid lay down, now truly alone, and that was probably best for everyone involved, he thought back to the message he had tried to send as Krystala disappeared " I'm sorry," those were the only words his damaged mind could think of at the time. He didn't know if she would understand, but to him at this point it didn't matter, for in his mind he was beyond saving, going against his belief that no one was beyond saving. In his rational mind he knew it was this land of Pandaria that had caused his mallady to worsen, what it had been he never had figured out, and probably never would. His mind drifted to face in his memories, he wasn't sure who this person was, all he knew was that she was precious to him, or had been, and his thoughts wished for her happiness. As the cat drifted into slumber, a name left his lips, "Lori..." and with that word he fell asleep.

Meditation was very enjoyable for Wok. Often he got results, and inner peace came easier to those who were content. It came easy for Harasshi, too, because the wise always know inner peace. Finally, Wok got up from his rock.
"Harasshi," he said to the Jinyu. The fish looked up. "I must be going back to the granary now. Please, continue on without me. I should not be long." The Jinyu grunted.
"I would have continued without you anyways!" Wok let out a smile. "Go, finish your work at the Granary. I shall be here upon your return." Harasshi straightened his back as Wok bowed and left.

At the Granary, Wok was given a list of chores. Most of them had to do with keeping up the farms and fending off the Virmen. Then, he was tasked with making a new delivery of grain to the Stormstout Brewery. The road was riddled with Virmen and Hozen, but Wok made it to the Brewery with the grain untouched. He shook his head contently as he got there, taking in the breeze.
"Master Stormstout," he said, placing the grains down. "These grains have come in for you."
"Ah, good," came the Brewmaster's reply. "Could you do something for me, Wok?"
"Of course, Brewmaster. What do you need?"
"These," he placed two half-kegs in front of him. "Need to go to Jio, in Halfhill. It is not far, but I have other things to do."
"I shall go, Brewmaster. Do not worry," he placed a keg on either end of his staff and heaved it onto his shoulders. Bowing, he left for Halfhill.

"Jio!" Wok called as he entered the tavern. "These have come in for you fro- Oh, my apologies. I did not notice you were in the middle of something." He noticed the human and elves in the tavern with him. He continued on, quieter, "These hae come in for you from the Brewery. Master Stormstout sends his regards."
Psy put away the carving and decided to head back below deck. He went into the dining room and saw the bulky woman who tried to speak with him before. Psy could sense something of her. His worgen senses and hi sensitivity to the ethreal showed him that she was more then she seemed but he couldnt see what. 'That is powerful magic to keep hidden from a death knights eyes' he thought. Walking past he and Stone went back to their room and Stone decided stay outside the door while Psy went in and layed down for a nap. Closing is eyes he fell imdeiatley asleep...

Psy found himself once again the dense jungle. Looking around he realized he could feel the humidity on his skin. He was seeing something from when he was alive. The jungle was silent. No sound...until a roar exploded from the undergrowth. He turned and saw nothing but when he tunred back he saw the naga like creature. Recoiling in surprise he saw the thing reach out a webbed hand and it hissed in a strange language. 'What?' thought Psy, 'what is this thing?' The creature hissed some more until the jungle completely dissapeared into darkness. The reature faded and Psy found himself falling into an abyss.

He woke up with start. Getting up he sat on the edge of his bed, holding his head in his hands. "What does it mean?" he growled. "Why am I tormented like this?" He felt as if he was going to cry out of frustration but his inablilty to do so only led him to feel pathetic. "Heh, I cant even cry. Why do I bother?" Getting up he went out and saw Stone looking at the wall. "C'mon" said the death knight and they went up to the deck for some fresh air.

'Hopefully this will make feel somewhat better' he thought. He stepped out onto the deck and sat down near the door to the tavern, not really paying attention to his surroundings and took out his carving and began trying to give it more form. Stone let out a gurgle and watched its master with interest.

Adrian let out a small burp right as someone asked him why he was smiling. He looked up and saw the strange woman eating her stew a grinning. He set his spoon down and pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head and leaned back, putting his feet on the table, "just how this group we've got seems to be hanging by some very thin threads before its even started. The druid can't stand the undead one, which worries me because my brother is out missing and hes a death knight," he immediately looked down and became somber and depressed. He worried about whether his brother was safe or not. He was a great warrior for a death knight. Calm, collected and methodical. But he didn't know what sort of dangers he faced out there.

He masked his sadness with a smile and took a big drink from his bottle, "but I could ask you the same thing, m'lady" he said to the woman.


The death knight finished the last of his brew. One by one, each member of their old group was showing up, waiting to be informed of why they were summoned back. Dristis had never left Halfhill. He became fast friends with Leung and decided to stay while the others went their separate paths. He would only leave for at most a day at a time. Exploring, gathering or fighting. Mainly looking for answers about the new land they've been stuck on.

"Have any of you heard anything about these letters?" He asked the others.

Lori was enjoying the fresh air, the cool breeze, and listening to the ocean's sounds, she enjoyed everything, this is much better than being in that stuffy dining room with that Death Knight, and his smelly companion. Perhaps she was being harsh towards someone, and something she knew very little about, but after what the undead had put her through she didn't care, if she had her way she would toss the abomination over the side. She remembered though how her teacher had warned her of Death Knight's strength, and she doubted she could manage the feat, she wasn't much of a fighter, though when pushed she could be as fierce as any, hardened warrior. Seeing the Death Knight come back onto the deck she decided she needed to feel the breeze better, transforming into her storm crow form, she flew up to the mast, and alighted. Returning to her normal form, she sat on the mast's beam, and looked out over the ocean, her thoughts turning to her shan'do, where are you shan'do?
After carving out some more details on his carving he put it away and graced his face witha rare smile. "I finally starting to relax. It's been awhile." Stone gurgled as if asking a question and Psy said, "Not a bad idea. Why not?" Reching into his coat he pulled out a small wooden flute that had been given to him by a dwarf as thabks for saving him from some gnolls. After a few breaths to get air into his empty lungs he put the flute to his lips and started to play a tune he had heard from another death knight.

(Heres a link to what it sounds like. I just wanted to add a bit of my real life skills in here. I didnt make the video but I can play the flute...not this good but I'm on my way.


Stone listened as Psy played the music until he reached the end letting out a breath. "You were right Stone, that did relax me. Thanks." Stone nodded and Psy and it walked back inside to the death kights room to wait out the rest of the time until departure.
While the patrons conversed amongst themselves, Jio smiled warmly and cleaned the mugs tenderly; as though sipping any sort of beaverage through a dirty cup were some sort of unmentionable crime. The door burst open to admit the large frame of a pandaren. Looking up and squinting around the light blazing from outside, he curiously wondered who the stranger was. When the pandaren came in, talking loudly and merrily to him, Jio grinned.
"Ah, it is quite alright old friend." Looking to Dae, he gave a small bow and a smile before announcing, "Please excuse me."

Going over to his friend, he clapped him hard on the back, his rough but boistrous form of greeting. "Stormstout ought to come here and deliver the brew himself!" Jio chuckled. "He'd promised me months ago to come and visit my establishment soon. I hope all is well with him." Laughing in after thought, he shrugged and took the large keg from his friend. "Thank you, Wok. Please, join us, have a seat, tell some stories, drink some ale. Leung will be by shortly." The last sentence he announced to the rest of the tavern, both answering and not answering their questions.

"Have you heard anything about these letters?" The death knight asked. Laviette paused, considering her short travels through a land she still has yet to completely lay her eyes upon. What secrets lay to the north? Further more, what were those strange creatures that had captured them when they had arrived? The 'mogu', she believed they were called; but why had they captured them? And what were they doing with the Jinyu? So many unanswered questions swirled through her head.

"No, I have no idea." She answered finally. She only hoped that Leung would arrive soon, and explain everything to them. For some reason, she couldn't shake the itching feeling that this reunion wasn't to be a pleasant one.

Her smirk only widened at the human's response, and she chuckled. Yes, that was going to be an issue. Alas, she only hoped the death knight would be able to pull himself from his sorrows, and that the druid could bury old fears. After all, that was what being a warrior and a hero was about; burying your fears with the belief that new ones would soon arise. This was Azeroth, after all, and there always seemed to be a greater threat just around the corner. Sighing wearily, she scratched between her brow, the smile on her face indicating her thoughts.

Then the conversation took a turn for the somber. Her smile fell, as did the hand scratching her brow. For a moment, he seemed lost, and she stood, leaving her stew and sitting in front of him as she rested her mailed hand over his. She pulled away when he smiled again, but it hardly fooled her. Truth be told, she felt the same way for Laviette. "I had merely been enjoying the show." She chuckled, but it lacked any true mirth. Her eyes glazed over as her thoughts turned to her companion of over four years now. Compared to their life spans, the two hardly knew each other, yet it still felt as though they had never truly been a part.

"I'm looking for someone as well. My dear friend." A look of true pain and fear crossed her face, causing wrinkles to mar her otherwise smooth skin. Within moments, she had smoothed out her face, and sighed, "Well, perhaps our two lost ones are together right now, thinking about us as well." A half smile flickered across her lips, and she glanced away.

From above deck, a loud cry sounded out. "THE BOAT WILL NOW BE DEPARTING!" She could hear the groan and protest as the wood was pushed away from the dock, and the boat swayed even more as it worked its way out slowly. Althmyst had to lung for her stew, before it fell off the table, and she brought it back with her -both bowls- and sat with the human again.

"So, tell me about yours, I'll tell you about mine." She offered, smiling as she dipped her back to eat. Humans ate in such an inadequate manner that Althmyst never understood. Always so proper. Bah! Proper didn't get the food into your belly.
Psy heard the call that the ship was leaving and a few minute after they had set off he began to regret having eaten. A few more minutes later he found himself up on the deck, bent over the ships railing and emptying his stomachs contents. Stone watched making soinds like laughter. "You're about to become fish food, you know that?" growled Psy. Stone immediatley shut up and stayed quite. "Thats better" growled Psy. After a few more minutes of vomiting he wobbled back into the ship and sat down in the hallway against the wall. 'Oooohhh, why do death knights even get stomach aches?' he thought while waiting for his stomach to stop churning.

At the call for the ships departure, Lori smiled, finally, I am coming shan'do, you had better be alive. She wasn't too concerned about her teacher being dead, but she was not so naieve to believe that unexpected things could happen on the vast open sea, things that not even Sammuroth Stormfury could combat. She held hope however, and that hope kept her spirits high, as she felt the wind blow through her flowing blue hair, she looked down to the deck, and smiled when she saw the Death Knight having a hard time. Lori was curious as to who else had come on this mission, but she was afraid, they may all be Death Knights so she kept her perch on the mast. Why can't there be a normal person on this trip I could talk to, the girl sighed feeling very isolated, she couldn't wait to be reunited with her shan'do, a man who had become as a father to her. She loved him dearly, and she believed he looked to her as his daughter, and loved her as well, but whether he did or didn't was unimportant, as long as he didn't shatter her belief, she was content.
Adrian was surprised when he felt a hand on his and looked up. The woman had sat at his table with him, bringing her food along. The ship groaned and swayed as it left the dock. He grabbed his bowl with a free hand from sliding off the table. He took another drink and exhaled from the burning sensation of the alcohol.

"He's my older brother," he began," We've been best friends since we were kids. Near inseparable. He taught me everything I know and all we needed was eachother." he let his feet off the table and leaned forward, "when the time of war came with the first Scourge plague, he was training with the Silver Hand, and I had been drafted into the Alliance as a marksman. I lost contact with him for several years. We were both so busy. It was during the plague that it happened. I went through the plague, Outlands, and was preparing to deploy to Northrend when I received the first letter in years from him." he rested his face in his palms and sighed, "he seemed different. He wanted to meet at an old bar we went to. I had heard the rumors of Death Knights revolting against the Lich King and seeking refuge with their respective factions. I arrived at the bar before him, as per usual, and only noticed him when the air around me chilled me to the bone." he pushed his bowl away, losing his appetite.

"Since then, we went through Northrend together as much as we could. Sometimes I would be sent to a different location than him, but we'd always find our way to eachother again. He got sent on this expedition and went missing, so when I heard, I dropped everything and came. But what about you? Who are you looking for? I'm sure they're probably together to survive." he said, holding his bottle tight to his chest.
It was the same sad story she’d heard countless times in regards to the death knights reintegrating into society, though it was by far one of the better ones. She’d heard of families completely rejecting their kin for having once been in the Scourge. Not that she could entirely blame them, either; the Scourge had been an awful occurrence, and many didn’t seem to acknowledge –or even care- that the rogue death knights had once been controlled by the Lich King, that they had no say in the atrocities they had committed. Luckily for Althmyst, she didn’t need to agree or disagree with them; it was merely her job to accept.

”But what about you? Who are you looking for?” Her image fluttered through her head, and for a moment, her face scrunched up uncomfortably. She gave a soft sigh. Very few realized the bond between the two companions. It went beyond a simple mount-and-adventurer relationship, they were more than just a drake and a young night elf. Together... Together they were a force to be reckoned with. Together they moved, acted, and sometimes –it seemed- even thought as one.
”Her name’s Laviette.” She finally spoke, clenching her mailed fists before releasing them and dipping her ‘spoon’ in the bowl, swirling the contents around. ”It was during the excursions to Northrend that we met.” Her eyes, hidden by her shades, glossed over in memory. ”I had been... sent on a... campaign, to Dragonblight.” Leaning back in her chair, she crossed her arms and turned her head to watch a black spot on the wall. ”To... aid the Wyrmrest Accord in their battle against the insane blue dragonflight and Malygos. It was there that I met Laviette.”

Turning her head, she gazed intensely at the human before her. Often times, mortals would squirm beneath her gaze, though this time, that was hardly the intention. ”We were assigned together. We fought well, amazing really, like a single body in the air. The intention was for us to be one of the lead fighting forces against Malygos, but... Ah, well. Laviette became mortally wounded before the battle, and I withdrew to tend to her. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. Until, that is, that ship left with her on it.” She cursed under her breath, leaning forward and focusing on her hands. ”I should’ve been with her, but I was... away on an assignment.” She said, a little haltingly.
Vynathlon was sitting on the hill outside of Leung's hut thinking about what had happened. To think that he lost control of his unholy abilities almost a month ago and almost destroyed everyone in his group was just awful. This continent had something else going on about it if he did lose it even after his extensive training. He was looking over at a waterfall with a rainbow that reflected off of it. All he could think of was how much he wanted to see this place desecrated, to see the rivers run poisoned water and dead fish. The trees and the ground rot away into nothingness, and for the Pandaren to die and became a bunch of ghouls and skeletons. Around here, everything was alive and thriving, it was driving him crazy. Everyone else was inside the hut presumably speaking with Leung. Leung that pathetic Pandaren! He broke up the fight between him and that Worgen because he thought that I couldn't defeat him in battle!

Vynathlon brooded over his thoughts but curiosity got the best of him and he went inside to see about what everyone was talking about.
Krystala sighed, looking up at the falling leaves as she waited for the Druid cat that was yet to show "He was always the troubled type, that cat. A real do gooder, I bet you he isn't even on his way, more like he ran into the jungle and dug a hole to hide in with that 'other' being inside of his head...foolish kitten" she thought to herself, annoyed. She turned to look at the tavern, placing one hand on her hat to prevent the sudden wind from shifting it from her head. She was about to enter the tavern before she had noticed, out the corner of her eye, a hairy ear that had suddenly vanished behind the corner of the wooden building.

Suddenly aware that she was watched, she focused on the presences of other people, or creature's, minds around her, seeing if she could detect any familiar ones. Instantly, she recognized a human death knight and a female kaldorei druid, she believed their names to be Lavi and Dristis. Another just happened to be the very arrogant forsaken death knight, Vyn, who she had a bone to pick after hearing of a Death Knight who was trying to use all he had on one wolf like creature which she knew was a Worgen. Another happened to be very familiar, Twinkle toes, Dae, the rogue she had remembered during the time she had been trying to take control over the Relic of a Thousand Shadows.

Other than that, she felt the presence of another Pandaren and then...one that she was very familiar with, Pima, who happened to be lurking behind the corner of the Tavern. Smirking like a cheeky child, which would make sense because she looked like one, she carefully tip-toed to the corner of the tavern and pressed herself against the wall. Taking silent breath, she jumped out in front of the pandaren and began to giggle "Found you!" she said cheerfully, running to tackle the pandaren girl, being mindful of her sword so that she didn't accidentally hit her friend.

If succesful, she would sit up, still giggling, and push the lose strand of hair from her friends face, pulling out a small hair clip that she usually carried with her to keep it in place "So...care to explain wwwwwwhhhhyyyyyyy you were following me?" she said, rocking back and forth were she sat while she waited for a response.

The rocking of the ship was beginning to threaten to throw the Kal'dorei girl overboard, so she decided it was time to return to the deck. Shifting once again into her storm crow form she flew down, and alighted on the deck where she resumed her natural form. Paying the Death KNight no mind she quickly brushed past him and returned to the bowels of the ship, she decided to return to the dining hall, having forgotten to properly thank the kind cook, for his generosity. She walked in taking note of the two humans sitting, and talking over lunch, she paid them little mind, not wanting them to think she was eavesdropping, she did hear mention of people they were looking for. Well at least there are some normal people on this trip, she walked over to the counter, and tapped on the cook's shoulder, when he turned around and saw her, he smiled, "Are ye feelin' better now lass." The girl smiled, " Yes very much so now, thanks to you, and your kindness, I was afraid I would be completely isolated on this trip." The man beamed, "Not at all missy, I couldn't jus' be leavin' a sad young lass alone like that, young'uns should be nothin' but smiles."

The man seemed genuinely happy that Lori was feeling better, and she appreciated his thoughtfulness, "Well anyway I wanted to come back, and give you a proper thank you, sooo thank you," Lori returned the man's smile. After that she ordered a glass of water and some soup, and went to sit at a table, she had hoped no one else would be here at this time, so she did her best to sit as far away form the humans as she could. Not because of fear, but ou tof courtesy she didn't want ot intrude on their private conversation, when her food was brought ot her, she quickly set about to eating, letting the wonderful food warm her spirit.
Barely making it aboard the ship, Shadow now emerges from his room, after having the time to settle into his room, and starts to look around the ship at the various people walking around. Finally following his nose, he finds his way into the kitchen and sits down, ordering food and then just waiting.

Upon waiting, he looks around and notices a strange looking human female, who is oddly built, but he payed no more attention too as the food he ordered comes out and is placed in front of him, and he eats quick,as it was quite a rush to get to the boat on time, he then relaxes in the chair and drinks some ale from the mug that's in front of him.

After Shadow finishes up, he goes out and gets some fresh air, and just leans on the rail of the boat, just enjoying the view he has,and summons his owl to keep him company.
((I sure hope it's night time.))

The undead stood on the deck of the ship, resting in place as the crew and people on board went to bed. He didn't need sleep. Not anymore anyway. He looked up ant the nightsky, it was clear but for a few stars. It looked the same as the night of the worgen incursion in gilneas. The worgen.... He jolted back, clenching his cheast in one hand, and his head in another.

"Have the are secured, we don't want whatever this is getting to the civillians. Garret, get the left flank!"

"I'm on it."

Te image re-appeared in his mind, that dreaded night.

"We are going on full retreat, Everyone, out. Garret, watch our backs."

"Yes, sir."

Garret fell on the deck, wrenching in pain. This had never happened before.
((and this next part has also never happened before(the vulgarity of it all)))

"Ah damn, what the hell, this thing clawed my $%^#*!$ arm, what the hell!? Oh my God... oh god, this looks bad. Oh god... what the &*^%@*% hell? Oh god... a $*#& man... ah @*$^*$#^ @*^%. Ah damn, what the hell? ah Fu-"

Than the gut wrenching flashback had stoped. Garret got up, still holding his head. He looked at his left arm, where he felt a tremendous pain. There it was, the scar from the worgen encounter. He stared at it as it slowely went away. He must've been imagining it. Was he going insane? He didn't know. He didn't care.
It was early in the morning, and John was still lying in his bed, snoring loudly as ever in his rather typical tavern bedroom rent. His window shed very little light as it was still pretty dark outside, though the sound of birds chirping started to occasionally emit from the outside. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door; very soft, yet rapid knocks had woken the mage from his sleep. "Uh… Sir, it's about six in the morning. You wanted to wake me up at this time? Sir?" Said a rather feminine voice from the other side of the door. John groaned, fluttering his eyes a bit before turning to the door. "Yeah… yeah… I'm up. Thanks…" He sighed, taking a deep breath before tossing the covers off of his body and slowly rolling off the bed.

John stood at the edge of his bed, walking over to his rather, rugged looking robes. They were a dark brown wool material, that went down past his knees rather than his feet. One could say that it looked more like a coat than a robe if anything. He gathered his boots and sat back down onto the bed, pulling them onto his feet before heading to the night stand to gather his satchel and run the strap across his shoulder. Once everything was on, he was ready to go, he flipped his hood over his face and walked over to the door to walk out.

Upon opening the door, he looked around the rather empty tavern. Everyone must still be asleep. IT was still kinda early in the morning, but John didn't want to miss the boat. He slowly stepped down the stairs, nodding at the barkeeper who seemed to be just getting things set up. "Morning." He said, whipping down the counter with a rather dirty looking rag. "Morning." John responded, heading over to sit himself down at the bar. "I'll have bread. Just one loaf will be nice." He nodded, resting a hand on the table while the other dug through his satchel to pull out a few silver coins to pay for the bread. "So… I hear you're going to catch that boat ride. Heh, I sorta think you're crazy… Sea life… not for me." John smiled, receiving a large loaf of bread and taking a bite into it. "Well…" He chewed his food a bit. "I have to say it's kind of ironic that you live on the harbor, but hey. And besides, I've got that… wanderlust." He said, smiling before taking another bite. "Well, good luck… whatever it is your after… Who knows where your going and what's going to visit you when you get there." He gave John a rather strange look before walking off into the kitchen. "Right…"

John walked out of the tavern, the sea gulls already singing their obnoxious song and the wave of salty sea air once again filled John's nostrils. With a deep inhale, John started to make his way down to the boats docked down below. Out of all the places John has been, harbors are always busy. They always have the most guards and they always have the most work. Everywhere John looked, there was a guard posted somewhere or a dockworker carrying large planks of wood. He wondered if these people even slept?

John had finally made it to the boats, smirking at a single boat docked down the peer. Walking down the small bridge, John would nod at the captain of the ship, who was standing outside his ship, people watching. The man would nod back and John would approach. "Evening. This must be your… fine uh… ship. It's certainly… shippy." He smirked, to which the captain responded with a pair of rolling eyes. "-She- is the one going to be carrying you across the sea's, so I'd appreciate it if you showed a bit more respect for 'er." John blinked, beginning to walk onto the boat. It seems he stepped on his toes. "Oh, sorry. I'll be sure to send her an apology letter." And with that, John left the captain and walked onto the ship. "Okay… making friends… a lot harder than it seems." He said to himself, heading down below deck for a nap.

John had awoken hours later. Clearly, he hadn't gotten as much sleep as he thought, as they were already moving. John blinked a few times, rolling off the hammock and onto his feet, looking around the candle lit below...deck area. Fluttering his eyes a bit, he started to walk slowly over to the stairs, walking up into a part of the ship that apparently was the place to grab a bite to eat. Inside the room, there was an elf sitting alone at a table, eating some soup. John eyed the soup hungrily, starting to walk over to sit down across from her.

The hooded man sat down across from her and flashed a smirk at her. "Evening." He said, rather giddy in his light Gilnean accent. "Sorry to be a bother, but where did you get that…" He made a 'bowl' motion with his hands, pointing to the soup. "As in the soup." He pulled his hood down, out of courtesy, looking up to the elf with a smirk.
Psy was getting bored. He had absolutley nothing to do. He had spent the last half hour trying to not dry heave because of the boats rocking motion, finally getting used to the rocking motion. He eventually found himself back at the dining room. Seeing the other passengers there he found a place at the long table near the end, keeping to himself, a few seats in between him and anybody else. Reaching into his coat he pulled out the carving knife again and began carving the small statuette, this time not because he was troubled, just that there was nothing else to do. He began flushing out the details more, carved the small mouth, made the slightly slanted eyes and began carving in the deatils of the woman's hair. As he carved he unknowingly began to hum a small tune that he had heard in a dream a few months ago.

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