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Lori was surprised at the human's sudden appearance, I was so engrossed in the soup, that I let my guard down, ohh, shan'do would scold me for sure if he was here. She felt the man meant her no harm though, so she assumed there was little harm done, except to her pride, she looked questioningly at the man as he made a weird bowl shape with his hands, pointing at her soup. She wasn't sure if he was mocking her or if he really didn't think she understood common, she decided to go with the latter option, though his attitude still annoyed her. "I understand common perfectly well, good sir, and I don't appreciate your acting as though I don't, as for where I got the soup, you should talk to the cook at the counter. Now if you will kindly leave me be, I am finding it hard to enjoy this delicious soup with you staring at me like that," Lori had always been known for her blunteness, it had gotten her into quite a bit of trouble when she first joined the druidic order. Hoping the man would leave her alone now that his question had been answered, she returned her attention to her soup.
Adrian nodded at the female with an eyebrow raised casually. He drank deeply from his bottle and bared his teeth at the burning sensation. "I was stationed in Dragonblight for a spell. Would have been an enjoyable time were I not stationed a stone's throw away from Naxxaramas. I don't remember getting more than three hours sleep a night there, always wave after wave of Scourge." he waved his bottle in the air nonchalantly while talking.

"My brother and I were mostly together through Northrend and during the World Breaking. We were moving through the Blasted Lands together when Deathwing emerged. Made our way to Stormwind as fast as we could and we were deployed right from there. We were mostly in Hyjal for the majority of it. We were on our way to Vashj'ir and saw Deathwing and the Aspects fight far off in the distance. Hours later we got the word of what happened." he lowered his head a moment, "and then the Ebon Blade picked him for this expedition, and I wasn't able to go along. And here I am, going after my knuckleheaded brother." he smiled and set his bottle down. Thumbing the hammer of his revolver, he hummed quietly, lazily looking around the dining area of the ship.
John quirked a brow when she seemed to take offense to his hand motions. So hostile! Looking over his shoulder to the cook, he would turn back to the elf, frowning a bit. "Oh, so the cat has some claws. How quaint." He chuckled, disregarding the fact the fact that she had probably thought he was being annoying. He reached over his shoulder to place his alchemy satchel onto the table, opening up the flap to pull out a wad of herbs, untangling them to pull out a spice plant from the mess before placing the rest back into his satchel. He'd slid the herb over to the elf, smirking at her before placing the satchel back over his shoulder. "There, have something you can make your soup, um, better." He stood up, smiling at her. "Well, I'll… go get something to eat as well. You can sit here and brood. I'll be right back." While John wasn't quite sure if she'll even still be there when he returned, he thought he might as well just head over to the cook and have a chat with him.

He'd walk over to the counter, nodding at the man behind the counter. "Got any soup left?" John asked, sitting in a chair at the counter. The man would nod. "That I do. What're you lookin' at? Turtle or crab? We also got clam chowder." John smiled at the sound of clam chowder. "I'll have the chowder." He smirked and the man went over to a pot of white chowder and placed it into a bowl. "So…" The man said, handing John the bowl and a spoon, along with some water. "… Gilnean, eh?" The man must've caught on to his accent. "Yeah." John said, taking a spoonful of the chowder and cramming it into his mouth. The cook would eye him curiously. "… You ain't one of them… worgen fellow, are ya'?" He asked, lowering his tone a bit, to which John responded with by shaking his head. "No. I'm just a regular, rather witty mage who just wants to find a pretty girl and a decent meal. I think I've got one of those." He'd motion to the chowder taking another bite. The cook chuckled. "Heh, well, between you and me, I don't trust those… things… I don't know they're… just bad news I think." John sighed, placing his spoon in his chowder to look up to the man with a rather… irked glare. "They're still people, you know? They still have their humanity. Honestly, their probably no different than you or I other than they're cursed." He picked up his bowl, moving away from the table. "Thanks for the chowder mate, I think I'll sit over here for a bit now though." He then moved over to a table off to the side, slowly eating his food, waiting out the boat ride.

Lori stuck her tongue out as the man left, what did he expect treating me like an idiot, when I am probably more than twice his age, maybe I shouldn't have left the Moonglade. Ever since she had met the Death Knight she had been wondering if coming on this trip was a good idea, but her stubborness, and the fact the ship had already left port, kept her here. They were probably too far out to sea to risk transforming into her aquatic form, and trying to swim back, so she was stuck here, and if the first two people she had met on this ship were any indication, she was indeed very isolated, and alone. She polished off her soup, and brought the bowel back up to the cook along with, the herb the man had given her, "Thank you for the meal, kind sir, and by the way that man over there wanted me to put this in my soup, I am not completely sure what it is, but I don't trust him, so I can only imagine it is some kind of joke he is trying ot play on me."

The cook laughed, "I will dispose of it fer ye lass, don't ye worry, besides nothing is needed addin' to me soup," the elf nodded, "indeed not, it was very delicious, and thank you for disposing of that plant." She smiled at the cook and returned to her table, she noticed the Death Knight, but he was sitting far enough away not to bother her much, she sat back down, and tried to draw as little attention to herself as possible. If the rest of the group were like the first two she didn't want to garner their attention, she hoped she would be successful, oh shan'do if only you were her right now, I feel so lost without you. Feeling the tears coming she buried her face in her arms in an attempt to hide the tears, she didn't tneed the others thinking she was weak and useless, so in her mind she had to remain steadfast and strong, ahe only hoped no one, especially the Death Knight or the man from earlier noticed.
Sarinda woke up startled and reached for her staff. She suddenly sighed, Just another nightmare over Ignacius, telling herself this routinely.Even in this calm and beautiful place she couldn't dispell her usual nightmares. She suddenly saw the forsaken death knight Vynathalon enter the inn. Well almost beautiful anyways, she joked to herself. She thought about the time a month or so ago he almost killed them all.

She slipped her priest garments on and stepped out of her hut, breathing in the sweet air. She walked after Vyn a little bored. She was not looking forward to being in the same room with him. She slipped inside and set has far away from the group has possible, reading her book and listening. She saw plenty of familiar faces there also.
Dae took a seat as Jio left, the bubbly panda had taken a liking to her ever since they had arrived in the village. She faced the Death Kight smiling "Distis..." she paused seeming to mull the word over in her head "Nope, doesn't have that ring to it, besides nicknames are way easier and way more fun. Let's see there was, Lug, Snow, Whiskers, Little Witch, Grim, Blondie, and Welp." She counted the nicknames of the old survivor's off on her fingers before continuing, answering the Death Knights question “I have been well enough, the Pandaren have treated me well, and have bought a great deal of items that I had brought with me. And their scribes, so much knowledge it's almost...awe inspiring.” Her smile widened thinking of all the new tricks, inks, and enhancements she had learned from the scribes.

Xiao Li:

A young Pandaren rode a large purple dragon turtle, through the driving rain, drenching her fur, she didn't care however, she had been traveling for several days now making her way to the Valley of the Four Winds, she had heard rumors in her village that strangers had come to the island, strangers that she wanted to meet. She urged the turtle onward beginning the decent into the Valley from the mountain pass. Even with the rain her eyes were gleaming with excitement Strangers, from across the sea! Just like Master Stormstout spoke of, I wonder who they are, what are they like, what is the outside world like... she inhaled deeply “Calm down Xiao Li, calm down, I need to meet them first, it is after all rude to assault people you don't even know with an endless barrage of question.”

Wok sat down at a table.
"Well, I'm sure Master Stormstout wishes to see this place. However, he has been very busy. Again, he sends his regards. As for stories... I do not see much, so I have few stories to tell," he got a mug of brew and sipped it. "However, me meditations inform me that -"
"You said you would return," an angry Harasshi stepped into the tavern. "I sat there for hours just waiting for you! And you're here, drinking alcohol, when our meditation is incomplete!?"
"Sir," Wok got up and bowed. "I have been doing fine with my meditation, and you know this."
"Well, I have found something dire," Harasshi bowed to Jio. "I have seen -"
"New ships coming, carrying more outsiders?" Wok finished. Harasshi's jaw dropped. "I was about to inform Jio when you stepped in. Looking for these other-landers, I assume." He gestured to the others.

When Harasshi had calmed down, and Wok was on his second mug of ale, he addressed Jio but asked the party, "So, who are these beings, who is Leung, and to what do we owe the pleasure?"
Everything is connected, all you have to do is listen and feel. Every rock, tree, blade of grass, from the smallest of animals to the largest, and even the breeze that blows between us, it is all connected in some way. Energy flows through us all, and every day we unwittingly share it with the world; trees soak in our anger, clouds cry with us, crickets chirp our happiness. The world is a network of connections, and no matter how weak they may be, there is always a connection there. It’s invisible to the naked eye, and the raw senses, but if you just take the time to listen and feel, you will sense it.

Soft and wrinkled old hands gently touched a leaf. The other hand rested heavily on a gnarled old staff as the grizzled old pandaren made his way through the town. He appeared unbothered by the rain, though truth be told; it caused his joints to ache and the phlegm in his chest to build. In within the last few weeks the elder had become more and more unsettled. He found himself growing distant with his new and devoted friend, Dristis, and detached from those things that once brought him such simple pleasures. No longer did he melt upon taking a delicate bite from a peach; no longer did he notice the hum of insects at night. For someone who was so in touch with his surroundings, the tipping scales in the balance of energy unsettled him, and so his own peace became tipped.

After much convening and consideration, Leung eventually came to a conclusion. It was why he had gone through the troubles of sending letters to the group, who he had been keeping tabs on since they had parted ways. The druid’s withdrawn nature was beginning to bother him, though Leung knew that the druid would be along in time. His inner demons wouldn’t keep him for long. No, they certainly wouldn’t.

The elderly pandaren’s pace picked up a bit, and he nodded to “the witch” and Pima as he passed them. A smile came to his lips, revealing his yellowed and dull teeth, as he opened the ornate door to the tavern and stepped in. ”It has been a while.” You could hear the phlegm in his chest as he spoke with a weak voice. Leaning heavily upon his staff, he began to make his way slowly to a chair. To any and all that attempted to help, they received a rather harsh tap to the shoulder, one with such speed and accuracy that their arm would go numb as a result. ”I’m not dead yet.” Was his reply as he settled down into a comfortable bamboo seat.

His eyes closed, and there was a moment of silence as everyone, presumably, waited for him to speak. ”We are going to be having guests.” He said suddenly, without once opening his eyes. ”Could I perhaps get something over here to warm my bones?” Now at that he opened his eyes, looking to the bar and the busy tender.

She jumped up and down in rapid succession as her friend virtually launched herself at her. Pima giggled, cushioning their fall with her wider girth. All pandaren were ‘squishy’, it made them so cuddly. She squirmed beneath her friend, struggling to get up out of the mud. Once she was up, she shook herself, similar to a dog, sending mud flying in every which direction until she was –relatively- clean. Her ears twitched with glee, and a wide grin broke across her face.
”Wellll I figured if you were going anywhere, it was probably going to be fun. I mean, you got lost and found a whole new continent! You must have magical powers for adventure.” Pima laughed, flicking her hands to rid the mud from them.

At that moment, an elderly pandaren passed them, giving them a smile as he went. She tilted her head. ”You know Leung?” She asked in awe. While his name was whispered in famous tales that mother pandaren told their youngsters to encourage them to fall asleep, there were some in the further reaches of Pandaria who didn’t believe he actually existed. Clearly Pima was not one of these people. No, she’d seen Leung before, though by now he was so riddled with age that he seemed to be only a husk of the once great warrior. Even so, she knew better than to judge him for his age, he was likely much more skilled than her, and even with aching joints, she wouldn’t doubt his abilities to best her in a battle.

”Let’s go see what he’s up too!” She squealed in sudden interest. Grabbing her friend, she pulled her hurriedly into the tavern after the old pandaren.
”We are going to be having guests.” He stated, and for a moment she thought he must be referring to her and Kry, for they had just entered. However, based on Leung’s behaviour, she guessed he must be referring to someone else.
“I heard he’s planning on leaving on another one of his excursions for the quest for the “perfect brew”. I swear, he’d go to the ends of the earth and off of them just to get that “perfect brew”.” Jio chuckled. His friend was cut off suddenly when an angry jinyu (I believe?) burst in, sputtering over meditation. In Jio’s professional opinion, meditation shouldn’t be scheduled for a specific time; it was a moment of peace and prosperity, not to be taken too seriously. But alas, he knew how many monks would beat him over the head with their staves for saying that aloud.

Taking the time given by the interruption, Jio hurriedly rushed to give everyone their drinks, taking care as he placed one in front of the elderly Leung. As he returned, he listened to the tail end of his friend’s conversation, and blinked at the questions.
”I heard that.” The elderly pandaren announced from his chair, but smiled and chuckled after.
“These,” Jio gestured, his hand pausing as it came across Dae, “Are people from Kalimdor, and the... Eastern Kingdoms.” Pandaren lore only spoke of Kalimdor, as the land had been named before being split in two by the Sundering.

Horde Ship
“Aye, Cap’n. Yea might wanna look at dis.” The troll said as he swung down from the crow’s nest.
“What is it?”
“Dere be an Alliance ship out dere Cap’n. I wonda if they be lookin’ for the same thing we be lookin’ for?”
“Nonsense...” Although the tone in his voice told otherwise. “Put up the white flag. We don’t have the time to fight with the Alliance right now.”
Tur’ok, the troll, glanced to the horizon. “Sir, dey ‘ave dere white flag up already.”
Over the sea, a loud bell rang, calling for a truce and a meeting of the ship’s captains.

She nodded, knowing Dragonblight well. Though having just returned from those frozen wastes mere weeks ago, already Althmyst felt the aching longing to return again. She loved the bite of the frost against her skin; the feel of it billowing under her wings. Giving a soft sigh, she nodded, as though having thought it over for a moment and reconfirming her understanding.
”And here I am, going after my knuckleheaded brother.” She chuckled, averting her attention to the interaction between the human and the druid. It brought a grin to her face.
”I’m beginning to think it’s her, not him.” She commented, referring to the druid.

Suddenly a loud bell rang above deck. Althmyst’s hand darted to the red inlaid sword, resting in its scabbard on her hip. She darted up, ignoring her soup as she instantly rose to her feet cautiously. Without bothering to wait for anyone else to follow her, she made her way smoothly and cautiously up the deck. The distinctive lack of shouting told her it wasn’t pirates or a raid, so one could imagine the look of surprise on her face when she came out to find their railings parallel to a Horde ship’s.

“It is alright. If you could please return to your cabins, the Captains are going to have a word.” She could hear the ship hands explaining to the patrons of the ship. The hell she was going back down there. Fingers toying with the hilt, she advanced towards the edge, watching the Horde ship carefully with the intentions of cutting down any and all who even dared consider threatening the ship and those on it.
Sarinda was dry by the time Leung stepped inside. She knew Leung probably could win a fight with against everyone in here at once. She liked him because of how calm he is. She shut her book and stepped from her shadowy corner and came to sit by Leung. She sat her elbow on the table and held her head up with it.

"Hello Leung, sorry I haven't been over for tea in awhile. I've been... uh... Busy." gestures to the dark shadows under her eyes. She yawned loud enough for everyone to hear then and covered her face. Now that she thought about it, it might of been good if she went and saw Leung about her nightmares. she nodded at the elven witch when she came in. great... I get to sit within 10 feet of Vyn, she thought sarcastically.
Shadow had returned to his room before the horde ship had been noticed,let alone being right next to the ship he was on! He hurried and put on his armor, grabbing his sword and shield, and making his way to the ships deck, and then he simply waited until at the entrance, just staring at the horde ship, half hoping they'd come and attack.

He then noticed the strange human female he saw earlier, in an aggressive stance, almost daring the horde to cross ships and get past her...or try to the best of their abilities. Shadow smirked to himself, knowing that's a task he's glad he wont be trying because it certainly wouldn't be a walk through a park by any means.

Shadow thought about if anyone else was aware of the hordes presence, if they would come an help fight or merely intimidate them, then shrugging, he kept his sword sheathed put had his shield equipped, ready for action on a moments notice.

As the bells rang the elf girl jumped to her feet and ran to the deck, the Horde here, great just what we needed, and yet I sense no threatening auras from the crews of the ships, whats going on? She heard the crew saying that the captains were going to talk, looking up she finally noticed the white flags, flying on both ships, it seems they mean no harm, at least not yet. Noticing the large human female from the dining room, the druid just shrugged, she noticed a new face she hadn't seen before, but she had no business up here. "Well since it seems there will be no fighting today, I guess I will return below deck, and wait for the ship to get moving again," in the end since she represented the Cenarion Circle she was confident she could talk her way onto the Horde ship even if they should attack and kill the crew.

She returned to the dining room, and returned to her table, she hoped things would get settled quickly, so she could find her shan'do. Nothing else mattered to her, she needed her shan'do, she needed his calm prescence, she once again buried her face in her arms, and thought of her shan'do.
John had finished his food at a rather slow rate, almost taking an hour to finish the entire bowl. While it was true, he was a slow eater, this was immensely slow. He kept thinking about where they were going and why he was really going to this place. Of course, he'd tell people that he was itching for an adventure, but that's certainly not a reason to go and potentially risk his life for. He kept thinking, but for some reason, each time he tried for a reason, his father would continuously pop into his mind, which made his nauseous, so he simply dismissed the thought all together.

With a sigh, he picked up the bowl from his table, walking it over to the counter to hand it over to the now irritable cook. He sighed, looking around to the others, the druidess as still at her table and the other woman wandering was still around, but one of them already seemed to not like him and he hadn't really decided to talk to the other just yet. So rather, he just slumped back over to his seat, kicking his feet up onto the table.

It seemed as soon as John had gotten comfortable and on the verge of sleep, a loud bell rang and everyone seemed to be rushing to the deck. He decided he might as well go and check as well. He got up, and walked out to the deck. The sun blasted him in the face, blinding him for a while. He had forgotten how long he had spent in the dark, that the sunlight felt like it was burning his eyes out. With a hand over his forehead, he would walk up beside the red haired woman, looking to the Horde ship beside across from them. While it was holding up a white flag, there was no telling that this was some sort of trick to let everyone's guard down.

"I've got a bad feeling about this. From my encounters with the Horde, I've learned most'll never let down a fight…" He said to the woman beside him, his eyes never leaving the ship. "But… who knows… they might be inviting us to tea for all we know." He chuckled, eying one of the Horde's crew members. He kept in the back of his mind that the Horde could whip out their cannons at any point. And they'd be pointing right at him, so he was certainly ready to move, even cast a spell or two.
Gro’gar was large, even by orc standards. Many had suggested he take up arms and compete in arenas, or lead people into battle as a fierce leader. With the girth and strength he possessed, there were few things in the orc world that Gro’gar couldn’t do. However, of all those opportunities, he chose to be a captain. His friends thought him crazy at first, but then they drifted away, so he supposed they couldn’t really be classified as friends anymore, could they? Tur’ok had become his new faithful friend upon buying Siren’s Call, and putting together a crew. The troll was crafty and intelligent, and while he could certainly take control of the people on the ship, he rather prefer to sit back and allow Gro’gar to take care of the more political issues.

It was this very massive orc, and his cunning troll friend, who were the first free Horde members to step foot upon the Rum Dinger. Sticking out from their waist bands were two white cloths, signaling a truce. They didn’t have the time to fight with the Alliance, otherwise it could be assured that their arrogant arses would be blasted to the depths of the seas. Gro’gar’s eyes narrowed upon the rather short human clad in the unmistakable attire of a captain, and his also small second hand... what was that? A gnome? Gro’gar suppressed a grin, but a snort of mirth exploded from his nose, forcing him to wipe the mucus from his upper lip and tusks. Gnomes amused him greatly. They were so short and small, he was amazed they were considered fighters, or even respectable members in general.

“Hello, Cap’n.” He greeted as he approached the much smaller human, standing unnecessarily close to force the other captain to crane his head back; they were under a truce, but that hardly meant he had to get along with the other man.
“Greetings.” Jesper, the human captain, replied. “To what do we owe the pleasure?” There was a bitterness and hiss in his voice that hinted he would really rather not have this filth on his boat.
“We’re looking for a missing ship of ours, The Little Kraken.
“Strange, we are looking for one of our ships and the survivors it may have had. Mostly, we are looking for answers. So I would assume that would mean you haven’t a clue what happened to the two ships?
The shake of his head was answer enough.

”Cap’n’! Land ahoy!” A voice called from the crows nest. Jesper rushed to the windows to gaze upon the island in the far distance, only just appearing from the mist.
“Gosh, did you know about this?” The human asked the orc in wonder.

With her sensitive ears Lori heard the call of land being found, she jumped up from her seat and bolted back to the deck. This land could hold a clue as to where my shan'do is, she reached the deck, and ran over to the railing. "W-what is this," the girl was proud of the fact that she knew every typ of flora, and fauna on Azeroth, but this land, she didn't, couldn't recognize, any of the plants she could see. Was this some sort of lost island, that hadn't been discovered yet, if so she doubted it would be populated, by any intelligent beings, just wild animals, but there was still a possibility that the survivors of the ship found the island, and were waiting for rescue right now. She walked over to the two captains, "Excuse me sirs, but could we stop with the intimidation and hate for a moment. It's obvious that we both are looking for the same thing, judging by the fact that we aren't fighting right now, and by the looks on your faces you have never seen this land before. With those facts in mind I suggest we work together, for all we know the survivors of the other ships, have banded together to survive in this strange land. I think we would be better served to work together, we don't know what awaits us out there, for all we know this island could be infested with giant animals that dwarf anything on Kalimdor, or the Eastern Kingdoms."

The girl took a breath before continuing, "Now I know what you are most likely to say, "We are the Horde we don't need help from Alliance scum, we can handle anything," and, "I would rather die than team up with orc filth." Well I am going to be blunt, you cannot handle everything, and if you don't team up you most likely will die, so let's put our differences aside for now until we find those that we've lost. There will be plenty of time for fighting when we get back home, so what say you," the girl was tense, ready to spring into action should either side decide, she was a nuisance best dealt with, but she was not going to let anyone especially these two warmongering fools to keep her from finding her shan'do.
Psy looked at the new land before him. Nothing here gave him that deja vu feeling he sometimes experienced. He sighed but decided it would be best to get ready to head to land. He quickly headed to his room and changed into his regular Knight of the Ebon Blade armor and came back out onto the deck with Stone right behind him. Hefting his large runeblade onto his back he heard the last part of the night elf druidess's rant at the two captians. He couldnt hemp but let out a chuckle. Walking over he said smiling, "The elf is right. If we dont work together on this we most likely will die, and let me tell you, it is not fun. Now, me and I assume the druidess here has had experience working with the opposing faction. In order to not end up killing eachother before we even get to land why dont we get back to our respective ships and once on land you captians can decide what to do. But, what I said is only a suggestion, after all why should you listen to scourge scum?" He added the last part with a smirk towards the elf girl. After his comment he walked off to the ships railing and awaited for whatever would happen.
Before departure

Seth Riverfang had just arrived back at the home of Jina and Safi, he had just given some of the towns extra crop to the town of grummel in the mountain pass, it was the least he could do considering he had completely obliterated all of their crop and soil in the process of exterminating a virmen infestation. Upon arriving at the hut of Jina and Safi, the pandaren family whose father had been slaughtered by and undead which Seth presumed to he Vynathlon, the worgen had found the child being scolded by Jina for reasons he didn't know.

"-now when he returns, you need to show Seth the letter you've been hidi-" "I don't wanna! What if he dosen't come back just like father?!" Jina's rebuttal was interrupted when she noticed Seth walk in, "Hello Seth! I asume that everything went well with the grummel?"," Everything went fine, Grundle is still upset, but he's glad I'm putting ina an effort to help. How did everything go here?"Seth smiled at Safi, who was very interested in the ground. "Safi, why don't you tell Seth what happened?" When the young girl refused multiple times, Jina ended up saying it herself, "Safi had been hiding a letter from you from Leung, it said there is going to be a meeting in a tavern in the Vale of Eternal blossoms, she doesn't think you'd return if you found out..." this surprised Seth, as he didn't think he had such a strong impact on this girls life, but regardless, he still went to her, "Safi, you don't need to worry about me never coming back from a trip that shouldn't take longer than a week, especially considering what you and your mother have done for me this past month, you're both practically family now." Safi sat In silence for a while and nodded, but her face was red, she must not want to reveal she had been crying. Seth gave the pandaren a hug, getting a delayed hug back from her.

Seth said his goodbyes once more, and departed for the Tavern where the meeting was to take place.

(Skipping travel cause my ipod is dying)

Upon arriving to the tavern, Seth was greeted by all of the faces from the crash on the beach along with Leung and a Jinyu whom he hasn't met yet, and another pandaren monk who he hasn't met either. Seth awkwardly sat at a table, knowing eyes were on him, and gave a quick wave to all those around him.
Adrian looked up at the sound of bells, "excuse me," he said to the woman he was speaking with. He grabbed his rifle and walked out on to the deck casually. A Horde ship was approaching. White flag up, as well as the Alliance ship's. This was a peaceful meeting.

The captains conversed, crew members exchanged glances with the opposite faction, maybe some small talk, until a cry for land was given. The Marksman grabbed his rifle with both hands and sprinted up to the highest part of the ship that wasn't the mast and looked out, seeing an a lush, green island in the distance. He put his foot up on a ledge and rested the handguard of his rifle in his elbow and put the stock into his shoulder, looking at the island through his scope. He couldn't make anything out besides the beach and treeline. He grew ever more excited that this could be the land his brother got lost at and would soon be reunited.

"Hey, how long until we reach land?" he asked excitedly, and ran back into the dining area to grab his equipment.

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