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Shadow notices the kal'dorei women, appearing to look around, then returning back into the bowls of the ship, and he begins to wonder about her until he see a a human mage, who isnt seeming to friendly to the horde,then Shadow is surprised by the massive orc that steps onto the alliance ship, and seemingly not with any aggression towards our captain.

He is almost startled by the the kal'dorei woman that reappeared yelling at both captains after the strange land was spotted, and he smirked after she stormed off, knowing she got her point across too both captains. Shadow then watched as a human with a long rifle ran out of the ship, seeming very excited about spotting the island.

Shadow then finally looked for himself, getting pretty excited himself about getting closer to the island they've been traveling days for! He'll finally be able to discover new things! getting antsy, Shadow then tries regain his calm, then waits and watches the captains, waiting to see what will happen next.

The girl scowled at the Death Knight, "Do not patronize me, and do not assume you know anything about me, I have only just left the Moonglade, but I was taught by the best teacher in the Cenarion Circle. Who, by the way would rip you apart, which I must admit I would enjoy watching, of course he is too kind to do that, so you should consider yourself lucky. Also when I said we should work together I didn't mean you, you can go off and get eaten for all I care, but I want you as far away from me as possible, and right now you are to close." Though she did well acting tough, in truth she was starting to shiver, and it took all of her willpower not to run away screaming again, she couldn't not with a possibility of finding her shan'do so near. Though her shan'do had tried to teach her to be accepting, in her mind it wasn't possible for her to accept the undead, no matter the incarnation, to her they were all nothing but beasts bent on destruction and murder. "I don't want you anywhere near me, I would prefer you stay on the ship, actually I would prefer you drop into the sea, but I will take what I can get, if yo insist on coming along with the Alliance group I will just have to see if the nice orc captain will let me go with them. I don't see any Death Knights on their ship, not even any undead, and I really don't care if they are on the ship as long as they stay away from me, which you can't seem to comprehend."

Not able to stand being near the undead monstrosity she pushed past him, and went to lean against the mast, waiting to see what the captains decided.
John watched as the two captains negotiated with each other, each asking their own questions. He noticed their attitudes toward each other. It was like having tea while pointing guns at each others heads… kinda. Then the elf from the dinning hall came out and approached the captains, lying down the law, along with a Death Knight who seemed to also sway in her favor. John watched with a slight smirk as she so very simply put it. Either way, John didn't see much of a point of shooting cannons at each other since the two captains were on the same ship, so he decided to head back. If anything would come up, he'd spring into action with a spell or two in hand.

"Cap'n! Land ahoy!"

Just as John was about to head back to his chair, he heard the call of the man from the crows nest. With a smirk, he'd turn on the ball of his feet, turning back out to the deck to head to the side of the ship, barely making out a small island from the mist. His eyes would turn into slits as he tried to make out more fragments of the island before murmuring something to himself. "Huh… I guess it isn't just babblings of an old man…" He slowly pulled up his hood, a soft shadow being cast over his eyes as he continued to watch the island slowly come into his vision more and more.

Suddenly, a death knight would appear from the cabin, making a comment on the druid's plan. Which clearly, she didn’t take too well because then she started snapping back. She was certainly feisty. But not the kind that John like. She was more of the… irritable feisty. "Hey, uh, miss? That vein on your forehead? I think it's going to bust." He made wry at the woman, pointing to a spot on his own head to map out where he was talking about. Of course, she didn't really have any bulging veins, he just thought he might as well take his jab at her. He'd then roll his eyes, turning back to the edge of the ship to watch the mysterious coast become revealed.
The mountains rose from the thick mist like some sort of twisting water serpent. It seemed that one moment they were there, and the next they weren't. Verdant green forests seemed to sway lazily in the breeze, beckoning to the two ships off its coast. Come, it said, come and find the secrets I hold.
Gro'gar's thoughts were interrupted as a night elf woman stormed over, making an honourable attempt to put the four men in their place. The large orc grinned, his lips stretching around his thick tusks. “Come now, you don't think us savages, m'lady, do you?” His comment was ended with a hard, obnoxious laugh, and the lean troll beside him chuckled.
“We weren'a tryin ta take ya ship, mon. We was makin' sure you didn't attack us.” The troll replied. His captain nodded in agreement. They weren't looking for a fight, they needed to settle an uneasy truce; perhaps once they found their survivors, they would slaughter them all, but not until then.

“In any case,” Captain Jesper cut in, “It appears as though we are going to be having each other as company.” The orc's eyes narrowed. “Who knows what will be on that island. Either way, we won't be able to fight each other if we're all killed out there, and we all know how much of a pity that would be.” The Alliance and the Horde enjoyed killing each other far too much.
“Make way towards the island! We will be arriving shortly!”
The orc nodded, crossing the plank to his own ship and making similar orders. Together, the Horde and the Alliance forged a tenuous pact, if only to vanquish their common enemy so they could in turn slaughter each other. It was a strange relationship, but for some reason it always seemed to work for the two factions.
“After all,” Jesper muttered under his breath, “No one ever said we had to befriend our allies.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
”Sarinda! Seth!” Leung smiled, his face cascading into wrinkles of pleasure. ”I don't believe we've had the pleasures of officially meeting before, Seth. Although, in my old age, I could've forgotten.” He laughed, but it quickly fell into a series of wracking coughs. He covered his lips, trying to subside it, but in the end he was forced to wait it out.

Once his coughing had subsided, he took a deep breath in and drank heavily from the tea Jio had brought him. Leung smiled pleasantly at the slight taste of alcohol in the drink. Ah, Jio knew how he enjoyed his tea best. It reminded him of earlier days, younger years. Ah, no matter, this was the present, there was business to do, and there would always be time later to reminisce.
”Our guests are arriving.” He continued, as though he'd never trailed off, ”It will be your duty,” he addressed each of them with a look, including the three pandaren and the jinyu. ”to travel to the Jade Forest and greet them. He nodded, as though thinking further as he drank his tea. ”I have a friend, Fei, who will meet you to the north of the forest. She will be your guide, and will give you further instruction once you find our guests.” He concluded.

Closing his eyes, he held his tea cup in his hands, warming them. It would have been a lovely day, if not for the rain. He gave a soft sigh, then opened his eyes. ”Well? I have no further instruction for you. Go. Go on, shoo!” He waved his staff at them, threatening them with a sound knock to the head. That ought to push them on.
The sound of the anchor crashing into the waters rang in her ears. The deck hands were calling the adventurers to the small boats, urging them in to go to shore. She checked her sword, ensuring it wouldn't fall off or out of its sheath; that would be disastrous. ”Well, I suppose it is time to get on.” The captains had opted to stay back with their ships, as did the crew. It would be up to the adventurers to journey in to this new and mysterious land, and hopefully find the missing people from the last boat. It was very little to go on, but it was the only bet they had.
”Shall we be going then?” She addressed the two men she had been conversing with earlier. Making her way to the edge of the ship, she swung her leg over, and glanced back at them through her shades. ”Names Althmyst, by the way.” She was always horrible with introductions, so it only made sense that she would introduce herself now, and likely the worst possible moment.

As her chain mail boots ground into the sand, Althmyst looked around with keen eyes, though still refused to remove the shades. ”My goodness, it's going to take forever to search this whole island.” She commented wistfully, taking in the beautiful scenery. ”Some how... it seems almost... familiar...” She frowned, thinking and speaking to herself. ”Like a dream of a story.” Placing her hand on the hilt of her sword, she trudged onwards, pausing at the tree line to glance back at her companions of varying factions and races.

One thing was for certain; this was going to be an interesting tale for later.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
She pushed herself from her chair, nodding her head to Dristis and the others before hurriedly departing. She didn't know where her saber had went. With a degree of sadness, she acknowledged that the faithful mount had likely drowned a month ago. No matter. Her form shimmered. It was new; as per mentioned, Laviette hadn't spent her time here doing nothing. Much of it had been spent conversing with spirits and doing research. As a result, her forms had changed slightly. When the others came out, they would notice the brilliant white deer standing before them. She turned her head, so the druid necklace hanging down her neck could be seen. The last thing she wanted was to be cut down or shot by some trigger-happy companion.

Lowering her head, she scuffed her hoof on the ground, and shook the rain from her head.

Lori stuck her tongue out at the impudent human, having to mentally hold herself back from leaping on him, in cat form, and ripping him to shreds. Looks like I may have to go it alone, none of these people like me, and they may be liable to stab me in the back, especially that Death Knight. Lori knew her blunt way of speaking often alienated people, but she wasn't out ot make friends, for her her shan'do was the only friend she needed. As the boats anchored and the others began disembarking, Lori gracefully leaped over the railing, transforming into her cat form mid fall, and landed safely on all fours. She wasn't trying to show off, but she refused to disembark the same way the Death Knight most likely would, coming out of the water she resumed her Night Elven form. Lori quickly caught up to the giant human female at the tree line and brushed past her whispering, "Who died and put you in charge," even in the girl's own mind she was lashing out more than usual. What's wrong with me, that woman hasn't said two words to me, why would I act that way towards her, the girl felt something very wrong with this island, as if a dark miasma hung in the air.

She stopped a few paces away from the woman, "Something isn't right about this place, it feels dark, and oppressing, it's as if something is watching us, waiting to pull us down into the darkness." She didn't know why, but something told her that she shouldn't use her animal transformations, all druids when transformed, took on the instincts of the animal they transformed into, including their wild nature, but druids had learned over the centuries how to control those feral impulses. Most druids only kept their animal form, for at most a few hours lest they become overwhelmed by their feral instincts, and run wild, but something about this place made her believe, it would only take a few hours before she lost her mind. The girl was beginning to turn pale, "I don't like this place, we shouldn't be here," the girl was visibly shivering now, as though she had been dunked in a tub of ice cold water, she found herself beginning to hope they didn't find the survivors in this place.
"You did this too us! You killed us! You deserve only pain! Succumb to it!" Only after the last voice did Lineron finally wake up from this nightmare that he kept having after his release from the Lich King. "You know....that nightmare is starting to get on my nerves." For years that nightmare has haunted him driving him closer and closer towards the edge, but he always resisted it telling himself that he was trying to redeem himself for what he did. "Bah, no matter....Bonereaper you awake?" He asked getting up. "Yes...master.....me no...sleep..." His personal ghoul Bonereaper had always insisted on staying up so that his master is not disturbed. Lineron never really cared mostly because neither him nor Bonereaper really needed sleep he just liked to feel of a soft mattress beneath him and just will doze off sometimes. "Scary...dream...come again?" He asked his master. He looked at him and smiled. "No, Bonereaper I am fine." He was lying of course. "Okay...good." He didn't want Bonereaper to worry about his master. He then got up and started putting on his Scourgelord armor. "Hey where is Nether's?" He asked looking for his other companion a Dark Phoenix Hatchling. He then heard a squawk coming from his bag his was next to his bed. "Ah, there you are....why are you in my bag...again?" He then opened the flap to see Nether's nuzzled in between some green vials of plague that he always stored in his bag. "You know one of these days one of those vials are going to crack and you will get infected with something that will probably turn you into a pile of living goo you know." The Dark Phoenix then just nuzzled it self more into his bag. "Uh, fine stay in there you bloody bird. Alright lets figure out if we can atleast see land yet." He then walked out of his cabin on the horde ship and walked out onto the top deck.

After he came up on top of the ship he could obviously see that they had landed on some sort of island. And he also felt something strange and could not really explain it. "Hmm...this place is going to be fun to explore. I can already tell." He smiled then walked down onto the beach and noticed that a alliance ship had landed closely to the horde ship. "Hmm...this place gets more and more interesting by the minute. Horde and Alliance working together? Well I suppose it would be a waste of time to try and kill each other." Lineron never quite understood the conflict between the Alliance and Horde. Mostly due to his time with the Ebon Blade he considered all races equal. He then saw what looked to be a night elf female who was just standing there shivering and thought something was wrong with her so he decided to walk over with his companions and make sure she was alright. "Miss, you are you alright? You look like you have seen a ghost?"
"Sarinda! Seth! I don't believe we've had the pleasures of officially meeting before, Seth. Although in my old age, i could've forgotten."

"We haven't officially met, but maybe when we have some down time we could meet over some of Pandaria's finest brew." Before he knew it, Leung was sending the survivors to travel to the Jade Forest to meet some "guests" which could be a rescue team from Stormwind. Seth picked up his bags and went outside with the others, he would have loved to have his white horse, Snowfire, but he had drowned in the crash. Since he couldn't mount anything, Seth dropped to all fours and prepared for a run.

Lori jumped at the voice, her nerves on edge, and the fact that the man had come up to her followed by a ghoul didn't help, another Death Knight, I don't know how much more of this I can take. Trying to calm down she spoke to the man, "I-I was p-perfectly f-fine until you c-came along with y-your f-foul undead s-stench, I-I don't need a-any h-help especially n-not from an u-undead m-monstrosity l-like y-you." It wasn't working whatever she sensed on the island was putting her on edge, and the prescence of the Death Knight, threw her over that edge, at this point she was doing all she could to not faint, in abject terror. "L-Leave me alone, w-why is it that I-I only s-seem to attract the D-Death Knights, on this t-trip, i-isn't there a-anyone normal h-here," she crouched down unable to stand any longer. She had no idea what was wrong with her, of course her hatred and fear of the undead were normal feelings, but she could usually control them, perhaps it was the quantity of Death Knights that seemed to insist on trying to make friends with her, maybe it was because they and the rude human were the only ones who tried to talk to her. Something was affecting her and she had no idea what it was, but whatever it was had finally gotten to her.
Krystala raised a brow when the old Pandaren mentioned something about 'guests' arriving...

"What does he mean.....unless...could it be?" She thought to herself, turning her head towards the direction of the Jade Forests from where she came. Her shimmering Jade green eyes seemed to focus on that spot for a moment, after a while, a small sly grin spread across her face "Of course! C'mon, Pima, we are going back to the Jade Forest, something tells me I know what the Old Pandaren means!" she said, sounding rather excited.

She pulled out a small ord and threw it into the air, it twisted and turned, shaking violently before it burst into a large Shadow Phoenix. Hopping into it's saddle, she turned to Pima and smiled "I'll meet you there, just remember to find me!"

-------((Time Skip Cause I'm Lazy!))-------

Krystala would have arrived near the beaches of the Jade Forest, leaping from tree to tree instead of using her Shadow Phoenix to prevent being seen. She had caught sight of the familiar colors of blue and red, which obviously meant that the Horde and Alliance had arrived and where soon to explore the island. "Score one for the Witch" she whispered to herself, chuckling quietly "Lets have a bit of fun...."

She kept silently leaping from tree to tree, bamboo to bamboo, the new armor she wore helped when it came to stealth and moving around silently, for if she had been wearing her mail armor, she would have been heard miles away. She had finally caught sight of the people that had come off the ships, slowly making their way through the jungles. Making sure to keep hidden, she let out a loud, childish giggle. Seeing as her voice was that of a child, it was easy for her, her giggle would have echoed around the area that they were in.

The Witch silently moved away from the spot, quickly leaping and swinging around the group, using shadow magic to keep herself hidden amongst the trees leaves, basically a stealth like spell. Landing on another branch, she let out another childish giggle before hiding behind the truck of the tree and watching for their reaction, a sly smirk on her face.
"AHAHA! I can already tell that you and me are going to get along just fine." Lineron always enjoyed messing with people. Especially people who hated him for reasons that most of the time they did not understand other than the sheer fact that he was undead. "Maby it would help if atleast my friend here were to leave. Bonereaper." He turned to his ghoul. "Yes...master?" Bonereaper said as he looked up to his master. "You can take a break for now. Go onto the beach and play there or something, if you get hungry just look for some small animal or something." Bonereaper then made what counted as a ghoul smiling. "Thank you master....Bonereaper thanks his master." Bonereaper then walked down back to the beach. "Now the-" He then heard a squawk come from his bag. "Oh forgot you were in there. Lets get you out of there shall we." He then opened the flap of his bag and Nether's came flying out and landed on his shoulder. "This little bird here is named Nether's." He then started scratching her chin. "I forgot to introduce my self didn't I?" He then cleared his throat. "My name is Lineron Plagueweaver, Knight of the Ebon Blade." Lineron then bowed and offered his hand to help her up. "May I know your name miss..."
Sarinda stepped outside the door and went over to her house in Halfhill. She packed food water, got Shadow, her Black nightsaber who somehow survived the wreak of the ships. She didn't pay much attention to Leungs words, the only thing crossing her mind was that the guest were probably going to be The Alliance and Horde. She probably would be back in Stormwind in a few days time.

Sadness suddenly lashed at her mind. She would love to go home to Stormwind, see the bright cathedral halls. And catch up with her friends, but something nagged at her. You have friends in this serene place, do you want to leave them? She pushed the thoughts away and stepped outside into the steady downpour. She breathed in and out the sweet air from all the nearby farms and brewing.

A little Panderan girl suddenly ran up onto her little porch thing. "Where are you going Sarinda?" She asked in a worried voice. "Oh no where... I'll be back before you know it." Sarinda said kneeling down and hugging her. "Hey I got you something Lia." Sarinda pulled out a necklace made of jade. She found it in the the jade forest on a previous journey she had taken over the last few months. "Thanks!" She squealed and put on the necklace.

"Get back soon." She hugged her and ran off into the rain. She hopped up onto Shadows saddle and looked up into the rain. "Come on boy." She patted him and Shadow started to trot out of Halfhill.
John nodded at the woman who had introduced herself, nodding once with a smirk. "John Anders, mage and…" He pondered on what to say next… "… alchemist…" He nodded, patting his satchel. "Yep, I'm an alchemist…" He said, looking back to the island. The island began to shape out more and more clearly and he was starting to get an idea of what it… sort of looked like. It was still hard to tell. It was very misty. But at least he could now see the beaches.

As people started to head on over to the island, he decided he should as well start getting ready to leave the ship. He went back into the dinning room and headed straight into the kitchen (without the cooks consent. What a rebel…) and straight to the sink. He'd pull out some of his vials and began to fill up a total of six empty with water. The other four were already filled with some rather… volatile healing potions and some sort of untested potion. He didn't have much herbs he could combine, so he'd have to explore a bit for something to whip up something. Kind of exciting.

Once that was dealt with, he decided it was time to head off the ship, taking a smaller row boat with a few others to shore. Once they had made it to land, the first the he did, was look straight into the wilderness before them. Who knows what could be lurking in there… Lions? Tigers? Bears? This island… was unforeseen. He slowly took a few steps in the sand, leaving behind footprints to walk up beside the others who had gotten off each ship. "Damn… this place is… very misty…" Was the only thing he could say. He was still in such awe from the island, but that was broken when he started to hear that elf again… talking.

This time, she was a bit more… stuttered. She seemed almost on the verge of crying. John rolled his eyes at the sight. Another death knight talking to her. While he wasn't too fond of the woman, he did sort of feel bad for her. Everyone was probably getting her even more frustrated. It was best to leave her alone. He walked up to the scene, but he then realized that this death knight was trying to comfort her. Still though, she probably just needed to be left a lone for a bit. "Alright, I think you should just leave her a lone for a bit. She kinda needs to cool off. Very explosive, she is. Plus I hear being dead at least once turns your breath into !@#$. Not the best tool for flirting." He turned to the woman, nodding at her before turning back to the death knight, patting him on the shoulder once before turning back to the island. "Anyhow… Oh, look, an unexplored island." He'd then walk off. What a strange man...

Now what?

Lori smacked the Death Knight's hand away, " Don't touch me, my dislike for you has nothing to do with your companion, I can't stand the sight of either of you. I won't be fooled by your supposed kindness, no matter how normal you try to act in the end you are nothing more than a monster bred for violence, and slaughter." Turning her attention to the retreating mage she said, "And I don't need your help, nor do I want it, you are not much better than the Death Knights, the only redeemable quality about you I have seen so far, is the fact that you are alive." Lori's ears perked up, did she hear what she thought she did, children laughing, she was sure she had heard it, coming from all around them, the others either had not noticed or dismissed it as the wind. The girl knew the difference, she was sure it was laughter, and her already frayed nerves were on the verge of completely breaking apart, "Does anyone else hear that, it sounds like children laughing, please tell me someone else hears that." She didn't need everyone thinking she was crazy, they all had a poor image of her already, oh, shan'do where are you.
"Yes...I heard that as well....were there any children aboard your ship maybe?" He then pulled his runeblade. "The last time I heard a child laughing the middle of no where was in Silverpine. I think you can figure out the rest...Worgen are annoying by the way." He then whistled for Bonereaper to come back. "Nether's go look for that sound." Nether's then squawked in response and flew off.

Kuulinian stepped off the ship to find a human mage, a female night elf, another elven death knight, and several others from the Alliance ship.
"Fools," the Voice of his subconscious said. "Staying on the shores of an unexplored island, perhaps even a continent. Go and find some sort of staging area, you can then get your bearings."
Staging area... that sounds like a great idea, Kuulinian thought in reply.

Geoff was great at flying. He could move swiftly and was very agile. He was also strong enough to go against the strong winds. However, his undead appearance sometimes scared people. So, naturally, when Kuulinian spotted his first village, he decided to land near a kilometer away. Upon arriving at the village, he found strange creatires whom he had heard of in tales - Pandaren. He had always liked the stories of the Pandaren because they seemed like nice beings. These particular Pandaren were fishermen. One directed him to the inn, where he found a bartender and another Pandaren conversing with a large fish.


"Tell me again why we're here," Harasshi asked for the ump-teenth time.
"Because Leung told us to meet the new visitors," Wok said in reply for the ump-teenth time. "What's so bad about Sri-La?"
"It's not Sri-La, it's Leung! Are you blind? He is a person you have never met, and you are following his orders! You're not a soldier, Wok!"
"Harasshi, stop reading those outsiders' books. Stormstout gave them to me, not you."
A tall, armor-clad fogure stepped into the inn, with glowing blue eyes and a very straight back, perhaps even leaning backwards.
"See?" Wok said to Harasshi. "We're meeting someone already."

"Of course there were no children on our ship, what kind of fool would bring a child on such a potentially dangerous mission, use what little bit of brain tissue you have left. We are obviously not alone on this island," the girl could smell the prescence of another creature nearby, whether humanoid or some strange creature she wasn't sure, but she definitely knew there was something else out there. "Why don't you make yourself useful and go check it out, you seem like the type who can take a beating, maybe I will get lucky and you and whatever else is out there will kill each other. Will be one less undead for me to worry about on this trip," she shooed the Death Knight towards the tree line, just get as far away from me as possible you monster.
Lineron sighed. "I am waiting for my ghoul to get back. You don't seem like you have been in many fights before so it is just a precaution. Also don't worry he won't bite unless I tell him too." He smirked at that. Bonereaper then came running up the path back towards his master.
"Master....you called?" He appeared to have a sea shell stuck in his hair and holding a dead fish with bite marks in it.
"Stay here and protect her. We heard a noise and I am going to check it out. Okay?"
"Bonereaper...understand....master...be...careful..." Bonereaper was always worried about his master.
"I will Bonereaper don't worry." He then walked in the direction that Nether's flew towards. "Where are you bloody bird?" He said while walking around the forest.

*Meanwhile back wherever the fel Bonereaper and Lori are*
Bonereaper started scratching his head and felt the seashell in his hair. "Hmm....what this?" He looked at it and it looked beautiful with its many shades of brown and white. He then looked at the night elf who was being mean to his master. "Why....you mean to...master?"

As the Death Knight walked into the trees Lori called after him in a panic, "Take your ugly ghoul with you I don't need it's protection," it was too late he was out of earshot. "Damnit, what is going on with me, I was sure I was ready for this, but something is affecting me in this place," she was whispering to herself, trying to think out the problem, but no answers were presenting themselves. Lori thought she heard someone speaking to her, she looked up to see the ugly ghould looking quizzically at her, and she scowled, "As if you could understand, it's a miracle you even still have the brain capacity to speak words." She looked away unable to continue looking at the ugly thing that brought back too many painful memories for her, she needed her shan'do, he was the only one who could calm her when she got like this. I hope we get moving soon, so I can get away from these undead things.
Psy watched everything from a distance, an emotionless face on him. He chuckled when he heard the ghoul ask the elf its question. 'She probably has some bad history with the scourge, but that doesnt excuse her behaviour.' Deciding that he he had enough of the elfs behaviour, he walked over and paused for a moment standing next to her and said, "You know, I dont know what kind of life you have led or what has happened to you so I cant jugde you but the way you act is disgraceful to your race. Your kind are said to live for over millenia's but you act like a child that just cant seem to care about other people. Even I, an evil scourge monster, will take time out of my day to help someone in need, no matter what they are. If such a monster as I would do such a thing what does that say about a noble druid?" Without even turning to her he transformed into his worgen form, easily reaching over seven feet tall. He dashed off into the forest with Stone racing behind him at an untiring pace, both intent on searching out the area for the prey that he craved.

(Sorry, if I was a little dramatic there. Just feeling a little like that today.)

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