'hemingways gun' (8/8H) recruiting for Mists

Your favourite Oceanic and punctuation starved guild 'hemingways gun' is recruiting raiders for Mists of Pandaria content.

In current content, we're 8/8 Heroic. Though the guild has been in existence since mid Burning Crusade, it only began a raiding guild in Cataclysm, having begun at the start and lasted until the end with the same core, who plan to remain in Mists. However, we run a 13 person roster, with a rotation of standbys (once every four weeks) to allow for the inevitable real life intrusions, such as girlfriends, boyfriends, work, study, and bands that tour infrequently.

With that roster, we raid two nights, for three hours, from 8.30pm to 11.30pm Sydney time, on Wednesday and Sunday.

With such a short amount of raid time per week, we desire a certain dedication and desire and punctualilty, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We don't do server firsts, but we do do all of the content, one way or another.

Outside this, 'hemingways gun' is not a big guild. It is a small guild and when not recruiting for raids, invites are friends and family, only. It is a left leaning, LGBT friendly (this is Proudmoore, after all) anti social little hub that really has no desire to be larger than what it is. People within it are from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Perth, because we all know that Perth is its own country with its own issues, mostly that you can't drink the water. A lot of us are achievement junkies.

We are currently looking to recruit a ranged dps--preferably a shadow priest, I believe.

Our website is http://hemingwaysgun.wowstead.com/ and it's an amazing tribute to cheap and free webservice.

In game, you can contact myself or Boochicken primarily, but given the nature of the guild, hitting up anyone will track you quickly to someone who can answer a few questions.
Still looking for that ranged dps for Mists.
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Ohmygod. The patch, it destroyed everything!

Still recruiting for Mists, though.
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Still looking for a ranged dps, shadow priest prefered.
Bumping because I put the actual raid days into the post.

It's all very professional here.
bump for the australians

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