<Epic> 10man MoP recruiting!

Hello peeps,

Though the guild has evolve into a 25man raid, Epic's 10man group is getting a revamp as we step into Mist of Pandaria. This will be more of a casaul group other then our 25m cousin. Don't be fool cuz of casaul our 10man group the Alcoholics(yes we nickname our groups lol) gave the guild it's first firelands ragnaros kill(pre-nerf) and the group has accomplished 6/8H in dragon souls before we went on break for the next expansion. We are all great players here, we just like to approach and challenge the game in a more relax and friendly style. All we ask for is a good sense of humor, attitude, and of course mad skills. If you are seeking to make new friends while owning bosses then tag along with our 10man raiding group the Epic Alcoholics.

-Raid Schedule ??? (Old times: 11:00pm-2:00am server time Tue/Thu/Sun)
-Loot rules MS>OS>Xmog
-Cool rules must have a beer or a case when raiding
-Apply or visit our website here epic-guild.net
-In-game contacts Delorian/Deity(Guildmaster, raidleader for 10m MoP) Poohbearr/Beefdude(Officer)

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