<Unpossible> 8/8H 10m Recruiting

Area 52
We are a very tight-knit group of friends who enjoy socializing and killing things together. We xferred to A52 in March, and we run 2 10m groups, both of which are 8/8H. We finished out DS within the top 10 guilds on server and in the top 500 US. Currently we have several openings as we look forward into MOP.

"Sith" more casual group 8/8H W/Sun 9p-12a

- One ele shammy with a strong resto off-spec
- Spriest or warlock
- A strong raid leader to take control of this group!

Pst or send an IGM to Kelida or Kroccy if you are interested in one of these positions.

You can read more about us @ http://unpossibleguild.enjin.com/
Good morning, A52!
only 12 views? qq
edited: found the tank
THE tank or A tank?
Guess we'll find out :P
Good afternoon, A52!

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