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I'm sorry if this is not the proper form for this, but it seemed to be the most appropriate. Also, these are only but a few ideas i conjured up this morning, as well as some i had been thinking over for a while, i will post more on a later date. Feel free to get with me in game to share your opinion on my ideas or to chat over your own ideas and get my opinion on yours. - Lighthardt - Emerald Dream. Also, you can look up my guild, The Heart of the Alliance and find one of my other nine alts. As well as seek out a invitation for yourself ; )

Dream Houseing, The Emerald Dream, now im not as familiar with this as some people may be, but what if we could each have our on dream area within the dream, a play with housing and such, now the major diference with this is that it would be for only players with the lvl req for the Emerald Dream explansion (which btw blizzard, i know your working on that, we all do, so please think this idea over) But a major upgrade for this area compaired to the other area is that as its only for high lvls, it would have a feature to purchase a area like a stables, one for mounts and one for companion pets, and if your a hunter, one for your beasts as well, and it would display at once, or depenting on the version of the stable itself, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, etc. Of your chosesen, as well as posibly all of your mounts, companion pets, and beasts. They would walk around and interact with things your purchace for them.

Housing Districts, Okay, firstly and most simply, all the empty houses that are just for show, and we cant even enter, could simply have a interactable door placed on them, that when clicked took the player into there home, also the largest homes in the citys would be guild houses, or a new district could be made for with interactable doors and such, and as an explination for such a thing is that each house is enchanted with a spell that copys its interier into another plane, infinant copys of houses and guild houses allow players to click any door and be taken to there respective home or guild home, also if in a party or raid you could have an option to invite players into your home, or singulary from your friend list.

I didnt post alot of my housing feature ideas, but i will on a seperate form on a later date. But i felt obligated to but my stables idea as i felt it was the most impresive.

Telepotation (like a hearthstone)
Housing District House, Hardt Stone, (or simply and less awsome "Heartstone")
Dream Housing House, Dream Catcher (or if your going to use that term for a specific item in that explansion Blizzard, then "Dreamstone" would work in its place)
For guild housing in ether place, the use of a guild spell, earned with purchase of the guild base itself, which is earned with the completion of a perk (though not a overly hard one, but perhaps like reaching the new guild lvl cap) And maybe getting guild members to sigh a housing charter.

District and Dream housing could be linked so its the same house, but more fun, and more my vision for this is that it be two seperate houses, also, high lvls sould be able to invite low lvls to there Dream House, so as to give them a taste of the endgame content.
As for the housing district idea here are a few i randomly thought up. I'll post counter ideas another time.

Stormwind, remakes the park district into a housing district,
Ironforge, rebuilds Old Ironforge into one,
Darnasus, grows a realy large tree, hollowed out, and with houses on atop in, as well as a underside pasage like the tree near the mount vendor,
Gnomes, a new area ether part of old gnomergon or a new area like it.
Draenie, a area in the exodar for houseing like quarters, or chambers.
Worgen, rebuild Gilneas, and make one district a housing one.
Sorry horde, i only did Alliance atm due to the fact thats my faction, i dont really have any decent lvl horde toons yet, but i will post ideas once i get to see those citys in game from a diferent view then a rushing trough to slaughter your faction leaders.

Shared Banks, In your main bank, a tab on the side much like a guild vault tab, but one for each of your toons on that realm.

Shared Wallet, your basic and non faction curency link to all your toons of the same realm.

Optional Tabard Display, like helms and cloaks, a option for chosing wether or not to have your tabbard visible.

Please excuse any misspelling. I will post improvements on these ideas as well as new ones at another time.
I, for one love this idea! I've been wanting housing since I started playing.
I would like to see personal housing with the following (According to what you purchase, Ex.- You can only choose two or three different, like 1 garden and 1 mine, or 1 stable and 1 garden, etc.) :

Garden- This would be helpful with leveling herbalism. Each time your level goes up (1-50, 50-150, etc.) the herbs in the garden change. Of course, these herbs would only regenerate every 2-3 hours so that way you can't just sit there and constantly pick them.
Mine-Obviously this would help level your mining skills. Also, the veins would only regen. after 2-3 hours just like the garden.
Blacksmith's Table-Sill very obvious, but to level your blacksmithing prof. No regen time or anything. You have the mats, you can do whatever you'd like.
Forge-Yet again, obvious.
Pond-Help level your fishing prof.
Kitchen- Cooking.
Alchemy Table- Leveling alch.
Stables- A place to keep mounts, battle pets, as well as companions for hunters and warlocks.
Armor Room- Somewhere you can show off some awesome transmogs.
Bedroom- Bed to use when you want your character to be rested just like they are when you log out of major cities. (Stormwind, Org., Etc.)
Living Room- Another place to socialize as well.
Dining Room- Somewhere to sit around with buddies and just chat.
Bar-Somewhere to sit around with buddies while chatting, AND drinking.
Kitchen- Also included in the Prof.'s section.
Sparring Room- A room to spar in with buddies.
Servant- This NPC can be "hired" for a certain amount of Gold per month. This servant can be changed from different genders, races, and even appearance alone. The servant will serve as a link to the AH, and someone to serve drinks, food, etc. while sitting in the dining room.


In addition, you should be able to customize wall colors, rugs, curtains, house style, (Castle, Victorian, etc.) If anyone has more to add please do so! :)

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