[H] <Organixation Thirteen> 6/8 H, LF raiders

[H] <Organixation Thirteen> 6/8H Dragon Soul, is recruiting for MoP! We are a semi-hardcore progression guild seeking mature, accountable, skilled raiders for the remainder of Cataclysm and through Mists of Pandaria.

We raid two nights a week since many of our members carry on with professional and social lives outside of the game. This means we take attendance and punctuality seriously. We also expect mature raiders who are able to focus but still have a good time.

As we wrap up Cataclysm, we are looking to fill in some spots in our raid team as we have lost members due to jobs, life and a lack of interest in the game.

Again, we are currently 6/8H, planning to work on the final two fights before MoP and then diving right into the new content.

Raid times:
Tuesday and Sunday: 3 - 6 pm, PST (6 - 9, EST)

- OT (any exceptional player will be considered)
- Healer (any class other than priest)
- rdps: shaman, warlock, druid
- mdps (any class)

Please feel free to contact us for more information. Reply to this post, whisper Maijah or Drystaan in game or find me on RealID: liz.steyer@gmail.com
Actively recruiting for MoP, at this time. Still in need of an OT and rdps.

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